July 22, 2020

You need an eSIM ASAP. Here's Why.

Faster, lighter and more powerful than a physical SIM Card. This is eSIM.

You need an eSIM ASAP. Here's Why.

Ok hold up. Before I get ahead of myself, you're probably wondering "WTF is an eSIM". There's usually a lengthy technical explanation here but allow me to break it down simply for you like I did for Multi-SIMs.

Essentially an eSIM is a virtual SIM card you can typically use on your phone and certain wearables. The e stands for embedded because it functions using a tiny chip that's already built into your phone. Otherwise it has all functions of a regular SIM card; connecting you to a carrier that provides you with data, calls, the whole shebang.

What a throwback to the original flip phone I had in primary school. Source

What might surprise you though is the first phone to debut with eSIM capabilities. Nope it's not Apple or Samsung but Google's Pixel 2. Of course the big 2 quickly followed suit with the latest line of iPhone 11s and Samsung Galaxy S20s sporting eSIM compatibility. Not to be outdone, the Motorola Razr (2019) is the first phone shipped with eSIM only.


Here's 4 reasons why an eSIM is sometimes better than a physical one.

The kind of toggle switch I need in life. Source

1. Toggle easily between 2 phone lines

If your phone supports both a physical SIM card and an eSIM you can use two separate phone lines on one phone. It works great as a secondary line but its true potential may lie with travel.

When the world opens up again, instead of buying a tourist SIM card to use abroad, just scan and use an eSIM! There's eSIM support in nearly every country these days and it'll save you the heartache of misplacing your original SIM card (like I do every time... Lost mine in Bangkok once #truestory).

2. Paving the way for Smaller Devices

Having to build in a dedicated slot for a SIM card takes up valuable hardware space in a phone. An eSIM chipset takes up only a fraction of the space which allows for phone manufacturers to get creative with future phone designs.

Don't ask me how it works, it just does! It's so cute too. Source

Fun fact, the world's smallest phone right now is the Zanco T1 which is just about the size of a thumb and is so small it's been labelled as a choking hazard! Let's see if new eSIM only phones can top that 😉

3. Virtually Indestructible

With more phones being shipped with eSIM functions, this piece of technology is basically future proof. Physical SIM cards also experience the wear and tear of prolonged usage but an eSIM will last as long as your phone does since it's completely virtual.

According to the UN, we produce 50 million tonnes of e-waste a year. Source

4. Better for you and the environment

You'd be surprised how many materials go into making that tiny SIM card you own. The bulk of it is silicone, with gold coating embedded into a plastic shell. These materials aren't exactly environmentally friendly and there's some 5.4 billion SIM cards floating out in the world.

An eSIM not only saves on all these natural resources but also generates close to 0 waste. Do your part for Mother Earth and go virtual today!

Mad queues are a no go during these COVID times. Source

It's also the safest option for you to get a brand new data plan during this pandemic since the experience is 100% digital. Circles.Life has just launched our new eSIMs and the entire journey from sign up to SIM activation is done online.

Zero queues and no wait times! Go from scanning SafeEntry to scanning a QR code to activate your eSIM 👍


In case you need a tldr, we summarised this article in a neat infographic.

Apart from 5G, eSIMs are on the bleeding edge of mobile technology. They're a lot cheaper too and do the same job as a regular SIM but are far more convenient and environmentally friendly 😊

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