February 25, 2021

Use Data Irresponsibly - Maximise your Unlimited Data Plan

Live life the way it was meant to be lived with our Unlimited Data Plan!

Use Data Irresponsibly - Maximise  your Unlimited Data Plan

If you're someone like me who is on the 100GB unlimited data plan, you might run into the problem of having TOO MUCH data rather than too little. With the free rollover feature to 300GB how does one even finish your data every month?

Personally, I have to thank Circles.Life for making this upgrade even more awesome since it was just 20GB until they upgraded it to 100GB just one year ago today.

Too much data, too little time to spend

The best part of having this add-on is NEVER having to check back your app just to see how much data you’re left with. That being said, I’ve always wondered how and what are some practical ways you can burn your data while improving your daily experience.

Most guides out there are created on “how to save mobile data”, but this one will be the entire opposite because WE HAVE TOO MUCH DATA TO SPARE!

I feel your “problem” 😏 Source

A lot of the social media apps that we use today are optimised for data which means the quality of photos and videos may be compromised. But no longer will you be oppressed by the quality of your media! You’re going ALL IN and only streaming at the best quality you can get.

No more BS, time to go all in with your data. Source

1) Netflix

On your Netflix app, go to your App Settings, then make sure to do these few things:

1. Under Set Cellular Data Usage, Turn off Automatic and set to Maximum Data

2. Turn off Wi-Fi Only downloads

3. Set Video Quality to Higher (Optional - depends if you have enough storage)

2) Spotify

Time for some next level vibing 🤙 Source

There’s a few things you’ll need to do for Spotify to get that high fidelity music:

1. Click the gear icon (settings)

2. Go to Data Saver and make sure both options are unticked

3. Go to Audio Quality. Under Cellular Streaming, set to ‘Very High’

4. Under Download, set to ‘Very High’. Tick ‘Download Using Cellular’

Now every song you hear should sound like you're there at a concert live! 🤘

3) YouTube

Thousands of hours of user content in unfettered HD. Source

Unless you’re on wifi, your streaming will usually be optimised at 480p or 320p. Here’s how you can change it:

1. Go to Settings, untick Play HD on Wi-Fi only

2. Scroll down and make sure to set both download and upload quality to 1080p

3. Background play should be ‘Always On’

4. Untick ‘Download over Wi-Fi only’ and ‘Upload over Wi-Fi only’

Watch all those MVs and vlogs the way they were meant to be watched, in 4K even if your phone supports it 💪

4) Disney+

You as you're fiddling with all these settings cranking up your data usage. Source

The new kid on the block, watch the classic Disney movies that give you all the feels or breakout hits like WandaVision in crystal clear high definition by following these steps:

  1. Click your profile
  2. Go to App settings
  1. Under Video Playback, set Mobile Usage to Automatic
  2. Turn off ‘Stream over Wi-Fi only’ and ‘Download over Wi-Fi only’
  3. Set Video Quality under Downloads to High (Optional as it depends on your storage space)

5) Facebook

Yes FB is still relevant. Source

1. In your Facebook app, click the 3 dash icon

2. Go to Settings & Privacy, and click on Settings

3. Scroll down to Media and Contacts, and click Videos and Photos

4. Tick Upload HD for both Video and Photo settings

5. Set Autoplay to ‘On mobile data + Wi-Fi’. You may want to untick ‘Videos in News Feed start with sound’ as it can get annoying

6) Instagram

1. Click the profile icon

2. Click the 3 dash on the top right, then click settings

3. Under Account > Mobile Data Use, untick the only box inside

7) Twitter

An oddly appropriate gif if I don't say so myself. Source

1. Click on the 3 dash icon, then click Settings and Privacy

2. Under General, click Data Usage

3. Untick Data Saver

4. Set the 3 options stated above to ‘On cellular or Wi-Fi’

8) TikTok


Take it from @iamrachelwan : Wipe those tears away and port over to the #EasiestTelco! Try finding your Wifi & tag us :grin: #CirclesLifeSg #findingmywifi

♬ Surrender - Natalie Taylor

1. Go to ‘Me’, then click the 3 dash icon on the top right

2. Scroll down to data saver and click

3. Turn it off

All that's left is to bust out those dance moves 🕺 💃

9) Whatsapp

1. Go to Settings, then click Storage and Data

2. Untick ‘Use Less Data for Calls’\

3. Under Media Auto-download, switch all the options to Wi-Fi and Cellular (Optional because this takes a lot of space too. I only do it for Photos)

10) Telegram

Clearly the better Messaging system. Source

1. Click Settings, and click Data and Storage

2. Under Automatic Media Download, click ‘Using Cellular’

3. Set Data Usage to High

4. Click into Photos, Videos and Files and set the slider to max (Optional as this takes a lot of space too)

5. Go Back

6. Under Auto-play media, tick GIFs and Videos

7. Under Calls, click in and set to ‘Never’

8. Under Other, tick ‘Background Download'

11) Personal Phone Settings

I personally own an Apple device (iOS), but i am pretty sure you are able to do this on Android too.

1. Go to Mobile Data.

2. Under Data Plan, click on your Primary line.

3. (For 5G Users) Under ‘Voice & Data’, tick either 5G Auto or 5G On, and enable ‘Allow More Data on 5G’

4. Scroll all the way down, enable Wi-Fi Assist and iCloud Drive. (For Android, find the option Adaptive Wi-Fi)

12) App Store (iOS)

I’ll be slowing for iOS since I am using an iPhone. Google Playstore should be able to do the same settings as well.

1. Go to Settings, then click on App Store

2. Turn on Automatic Download for App Updates (Optional for Apps)

3. Turn on Automatic Download and ‘Always Allow’ on App Downloads

4. Make sure to download all your apps and updates using Cellular data

13) Start using more Hotspot

1. If you have a device like a laptop on the go, you can use your phone to hotspot to said device.

2. Exclusively use your mobile data and not Wi-Fi. Make sure all the videos and photos you view are at the highest resolution when possible.

If only we could do this, my CL data can feed me for life (http://gph.is/19plt6W)

3. Download big files/games while you are on mobile data. This is probably the fastest way to use your data!


This guide is only the start on using more data on your current social media and communication apps. Realistically, you’ll never finish your data unless you download huge files everyday using your mobile data connection.

What I imagine 4G looks like. Source

But once you’re done going through this guide, your phone is now optimised to run your media at the highest quality and as much automation as possible. Just in case you feel like you need more data, remember to turn on the 100GB/month plan for only $20 per month.

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Never be oppressed by the lack of data again, and get UNLIMITED POWER for just $20/month

Or well… UNLIMITED DATA! Source

If anything, what are some of the ways that you do to use more data? Definitely do share them in the comments on Facebook and I’m interested to hear what innovative ways you guys do to utilise your data?