August 13, 2020

Did the Samsung Galaxy Note20 just murder the iPhone 12?

All you need to know about the new Samsung Note20 and why it might have the iPhone 12 beat

Did the Samsung Galaxy Note20 just murder the iPhone 12?

While the iPhone 12 has just launched October, Samsung has already upped the ante with the announcement of the Galaxy Note20 5G & Note20 Ultra 5G.

Oh would you look at that, a charger which might be noticeable missing from Apple's iPhone 12 box. Source

As their names suggest, these new phones do feature 5G capabilities though I have mixed feelings about that. There's also word of a 4G variant of the Note20 available in certain territories but we'll see.

Let's take a quick look at both models and how they  measure up against the iPhone 12 specs.


They say Mystic Bronze but bruh that looks like pink to me. Source

Both offers 3 different colors for each model. The Note20 has Mystic Bronze, Mystic Green & Mystic Grey while the Note20 Ultra swaps out green and grey for the timeless set of Mystic Black and Mystic White.

In comparison, the iPhone 12 is set to launch with the standard Gold, Silver and Grey for it's Pro series with blue rejoining purple, white, orange, green, black and (product) red for the rest of its line-up.


Simply mesmerizing. Source

The Note20 Ultra is 164.8 x 77.2 x 8.1mm, weighing 208g. The Note20 is 161.6 x 75.2 x 8.3mm, weighing 194g (192g for 4G variant). If you’re someone who prefers a lighter weight in your hands (or pockets) then Note20 would be the one for you.

I just wanna be able to use all of my screen guys, is that too much to ask. 

There's also none of those nasty bezels (the black part of the screen that doesn't display anything) WHICH SOMEHOW IS STILL PRESENT ON THE IPHONE 12.


The difference in their display is that Note20 is 6.7” & Note20 Ultra is 6.9”. If you love to binge watch Netflix, you'll swoon over the bigger display of the Note20 Ultra. Oh it gets better, Note20 have a flat FHD+ whereas the Note 20 Ultra have an Edge Quad HD+. Both do have AMOLED screen so your black will look super black. Both are equipped with HDR10+ so your Netflix shows will look crisp and super detailed.

A display so real, it's like talking to your friends in person. Source

What the Note 20 do not have is the 120Hz refresh rate of the Note 20 Ultra which is meant to provide smooth transitions when swiping or moving from one homescreen to another. The Note20 also moves to a plastic back which is a stark shift from using glass for its rear panels in recent years. This move hints at the Note20 being positioned differently from Note20 Ultra with the latter occupying the spot of being the more premium model.

The iPhone 12 on the other hand is said to come with the Super Retina displays we've come to know and love, with the 12 Pro Max matching the Note20 with a 6.7" display.


Camera's are like parties, the more the merrier. Source

While both phones sport a triple-camera setup on the back, the Note20 Ultra has far superior specs. The biggest upgrade is in the resolution of the main camera, which tops out at 108 megapixels on the Ultra for improved zoom. The regular Note's main camera has a 12-megapixel resolution.

Face it, the selfie will always be relevant. Source

Both phones also offer an ultra-wide camera, which is the same so you can keep on taking those panoramic shots regardless. They also both have the same front 10-megapixel selfie camera so you can always look your best ✌️

Apple has always been lauded for the unparalleled power when it comes to cameras and that's where the iPhone 12 really shines. All 4 variants now boast a night mode and iPhone 12 Pro models boast a sensor that's 47% larger than the iPhone 11. In that regard, the iPhone 12 may have the Note20 beat.

8K Videography

Fun Fact, Guardians of the Galaxy 2 was the first film to be shot on 8K and now you have that power in a phone. Source

If you’re someone who loves to video a lot, then be surprised with Samsung Note20 & Note20 Ultra capabilities to shoot in 8k resolution with 24fps. You can also channel your inner filmmaker and film in the 21:9 aspect ratio to make your videos feel more cinematic.

The iPhone 12 also raises the bar with the first ever Dolby Vision HDR video technology. Imagine the power of a creative editing suite in the palm of your hand, shooting videos in 4K at 60FPS effortlessly.

Battery Size

They say a phone is only as good as good as its battery life. Source

The battery of the Note20 stands at a nice 4300mAh while the Note20 Ultra kicks it to 4500mAh. They're both higher than the S20's 4000mah battery though I highly doubt that 200mAh would make such a difference 😅

The iPhone 12 loses out here with it's base model only clocking in at 2,815 mAh - almost half the capacity of the Samsung Galaxy Note20 model.


I love how the S Pen makes writing relevant again in an age of typing. Source

There's plenty of other comparisons we can make between the new Note20 series and iPhones including more RAM and moddable memory on Samsung as well as the gorgeous S Pen but I'm sure you're tired of those arguments.

When comparing between the Note20 and Note20 Ultra, if you’re someone who wants the best of the best, I suggest getting the Ultra. It boasts the best specs that Samsung has to offer but comes with an expensive price tag.

Although the Galaxy Note has been marketed as a flagship phone, the smartphone market being constantly saturated by other devices with big screens that are more affordable. This stiff competition can't help but make the Note20 feel a little ordinary... until you realise it's a beast in the specs department!

In the preliminary, it looks like Samsung has a one up over Apple but with additions like the A14 Bionic Chip and triple 12 Megapixel Cameras with Night Mode support - there's still plenty of reasons why some would claim that Apple reigns supreme.

This article was contributed by Circles.Life user: Danie Alexander Raymond

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