July 8, 2020

Viral Campaigns Done Right - 3 Unforgettable Examples from Circles.Life

Circles.Life proves that sometimes all it takes is a crazy idea and the balls to do it to make a campaign truly great.

Viral Campaigns Done Right - 3 Unforgettable Examples from Circles.Life

I have seen a lot of things happened since I joined Circles.Life on August 2016 when I got hooked to join from one of the NDP promotion back then that gave 2 GB per month until the end of the year.

Singapore our homeland, it's here that we belong

It wasn’t a very ‘happening’ or flashy event as it was through a Facebook ad that helped me discover Circles.Life. They had launched only a few months back in June 2016 officially so they were still relatively unknown.

I still remember wondering whether it was a scam back then but eventually I ported over and tried it out.

Best decision ever to date.

You too can make the right choice. Source

Ever since then, Circles.Life has launched quite a few crazy marketing stunts that got people really talking.

1) Launch of $20 for 20 GB (March 2017)

Let me give you the backstory of this campaign: We were living in a time when $40 for 3 GB is common and contracts are still the mainstream.

So when Circles.Life launched a publicity stunt and tied up with the influencer duo, YouTiao666 to vandalise ads of a fictional competitor called SGMobile.

Take a look at the picture below:

Still such a ballsy move in 2020

It’s quite crazy that Circles.Life bought an advertising space at a MRT station just to have it ‘vandalised’.

Not to mention, there was a facebook page, television spots, and even a website created for SGMobile to make it seem like a legit telco that was launching in Singapore.

This campaign eventually led to the launch of $20 for 20 GB on Circles.Life which is one of the most popular add-ons to date.

Personally, I got so many referrals during this period because the value of the offer was insane when the other telcos were still charging $10.70 per GB.

In case if you’re wondering how successful this campaign was for Circles.Life, sales growth increased by over 950% within 2 month launch of the campaign.

2) #3DollarBaller (Feb 2018)

I think this one was pretty big as well when Circles Life launched this campaign called #3DollarBaller.

It basically involved people putting in $3 and getting $50 from a ‘vending machine’ which was actually some guy inside giving out the money manually.

‘Machine’ was located outside 313 Somerset.

I’m not sure how I chanced upon this but I’m pretty sure it was heavily advertised as Circles.Life partnered with many brands to spread the message.

I was personally on the ground that day to see and tried queuing up, even though I knew there wasn’t any chance it was going to reach me before I got the money.

I took a picture to show how long the queue was, and it actually snaked around even though it’s not that clear and looks like everyone is crowding around the machine 😂

And boy did the message of free money spread like wildfire 🔥

I mean if you saw the crowd in the picture above and thought that was a lot, take a look at the one below when Circles.Life held the same event at Raffles Place.

I kinda miss crowds like this. Source

In short: IT WAS INSANE!

So insane that the event was called off because the crowd became a safety hazard and the police were called in to disperse the crowd.

According to the CNA article, there were about 300 people lining up in front of the cash vending in the morning even before the event started. Even after moving the machine, it eventually got worse as more people crowded because it reached the lunch timing.

This whole campaign led to the release of the $3 per day unlimited data boost which is still available on the app. It may not be as popular now as there’s the $20 for unlimited option, but back then it gave people a chance to ‘spam’ data when they needed on specific days!

3) Contract Breakup (Nov 2019 - Jan 2020)

Towards the end of 2019, Circles.Life actually launched a campaign that paid people money to break their telco contract.

The best part was it was available worldwide, and that you didn’t need to port to Circles.Life after in order to enjoy this bonus.

Once you broke your contract, all you needed to do is show the evidence and you’ll get your money!

There was even a video for this campaign:

With that, Circles.Life also launched a crowdsourcing campaign to crowdsource for funds to help other people end their telco contract.

While we didn’t really see many backers, we saw plenty of takers who turned up for the event when it was announced that the money raised was eventually given away on Jan 21 2020.

I remember the event was over pretty quickly because I remember going down at around 2 PM to see if anything was going on. What I caught was pretty much a blank space as it turns out the event ended, and everyone packed up and went home 😅

Cheers to whatever brilliant new campaign Circles.Life is cooking up next. Source

What’s Your Favourite?

I just listed 3 of my favourite that I have seen over the years. There have been quite a few other campaigns as well, with both positive and negative responses.

One thing that I know is that Circles.Life is really bold to do some of their campaigns, and always finding new ways to connect with its audiences.

There was one event that happened online was when Circles.Life announced that they were planning to ‘remove’ the $20 for 20 GB option.

I wrote about this in an earlier article on why they did so. You can click here to check it out!

So, what’s your favourite event that you seen Circles.Life done?

Have you participated in any of the events like the 3 Dollar Baller or Contract Breakup events? Or are you looking forward to more of such events?

Because I definitely am 😁