October 12, 2020

The iPhone 12 NEEDS these features

From device-to-device charging and maybe a notch-free panel, this is our iPhone 12 wishlist

The iPhone 12 NEEDS these features

With the iPhone 12 announcement mere days away, there's plenty of rumours circulating about Apple's next flagship phone. How will it fair against the Samsung Galaxy Note20? (we did a pseudo comparison here based off leaked data 👀)  Will it really not ship with EarPods and a charger? Is the new iPhone even worth the hype - Especially since iOS 14 feels like Apple is playing catch-up with Android in terms of UI features.

Some of these iPhone 12 concepts were really wild. Source

Needless to say, the team at Circles.Life is really excited to see what Apple unveils come 14 October, 1AM local time (you can already register your interest here). We know that there's pretty much going to be 4 different variants of the iPhone 12: the iPhone 12 Mini, the standard iPhone 12, the iPhone 12 Pro and of course the "big boy" iPhone 12 Pro Max (seriously, this years Pro Max will be the largest iPhone yet at a staggering 6.7 inches).

The even tagline "Hi, Speed" (wordplay on high-speed? 🤔) also hints at the inclusion of 5G technology, another topic we've discussed thoroughly on this blog. With more 5G networks rolling out across the globe, 5G compatibility looks like it will be a mainstay in all phones moving forward. The tagline could also allude to the new A14 Bionic chip which some are touting is the "Most Powerful Chip in the World"  with a 16% performance boost over the current A13 series featured within the iPhone 11 series and iPhone SE (2020).

Tim Cook is like Santa Clause for every Apple fan out there. Source

But apart from these "confirmed" rumours, there's still plenty an Apple fanatic like me wants out of Apple's latest and greatest iPhone 12. So here's my early Christmas wish list of everything I hope Santa Apple will deliver come Wednesday morning.  

Is it so wrong that I want both. I still miss my home button sometimes. Source

Allow both Face ID and Touch ID verification

I'm actually quite hopeful of this one since Apple announced recently that the latest iPad Air will have a Touch ID sensor built into the sleep/wake button.

Don't get me wrong, I love Face ID and think it's a wonderful piece of technology but I pretty much grew up with iPhones that had home buttons and the haptic feedback when your phone unlocks is a feeling I sorely miss. The reliability of Face ID is also greatly diminished in a post-pandemic world where face masks obstruct your face.

Plus think about it this way, wouldn't your phone be more secure if you could do a 2 factor authentication using your face AND fingerprint? Also Android has been doing it for some time now with the Samsung Galaxy Note20 featuring both an in-display fingerprint reader as well as facial recognition.

See that black part there, at the top of your screen? That's a notch. I hate that notch. Source

Ditch the Goddamn Notch

The notch first appeared back in 2017 when Apple announced the iPhone X and has been a mainstay of the iPhone series ever since. I don't know about you but that notch is just an eyesore and breaks the immersion when you're streaming your favourite movie or gunning for that Chicken Dinner in PUBG.

There are articles out there that claim that oh the existence of the notch is tied to my previous point about Face ID; that behind the notch is a complicated array of sensors that verify that you really are who you say you are when unlocking your phone.

I just hope that someday soon (fingers-crossed it's this Wednesday), Apple manages to compress the technology or find some innovative new way of presenting it that minimises the notch and maximises my screen real estate for a truly sleek and seamless all screen display.

Now imagine this picture but iPhones instead of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Source

Reverse Wireless Charging

Or PowerShare or Device-on-Device charging. Whatever you want to call it, reverse wireless charging allows for you to essentially use your phone as a wireless portable charger. This in theory would allow you to share a little juice with your friends iPhone if it's dying or charge up your AirPods on the go.

I always forget to bring out a cable or the portable charger itself so this feature would be a godsend. We know the technology exists cause certain Samsung and Huawei phones already support this feature so why Apple is holding off on this is anybodies guess.

One port to rule them all - And that port should be USB-C. Source

USB-C Charging

I mean why not right. The iPhone 12 is already rumoured to ship without a charger and EarPods and Apple has already made the leap to USB-C for their most recent line of MacBooks and iPads so why not unify all their products to use this charging system.

Fundamentally, they work in the same way as the lightning cable since you can jack them into your phone either way and it'll fit. Charging is a whole lot faster too and can power your device at up to 100W as compared to the measly 12W that's currently available.  

Oh and if you're planning of hooking up your iPhone 12 with iTunes to transfer your existing user profile, a USB-C connection should allow you to double the transfer speed of USB 3 at 10 Gbps.

I'm telling you flip phones are in again ok. I mean look at this beauty from Motorola. Source

BONUS: Foldable iPhone

Alright this one is coming out of left field a bit and will most likely not be announced for launch but the novelty is truly alluring. The best part is that it's not even that crazy since Apple received a new patent earlier this year for "Electronic devices with flexible displays and hinges."

The craze is certainly catching on with Motorola unveiling its most recent Razr flip phone depicted above and Samsung announcing it's second entry into the flipping arena with the Galaxy Z Flip.

What's really interesting about the patent though is how it aims to eliminate creases that were present in former iterations such as the Galaxy Fold. However, given the recency of the patent award, it is highly unlikely that the iFold/iBend/iFlex? or whatever they're calling it will make an appearance in 2020.

As a gamer, I also secretly hope that Apple will release some RGB options lmao. Source

What's on your Wish List?

The countdown has begun and we're literal days from what may define the phone industry for the next decade! Remember to register your interest early with us here and join us in watching history in the making.

What other crazy ideas do you think Apple should work on next? Let us know at blog@circles.asia and we'll give you a shout in the next article we write 😉