December 23, 2020

This feature on the Samsung Galaxy S21 will BLOW YOUR MIND

This feature on the Samsung Galaxy S21 will BLOW YOUR MIND

Samsung is really coming right out of the gate swinging with their next big phone launch slated for 14 January 2021. Needless to say, I've been crazy impressed with their 2020 line-up - gushing over the Note20 that rivals the iPhone 12 as well as the ever nostalgic Z Fold (FYI both these phones come in festive new colours of red & white). It's interesting to see then how Samsung is gonna take it to the next level!

There's like tons of leaked images floating around. Source

There is one feature that I feel towers above all others but I've gone ahead and compiled the best rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S21 so you can decide if it's worth the upgrade 😉

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A total of 3 models & 6 colors (now with Dual Tone Finish)

Not depicted Phantom Silver and Phantom Black 🖤 Source

Strangely enough, Samsung jumped from the S10 to the S20 last year but come 2021 they've opted to change their naming convention so it only increases by 1. Samsung currently has plans to unveil 3 models next year: The S21, S21 Pro as well as the S21 Ultra. All models will also ship with full 5G compatibility.  

There's six 'new' colors announced for the S21 namely Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Grey & Phantom White for the S21 and S21 Pro variants and of course for Phantom Silver and Phantom Black for the S21 Ultra.

Personally I thought that two tone finish, mixing what looks to me like the mystic bronze color with the new phantom violet on the camera bump is pure genius. It gives a really unique look to the phone while masking a feature (AHEM iPhone notch) that might have otherwise been an eyesore.

Finally a 4 camera phone?

These teasers be wild. Source

Android Police reports that the new S21 and S21 Pro will likely pack in a 64MP+12MP+12MP rear camera. Compare this to the 12MP+12MP+8MP set up on the S20 FE and you'll see that it's quite a leap forward.

There's a lot more speculation about the Ultra model but word on the street is it'll come with a four camera set-up offering 108MP+12MP+10MP+10MP. I'm personally really excited at the possibility of a second telephoto camera, that will allow users to access two different optical zoom options: 3x and 10x. This means that you can do some crazy zooming in without losing any quality or getting any of the graininess.

Crazy ideas like this get me out of bed in the morning. Source

Ok ok so 4 cameras is impressive enough but how about 6. Samsung recently filed a patent for smartphone design that boasts 6 rear cameras (five wide-angle ones and one telephoto one) which you would be able to control and adjust individually kinda like a chameleon's eye so you can have them point in different directions for panoramic shots etc.  

The S-Pen on a non-Note series?

I wonder why Apple won't let us use the Apple Pencil with mobile devices. +1 for Samsung

So one of the key distinctions between the S and Note series by Samsung is the inclusion of the S Pen stylus with the latter. Come 2021 however, this line is blurring with TM Roh, the President and Head of Samsung’s mobile division announcing that the S21 series will feature S Pen support.

Emphasis on SUPPORT here as this doesn't mean the S Pen will be included with your device. On the off chance that it is though, this pretty much makes the Note series moving forward kind of redundant 😅

Use your voice to unlock your phone

In a world filled with virtual assistants, this is what I have been waiting for. Source

As a huge sci-fi buff and technologist, this feature really is revolutionary. I've already plugged my home full of Google, Siri and Alexa but none of them know me for my voice. The Samsung Galaxy S21 is reportedly the first phone to introduce the ability to use voice recognition to unlock your phone via Bixby.

Google actually trialed a version of this tech before but discontinued it due to security concerns but it's been years since then so I'm confident Samsung has ironed out the kinks. There's not many details on how exactly it'll work yet but this boy is hopeful!

Time for an Upgrade?

And just like that, I am tempted to switch to Android all over again. Source

One other piece of good news is that prices (well in the EU at least) don't seem to be that different from the launch prices of the S20. I guess we'll just have to wait till 14 January to see how that translates into SGD but I'm fairly confident it won't be as audacious as a certain fruit based phone company 😂

All in all, the S21 looks to set yet another high bar in the smartphone industry. We'll be back with more accurate information and a comparison table between models in the coming days leading up to the official launch on 29 January

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