December 21, 2020

5 Practical Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone

Stumped for a gift? Check out this quick guide to find a present that's both cool and practical!

5 Practical Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Everyone

It’s that time of the year again where we’re all looking to buy some Christmas gifts for ourselves and our loved ones. Oh and if you’re like me, it sometimes comes down to the very last minute when it comes to doing the shopping.

Last minute shopping be like. Source

Looking for some practical last minute Christmas gifts? Then this short guide is definitely for you! Personally, I have been looking at a few options myself, as I’ve actually yet to do my Christmas shopping too 🤣

Say goodbye to the struggle of thinking of good gift ideas, as I've compiled some of the best and brightest practical gifts you can surprise your friends and family with this Xmas.

1. Shopee - Grab/Foodpanda Vouchers

Now there’s a lot of things that you can buy from Shopee. But one thing that comes to mind are the digital vouchers. I actually wrote about this awhile back as well on the hacks you need to know for Grab and Foodpanda users!

Anyway, Grab/Grabfood and Foodpanda vouchers would be the best choices as most people would be using either platform. Another reason why these vouchers are because what you are buying are the codes, and all you need to do is send the codes digitally to whoever you want.

This is unlike most other vouchers on Shopee where it is stuck on your account.

Take note that you can only do this on mobile so make sure you download the Shopee app. Once you’re in, you want to click the Dining and Services button on the home page.

You can click either services to buy the voucher from. It’s even better if you know the recipient of your gift and what they use normally so you can buy vouchers for that service. For the general case, Grabfood and Foodpanda vouchers work best in my opinion.

There’s various denominations you can buy, but I recommend anywhere from $5 to $15 would be the best ones in case there's things like budget for Secret Santa 🎅.

Take note of the amount you are buying and the expiry as well. If you’re ready, do the purchase. To receive the code, click on Me > Dining & Services Orders > Click the ‘To Receive’ Tab and you should see your voucher like the one below.

You will then see your voucher code that you can copy and paste somewhere until you are ready to gift it. Pretty easy huh! I would recommend buying codes in stacks of $10 for the best efficiency vs buying a $50 code right off the bat anyway,

After all, we’re looking to make it practical, right?

2. Hook Coffee - Advent Calendar

Personally, I have known Hook Coffee for quite awhile now. They’re a popular coffee subscription model that delivers freshly roasted coffee to you every month.

But today’s suggestion is not about the subscription, but more of the advent calendar. I would say this makes a really great gift if you know your recipient is someone who loves coffee.

So cute right omg

The advent calendar comes with 24 different coffees in Drip Coffee Bags, which just requires the user to hook it over their cup and pour water over to enjoy their coffee.

Personally, it’s a great gift no matter what as most people drink coffee. Even if they don’t, it’s a great gift for your recipient to pass it on to someone who does!

1 Calendar costs $44, but buying more gives you more cost saving with 12 Calendars costing $300 ($25 each). Take note on the website that it says it might take 3 - 5 working days, so better get to ordering so that your gifts will arrive in time!

3. Esoteric Echo - Scented Candles

I actually found out from this website while doing the new Circles.Life quests for this month! Esoteric Echo sells really appropriate things for Christmas such as soaps, shampoos and even essential oils.

I would say soaps would be a great choice since everyone’s quite particular with hygiene now thanks to this year. However, the essential oils also make a great buy especially for the people who are still working from home.

If you’re lost and want a quick option to pick from everything, I would recommend the Christmas pack for scented candles as it was packaged for this season.

Price wise, it is rather reasonable compared to buying similar products from the usual retail shops too. Take note there’s a small delivery fee with every order, but it’ll deliver within 48 hours guaranteed so it’s great if you are still looking for a last minute gift!

4. Reebelo - Buying Refurbished Electronics

This is also another cool website that I found out from the Circles.Life quests too. Reebelo is a place to buy and sell your electronic devices - in particular phones, tablets and laptops.

Hard to believe these are pre-loved phones in this state huh 😏 Source

One great thing about buying from Reebelo over buying devices from platforms like Carousell is that all the work is done for you - no need for haggling, confirming prices, meeting up.

All you need to do is just find the phone you like, put in your payment details and get it delivered to you! Best part is definitely for debit card users, as you can split your payments to pay over 3 months by using Hoolah or Rely.

While the website specialises in selling refurbished phones, you can also snag a new one at a lower price too if you’re particular about it!

5. Foodpanda Shops - Really Last Minute Gifts & For Parties

Not exactly a gift idea, but here’s a life saver if you’re on the way to a party without a gift and need a last minute one. Or if you’re heading to a potluck party without any food.

In case you didn’t know, Foodpanda actually delivers lots of other stuff besides food like from Ice cream shops and even alcohol which isn’t listed under their food delivery.

Depending on where you are, there are many shops that are great for last minute gifts too. Just in my area alone, there’s options like Guardian, Choco Express, and even a gourmet coffee shop (Bettr Coffee) that works well as gifts.

Of course, Foodpanda also works well for last minute food orders.You can order food while waiting for the delivery of your last minute gift too!

Want more cost savings while ordering from Foodpanda? Check out my article I wrote earlier to help you save more and maximise your rewards!

Looking For More Ideas?

Personally, I’m not a great shopper or know where to find the best gifts.

However, Circles.Life gave me quite a lot of new ideas this year on buying my gifts for this coming Christmas as well through December’s Quests.

In case you didn’t know, Circles.Life has partnered with quite a lot of sponsors especially for this month’s quest giveaway. With that, you can spin a wheel every single day in order to win special prizes up to 12 days.

All you need to do is complete the action required, which is as easy as spending data, talk time or your SMS. These can be completed within one day as well. In case you miss a spin for the day, don’t worry as you can catch up by doing it the next day. Just remember to finish the quest before December ends!

Before we end this article, I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas and hope that your gift shopping goes well!

Merry Christmas Indeed! Source

For those of you who are better at gift ideas than me, why not put them in the comments of the Facebook post and share with us as well? Definitely looking forward to seeing them!