June 17, 2020

Phase 2 Reopening - 3 Things to do with 5 People (or Less)

Phase Two of Circuit Breaker arrives on Friday and I list the top 3 things you can do now that the world's opening up again.

Phase 2 Reopening - 3 Things to do with 5 People (or Less)

After agonizing weeks of asking, "When will phase 2 start?" 😫 IT'S FINALLY HERE FAM (ok la it's this Friday - close enough).

The Introvert in me rn. Source

Almost everything is coming back including eating out (check out some of our top picks to eat here), ordering bubble tea and most important of all meeting all your friends 🤗

Currently there's any gathering is capped at a maximum of 5 people but we've picked out some really great ideas for your little party of five.

Have an ACTUAL Board Games Night

I don't know about you but I've played enough virtual Codenames and Jackbox to last me till 2031. I wanna crack open a cold one with the boys and look'em dead in the eye as I dealbreak a full-set of properties in Monopoly Deal.

The only Game of Life I'm winning at, oof. Source

Just round up your buddies and ask them to bring whatever games they have on hand for a chill evening at someone's place. If all you have is a deck of worn our poker cards, might I suggest an evening at one of the best board game cafes I know: King and the Pawn.

Board Games + Bros + Booze = A Good Time. Source

Located just minutes away from Bugis MRT, I've spent many a night here hunched over intense games of Risk and Scythe. They're reopening this Friday with some impressive deals including a Happy Hour offer that gets you 2 pints of draft beer for $20 or $9 for glass of wine.

You can make a reservation on Chope here

Believe it or not this is actually Sentosa. Source

Enjoy a day at the Beach

Nothing but the sun, the sand and the sea when the beaches reopen this 19 June. The last time I visited the beach was actually in April 2019 for the Pokemon GO Safari Zone at Sentosa; boy do I miss those simpler times.

They made a virtual island after an actual one, so meta. Source

The team at Sentosa have been working overtime organising virtual events like creating an entire replica of the island on Animal Crossing (Read more about this magical game here). But nothing really beats the real thing does it.

I mean it is Summer after all guys. Source

Why not pack a bag a picnic lunch and lounge out in the sun for a bit to regain that nice tan after spending 2 long months indoors. Plus if you've been hitting all those home work-outs it's finally time to show off that beach bod 😎

How sombre it was that this was the last photo I took of my girlfriend before circuit breaker lol

Finally meet up with extended family

And for people like me, THEIR SIGNIFICANT OTHER. The last time I saw my Grandma and girlfriend was in April. Being the law abiding citizen that I am, my only contact with them during circuit breaker was via video calls (which as you can imagine was not very easy with my Grandma).

I wish y'all could try my Grandpa's clams man

But all that is over now, so be sure to go run and hug them the first chance you get! I don't know about you but I miss my Grandparents cooking and just chatting with them at the dinner table. If your family celebrates, why not help them pack some zongzi for 毒虫节 (Dragonboat Festival) on 25 June or just help set up the table for everyone in what seems like the first time in forever.

Regardless of whatever you do I'm sure being reunited will feel so good 👍

Stay safe out there friends. Source

Whatever you end up doing, remember to wear your mask and maintain social distancing whenever possible. The virus ain't gone just yet so keep your guard up 💪 Here's to the start of things getting back to normal.

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