June 20, 2020

Netflix's Dark is one of the greatest shows ever

Change my Mind. A summary on the past 2 seasons of Dark and why it might be of the best original series ever made.

Netflix's Dark is one of the greatest shows ever

If you’re a huge fan of well thought out plot twists, time travelling, the Bootstrap Paradox and of course, trying to save the world from the all-impending-apocalypse-because-it’s-the-right-thing-to-do trope, you’ll definitely enjoy Dark. If you’ve already watched the first two seasons, I’m sure you’re just as excited as me that the third and final season will be dropping on June 27. If you’re new to Dark, oh boy, strap yourself in because this show is one heck of a rollercoaster.

The first thing you should know about Dark is that if you’re someone who easily forgets a character’s name or face (like yours truly), my advice to you would be to save them somewhere for future reference. It can be in your phone, a document or better yet one of those conspiracy boards with the different coloured strings and pins on it. In fact, by the end of season one, I can guarantee you that majority of the people will look like this:

I’m not joking when I say this is how I look like trying to explain Dark to people. Source

Trust me when I say that there are A LOT of characters in Dark to keep track off.

The following contains spoilers. You have been warned!

Dark starts off very simply - it’s the year 2019 in a small town known as Winden in Germany (yes, it’s a foreign show but thank goodness for English subtitles right?) and we’re introduced to a bunch of characters and a straightforward plot of the police trying to locate a missing boy after he’s been missing for a couple of days. Strange things (lights flickering on and off and birds dropping dead) are also happening in town and the adults keep mentioning that these strange events have happened 33 years ago. Towards the end of episode one, a group of children are out in the forest at night and joke around until they’re spooked by the strange noises emitting from the nearby cave. While running back to the safety of civilization the youngest of them, Mikkel, disappears without a trace.

The children facing the consequences of Mikkel’s disappearance. Source

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? Yepp, you guessed it. Up till now the plot resembles that of Stranger Things. But trust me, when I say that from here on out it’s totally different.

The next time we see Mikkel, he comes out of the cave and makes his way back home but eventually discovers that he’s not in the Winden he knows. For reasons unknown (or are they known?) Mikkel has managed to time travel to the year 1986. In later episodes it is revealed that the cave in the forest acts as a wormhole and, with the right equipment, allows people to time travel 33 years into the past or future. Once this device has been introduced, the show freely alternates between 1986 and 2019 with a third year, 1953 being introduced later. At the end of season one, we get a glimpse of a post-apocalyptic world in 2052 and in season two, how this whole time travelling bit came about in 1921. You can begin to see why the whole conspiracy board image is starting to make more sense.

There's also charts in the show so you know it's meta af. Source

This is why I mentioned you’re going to need a chart of sorts to keep track of all the characters and which time they’re from. But that’s the whole beauty of Dark, the complexity of it is precisely why it’s so ingenious. Take it from me, it is extremely rewarding when everything is revealed. If you want to see how a good conspiracy theory board looks like, the Dark Instagram account does one beautifully but I strongly recommend you finishing both seasons before checking it out.

Whenever time travelling is introduced in a show, we’re always taught to ‘not mess with anything in the past because it will affect the future’. Dark is no exception. In both seasons, it is a constant emotional struggle for some of the characters to not do anything to screw up the past as it has a direct impact on their future. This is why character development is excellent because you get to see how all of them react when they learn that time travelling is possible. And don’t even get me started on the morals and ethics of the implications, especially when it comes to how the Kahnwald and Nielsen family are related.

The official poster for Season 3. Source

Dark is one of those rare shows where the second season is just as great as its predecessor. With the third and final season coming this June 27 (the same day the world ends in the show, FYI), my expectations are sky high when it comes to how all the questions will be answered. If you want something smart to watch, give Dark a go. I can promise you that it’s one of the best Netflix Originals in a while.

And remember, Sic Mundus Creatus Est. *Ultimate Fist Bump 👊*

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