October 13, 2020

iPhone 12: Where and When to catch Apple's announcement of the Decade

Watch history in the making as Apple announces it's highly anticipated iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12: Where and When to catch Apple's announcement of the Decade

With less than 12 hours until the official iPhone 12 reveal, the atmosphere is positively electric ⚡️. This years announcement is a special one for a number of reasons and after being delayed past its usual September launch, fans everywhere are undoubtedly excited to see the next generation of iPhones. Heck even the stock market is excited, with Apple stock up 3.4% to $120.99 this morning 😂

This will be me and every Apple fanboy/fangirl out there in the virtual crowd tonight. Source

What time will the Apple Announcement happen?

Now, the big announcement is due on 13 October, 10AM PT/1PM ET which roughly translates to 14 October, 1AM SGT for everyone screening the event from our Little Red Dot. If you haven't already you can add an official reminder to your calendar by clicking here so you won't miss out on anything being announced from Apple Park.

The team at Circles.Life will be watching along with you and we expect some pretty wild things to be confirmed. We even put up a little wish list of all the features that the rumours and leaks have cautiously left out for now here. (Pst, we dropped some interesting info about the possibility of a foldable iPhone in there too 🤫)

Yeah don't recontract. Really. The phone is already expensive enough without the contract.

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Traditional Combo Plan calculations can be so complicated. Source

FYI, we're bundling the iPhone 12 with our revamped no contract combo plans. Usually, combo plans from other telcos will lock you into a 2 year contract which can see you pay upwards of 3 times what just the phone would cost depending on what plan you choose to bundle it with.

At Circles.Life, we believe that is a bullsh*t model. Instead, we'll bundle your phone (could be the iPhone 12 or Samsung Galaxy Note20 or whatever phones we have in stock) with our $18/mo base plan along with a 0% interest phone installment. It's no contract in the sense you can cancel your base plan anytime and just continue with paying your phone installments ✌️

But enough of that, let's get back to the Apple news on everything you need to know before the announcement tonight.

What will Apple be Announcing?

Still convinced it's wordplay on high-speed here. Source

Apple's last event in September introduced the new Apple Watch Series 6, the Apple Watch SE as well as the new iPad Air and iPad. With the iPhone 12 missing from that line-up we can say with almost complete certainty that it will announce the iPhone 12 series come tomorrow.

Tipsters are pretty certain Apple will show off four new models: the iPhone 12 mini,  the iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and of course the iPhone 12 Pro Max. We also know that each of these 4 models will come equipped with 5G capabilities as well as the new A14 Bionic chipset that is doubles the operating power of the last A13 chip to perform a whopping 11 trillion operations per second.

Perhaps that's why the event is called Hi, Speed eh? With the ability to support the fastest 5G networks and an impressive new chip design.

Google Home better watch it's back, Apple's HomePods Mini are right on your tail. Source

Apple might also drop fresh details on a couple other products including a miniaturised version of the HomePods (seems like Mini is the in thing this year with the iPhone 12 Mini as well), the return of the MagSafe feature to some of its accessories.

There were also rumours that the AirPods Studio, Apple's very own version of over-ear headphones, would make an appearance alongside the iPhone 12 but alas it seems that it has been delayed to March 2021 alongside the AirTags. Perhaps this is also a good thing as it's premium model (think handcrafted leather and a metallic shell) is said cost as much as an iPhone SE (2020) at a hefty 600USD.

When will stock for the iPhone 12 arrive in Singapore?

Oh btw blue is back this time for the iPhone 12 base models. Source

This is a tricky question to answer. Stock could arrive as early as the 3rd week of October after the announcement but it's worth noting that Apple is adapting a staggered approach to its iPhone launch this year. The iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro set to launch first on 23/24 October, followed by the mini on 13/14 November and lastly the iPhone 12 Pro Max on the 20/21 of November.

Once again, you can get a headstart and secure your iPhone 12 without waiting in line for hours at Orchard Rd or Marina Bay by simply registering your interest here. It's as easy as clicking a button 😉

I wish I could give all y'all a Phone Five right now ✋ Source

Well that's it folks, there's nothing left but to wait and see if the rumours are true. We don't know what'll happen next but whatever happens, we'll see you on the other side speedy ⚡️