October 20, 2020

5 things I loved (and 3 I hated) about the iPhone 12

There's lots to love about the iPhone 12 but it's by no means the perfect phone.

5 things I loved (and 3 I hated) about the iPhone 12

I am a big fan of Apple, having almost every product in their line up with the AirPods Pro as the latest addition to my collection. The very first product I owned was an iPhone 4S which is really small compared to the gargantuan iPhone Pro Max we have now. Just goes to show how much the iPhone has really evolved since then.

13 years of iPhone history in one picture. Source

With the iPhone 12, I bid goodbye to my iPhone X which has pretty much served me well for the past 3 years.

It was a great 3 years with my iPhone X. Source

It's also why I followed the announcement video closely to see what’s new with this iPhone, if it really was deserving of this fan boy's long awaited upgrade. But either way, there were so many leaks even before the announcement that it wasn’t really much of a surprise on what was announced anyway.

The biggest thing I feel about iPhone 12 is the 5G support which is technically the ‘next-gen’ feature. So as I wait in anticipation for my new iPhone, let's do a deep dive into what I loved and hated about the iPhone 12 announcement and it's numerous new features.

PS. I’m not going to use any technical terms at all, because I’m just not the guy and there’s many other articles out there doing it already.

What I Loved


5G Connectivity

Best part of the announcement is how 5G is the main thing for iPhone 12, and how a lot of the new features and services are built around this as well.

I think like most people, I can’t wait for 5G to finally roll out completely in Singapore. Besides the increased speed, it’ll bring about lower latency as well so it’s a big thing for Gamers as well.

The only problem I have with this is waiting for the full roll out in Singapore with the telcos still taking steps to roll out. Also with fewer phone models out there that support 5G, iPhone 12 users will be the first Apple users to experience the full connectivity of 5G.

Talk about being the first in line to try a brand new technology! (Singaporeans always like to be number one anyways right 😅)

Looks like these leaks weren't too far off from the actual product. Source

The Packaging

Many people are going to disagree with me on this, so let me remind you that this is my own personal opinion 😂. I absolutely understood why Apple chose to remove the plug and EarPods, because for one I don’t use the EarPods at all.

About the plug, let’s just say most of us already have several sitting around. Having one more won’t really make a difference. I think the only thing is that the wire is now USB-C to lightning which is the issue here, since not everyone has a USB-C plug. (Editor's Note: Apple probably just trying to expand support for their ecosystem since the USB-C is what their MacBooks use)

So while the bad news is that you may need to buy the accessories not included in the box, the ‘good news’ is that Apple reduced the prices for these accessories as well. Also, by choosing not to include these accessories, we’re doing more to save the earth to reduce wastage too.

Bye bye 64GB, hello 128GB for the Pro Series. Source

The Storage

I would say with the current average consumer usage, 128 GB is the bare minimum now. Personally, having 256 GB is a lot better as I don’t need to keep deleting apps or photos like some of my friends do.

I would say it is good to consider having some extra space instead of going for the cheapest model if you can afford it; but otherwise even the 128 GB is decent enough for either model!

Hello again Mr Blue (Or Pacific Blue if you're looking to a get a Pro/Pro Max) Source

More choices - New iPhone Mini Size & Pacific Blue Colour

The cool thing about this year is an inclusion of an iPhone Mini, which suspiciously looks like an iPhone 5/5s 😂 (goes to show that companies recycle ideas all the time)

But either way, this caters well for the consumers on a budget or really just want a smaller phone. The great part is that the specs are the same as the normal iPhone 12 albeit in a more compact frame.

The leaks really were spot on this year, with this one releasing just hours ahead of the official announcement. Source

We also see the inclusion of a new colour scheme which is Pacific Blue. However, the choice for this colour is only on the Pro version. The normal iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 mini includes the colour of White, Black, Blue, Green and Red.

Only iPhone Pro/Pro Max has Silver, Graphite (somewhat Black), Gold, and the new Pacific Blue.

With so many more choices, the power is in the hands of the consumer to choose the phone according to their budget, the size and the colour of the phone.

