October 8, 2020

Why I love Using Google Pay And Why You Should too

Earn cashback, simplify bank transfers and earn $5 free credit with the new localised version of Google Pay.

Why I love Using Google Pay And Why You Should too

In case you didn’t know, Google Pay has officially landed in Singapore.

And yes, I know that some of you have been using Google Pay for years. What I’m talking about is actually the localised version of Google Pay which integrates with many core features like Paynow and Paylah into its system too!

I have personally used it for about 2 weeks now, and really love using the app for various payment purposes now as it integrates very well to daily usage.

You may also be thinking, “Urgh, another payment app.”

Deserves a Mark Cuban facepalm. Source

But if anything, this is THE payment app that integrates everything together in my opinion. You can use this app to replace almost everything else! Bonus points is that it works with both iOS and Android, when Google Pay was previously for Android only.

So here’s 5 reasons why you should start using Google Pay too 😉

Editors Note: At Circles.Life, we're always looking to show some love to apps that make our lives easier and Fintech is an area is something we're exploring too! Do read on to see how you can be a part of our exciting journey into this new sector.


1. For long time users of Google Pay

Even if you've been using Google Pay for a long time now, you should switch over to this new version as there’s a lot more features that are enabled for the local market.

For one, you can sign up and get a $5 referral bonus from a friend, while your friend earns $5 too. Win-win situation!

Everyone gets rewarded! Source

If not, you can click here to use my link to get your referral bonus as well!

All your data like the cards saved with Google Pay will be loaded in this new app as well so there is really no hassle to switch over now. I've also included a couple more nifty benefits of making the switch to this new app below.

All these cashbacks got me feeling like. Source

2. Get Rewarded with FREE Cashbacks!

This is probably the main reason you should switch over right now. As Google Pay Singapore is pretty new still, they are still pretty generous in giving away free money for completing certain actions.

Completing these actions will earn you a scratch card which you can win cashback of up to $10 - $15!

These actions include:

  1. Sending friends at least $10 up to twice a week. Earn a scratchcard to win up to $15!
  2. Paying businesses at least $3 via NFC (Android only), or QR code (Paynow) up to twice a week. Earn a scratchcard to win up to $10!
  3. Order food twice on Google Pay (More on this later) of at $10 to earn a guaranteed cashback of $2 after both purchases
  4. Refer friends to earn $5 cashback, while your friends earn $5 cashback signing up through your link after performing either actions stated above.

These might change in the near future and may not be relevant by the time you read this article, so make sure to check the latest offers to earn incentives under the ‘Offers’ tab.

Oh and the cashback goes directly to your bank account!

Oh and side note here, do check out Circles.Life Quests if you're on their base plan to unlock up to 5 bill waivers and data packages for completing simple tasks in a similar fashion.  Just update your Circles.Life app and you'll see your quests on your dashboard.

That one drama friend whenever they have to pay up. Source 

3. Split Bills With Friends

One big feature with Google Pay is that it makes splitting bills very easy with its integration with PayNow.

While there are many apps that have already done it in the past, a lot of people don’t use such a feature as well as you need to load credits to the wallet (like Grab) in order to split.

Google Pay removes all these hassle as the payment is done directly with your bank account, so there’s no additional step except to having a Google Pay account (and a good reason to get your friends to sign up under your link too for the free referral bonus 😂)

All you need to do is to click ‘New Payment’ then ‘Split A Bill’, then add the contacts that you are splitting with.

Next, set the amount each person is paying if you are going dutch. If not, the default is that the bill will be split evenly among everyone.

Or you can force someone to pay 1 cent just to use this feature 😅

With this feature, you can create a group with your closer group of friends as well. Then you can use this split bill feature in the same group over and over again.

The best part of this feature is that you can tag what the expenditure is for so everyone knows, plus the payment status of whether someone has already paid or not (so your friends can’t siam you or say they paid already when they haven’t)

Friends when trying to ‘siam’ paying you. Source

If someone initiated the split bill feature with you, all you need to do is click Pay and then you’re done in literally 2 clicks!


4. PayNow Seamlessly

For most of us, Paynow is pretty much ingrained in our life already.

With Google Pay, you can pay someone in less than 10 clicks. Compared to your usual method where you have to log in to your bank then do the transfer which often takes a lot longer than it should.

Also, the recipient does not need to be a user of Google Pay in order to receive the money as it is tagged to PayNow. Under ‘New Payment’, you can pay to phone # (individuals) or UEN (businesses).

Not many screens for this so enjoy this classy banking gif. Source

One thing is that you need to link your bank account first before being able to use this feature (and to transfer money to friends). Currently, the only banks supported are DBS (through Paylah!), OCBC and Standard Chartered.

Linking your bank account to Google Pay is pretty easy as well, and it takes less than a minute to do it.

Personally, I have been using Google Pay to do my PayNow transactions as I can easily track my transaction history a lot easier without logging into the banks now. Also, it is so much faster using this app to transfer money as well.

Did someone say food offers. Source

5. Offers and Ordering Food

Many things of what I stated above with the cashbacks have to do with Google Pay offers that are updated weekly.

Here’s a list of some of the additional offers:

  1. $5 off @ Wafuken at Asia Square, minimum spend $20
  2. 10% off @ Super Simple
  3. 10% off @ Paul Bakery
  4. 10% off @ Da Paolo Gastronomia
  5. Free upsized meal from Burger King
  6. No convenience fee for GV Movie tickets, and a free SCOOB! Tumblr for 2+ movie tickets. Also Save $2 with HSBC, and $3 with DBS for GV Movie Tickets.
  7. No Convenience fee for Shaw Movie tickets. Also, 20% off Shaw Family popcorn combo, and stand a chance to win Google Pixel 4 with every movie ticket!

I believe these offers will be rotated every now and then, but there seem to be quite a lot of deals for the movie go-ers out there!

There’s also the part of ordering food through the Google Pay app which I have not tested, but I believe you can order through the app and pay through Google Pay. This should entitle you to some cash back once you make 2 qualifying purchases.

Oh Google, even your gifs are magical. Source


So if you are convinced enough to give Google Pay a try, you can click here to sign up and download the app!

Personally, it’s the ease of using the app to perform whatever you need and the added rebates that won me over fairly easily.

Completely won me over! Source

In any case, Circles.Life seems like they’re planning to enter this FinTech market as well. You can access this document to give your input and let your voice be heard!

Maybe we’ll see a card from Circles.Life that awards bill waivers and data when you use it? There’s quite a few interesting concepts that they have already thought up so go ahead and do the quick survey (~5 mins)!

With more digital payment apps and digital payment solutions in Singapore, we have a lot more ways to go around managing our money seamlessly. I definitely for one enjoy it because I’m pretty much a cashless person by now already!

But for those of you on the fence, definitely give Google Pay a try because it’s very easy to use for everyday purposes!