June 22, 2020

WTF is a Multi-SIM?

Find out what's the fuss behind Multi-SIMs and why you should get one.

WTF is a Multi-SIM?

That's a really good question. But first, think about your regular SIM card and what it does for your phone. It's connected to your mobile service provider, like the one and only Circles.Life, and allows you to access data, make calls and send SMS.

Now a Multi-SIM does almost the same thing except it's data only. You can't make calls or send text messages on them but that's not really a loss! You can just use your data to WhatsApp Call or FaceTime almost anyone these days.

I'm not a math whiz but 100GB is definitely more than 5GB. Source

What's the big deal then?

The biggest draw about Multi-SIMs is that they give you more data for less cost. In comparison to mobile broadband plans that might give you only 5GB for $29.90/mo you could get a Multi-SIM that has a whopping 100GB for just $22/mo. Some telco's (*COUGH* Circles.Life) even allow you to share the data on your existing phone plan on your Multi-SIM. Imagine that, having 300GB of rollover data being spread across two devices 😌 #bliss.

Endless browsing without hotspot or wifi on all your devices. That's what you get with a Multi-SIM. Source

And did I mention Multi-SIMs are super easy to use. They're compatible with virtually any device that has a SIM card slot. That means you can plug them into anything from tablets, to mobile wifi routers and they'll get you connected almost instantaneously (Speaking of easy have you seen our most recent easiness campaign video 👀).

You don't even have to turn on your hotspot anymore which is actually a good thing since overusing hotspot actually harms your phone battery. With more and more people owning a tablet these days (an estimated 1.28 billion come 2021), I'd say a Multi-SIM is a worthy investment for your internet needs on the go.

The WiFi might be down but with a Multi-SIM you can keep on scrolling. Source

It's also a handy backup plan when the home WiFi cuts out. With traditional internet traffic slowing down as a result of everyone working from home, a Multi-SIM allows you to keep on working. That's because cellular data works at a different frequency than your home internet so you won't have to deal with any bandwidth constraints or blackouts 👍


If you're someone who owns more than one device or works online a lot on the go, I highly recommend getting a Multi-SIM. It's gonna cost you a fraction of some other alternatives and it'll increase the lifespan of your phone by cutting down on that hotspot time.

Circles.Life is now running a limited time pre-order on our new Multi-SIM which allows you to share data from your current base plan (doesn't matter if it's 20GB or 300GB) with another device. For your ease of use, you can monitor your data usage across all devices through the Circles.Life app on your phone.  

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