Smile for the Camera 📸 Source

Better Camera

Every year Apple strives to make impressive improvements to both it's performance and camera. In spite of the pandemic, 2020 is no different.

There was a huge segment dedicated to showing off the new camera in both iPhone 12, and then another one for iPhone 12 Pro/Pro Max. As promised, I won't go into details and probably won't do it justice but some key highlights include a new Night mode to take night time selfie as well as a night mode time lapse feature.

Want the specs? The Verge broke it down in a quick summary in this article here.

What I Hated

Not gonna lie, this was me at some parts of the announcement. Source

The Price

It’s a given that iPhones are probably one of the more expensive phones on the market. I still remember when iPhone X was released and everyone was gasping at the "absurdly high" price of S$1688.

This time around, there is little difference with the Pro starting at $1649. Thankfully, there’s the cheaper range with the mini and normal range at about $1200+.

The only saving grace that I have with this is being able to order from Circles.Life, opting to pay off my new iPhone 12 with a 24 months installment plan.

Prices taken from Circles.Life Pre-order page.

Plus minus the phone credits I have on the now discontinued Unlimited XP plan and having the phone delivered to me without queuing is probably the best I can get out there right now.

Consider pre-ordering your iPhone 12 through Circles.Life for the best experience. I did so for my iPhone X and was not disappointed with the whole process from ordering to delivery! Pretty seamless if you ask me.

If you think this is drama, it's meant to be. Source

Reduction in Battery Size vs iPhone 11

A phone that is dead is as good as having a brick. No one likes a dead phone.

Which is why this is such a huge bummer as the battery size has been reduced according to many sources. Here’s an article by 9to5mac that compared battery performance vs the iPhone 11. Thankfully, the results are still pretty ok.

Hopefully there isn’t much impact as Apple has optimised the phone battery usage for 5G as well with it's Smart Data Mode.

These are some sweet looking ones from Belkin. Source 

Magsafe Accessories

All I can say I hate about this is that I know I am going to be buying these accessories as well to match my new iPhone.

And it costs $200+ for the casing, charger, and the wallet addon.

It is really cool to have such a casing and be able to customize, but the steep price tag is something that I really don’t like about it. However, it’s a great way to improve the overall experience of wireless charging as well. I’m hoping to see this feature constantly evolve to become better in the future!

The Conclusion

The iPhone 12 is the very first iPhone to be not announced in front of a live audience. But I love how the announcement video has been done in a very cool and sleek way.

For people who are using the iPhone 11, I don’t feel like it is worth upgrading to this version yet too because it doesn’t seem like a huge upgrade compared to when iPhone X was announced in the past. I would definitely hold back if I had an iPhone 11 (save that kidney for the iPhone 13 maybe 😂)

But if you’re using any iPhone before that, it might be a good time to get that overdue phone upgrade. If not, consider just changing your battery which costs less than $100 and it'll makes your phone feel like a new one all over again!

RIP Battery life. Source

My primary reason for wanting to upgrade to iPhone 12 is that the battery life of my iPhone is pretty much gone. Plus the FaceID stopped working for some reason which is a huge bummer in terms of convenience.

I have already signed up for Circles.Life waiting list when it was announced, and have successfully scheduled my delivery so now all that's left to do is wait!

If you haven’t already, click the link here in order to reserve yourself a spot on the waiting list! It’s a $50 deposit to secure your spot which is entirely refundable after cancelling your spot or after buying the phone.

The entire experience of buying a phone through Circles.Life is seamless. I have done it twice now and both have been pretty positive so far! Best part, not having to queue in line at all.

I would also be most likely upgrading to the iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB version, as I feel that this has enough space without having to constantly delete apps and photos.

If anything else, there’s always iCloud and other cloud softwares like Dropbox for my space needs (Tip: Upgrade to the 50 GB iCloud plan and back up your phone and essential apps. Only costs $1.28 per month but save you TON of headaches if you need to suddenly wipe your phone in an emergency.)

So will you be getting the new iPhone 12 or waiting for the next version? (Editors Note: Maybe they'll actually remove the stinking notch this time)