June 21, 2020

Phase 2 reopening - Activities to sweat it out

Phase 2 continues to reopen and we list down activities that you can do to sweat it out.

Phase 2 reopening - Activities to sweat it out

So, Phase 2 has begun and if you have not seen the 'zombie invasion' happening in Singapore, maybe you shouldn't.

Literally on June 19, 00:00 Source

Almost everyone is out and about the streets again, and some even made it on the news.  

Source: https://www.straitstimes.com/singapore/coronavirus-holland-village-restaurant-ordered-to-close-after-crowds-gather-at-eatery

Why would you do something like that?! While we start to see more activities resume, do remember that the battle with COVID-19 is not over. I repeat, it's not over.

But hey, we can start to do a little more than being cooped up at home, so why not engage in some healthier activities with your long-lost friends (okay it's really just 2 months)! Here's a friendly reminder of some of the activities you can start to arrange with your group of 5 friends to #keepfit again:


Don't you miss seeing nature like this, I sure do. Source

It's time to gear up, and finally have that trekking or cycling activity that we've all been missing for the past 2 months.

If you've forgotten about how nature, sunsets and lalang fields look like after staring at your computer screens for way too long, take that break and head over to Punggol with your kakis, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you will find along the way, accompanied with company that you've missed!

Catch a nice, scenic view of the surroundings - and yes I took this photo :')

This article pretty much sums up all the activities you can do at this little quaint island, but remember to check NParks for the safe-distancing measures and capacity of the parks before heading down.

Other parks and beaches like Sentosa, East Coast Park, are some of the popular places too, but in my attempt to avoid the early invasion..somewhere a little more secluded might be better, for now :)


With fitness and dance studios being able to finally reopen with safe distancing measures, I can't wait to finally go for a physical yoga and dance class! It's time to finally sweat it out and burn those CB fats.

Me right now via GIPHY

Here are some of the places that will be re-opening in the next week or two that you can look out for:

Dance studios

Credit: Source

Recognize Studios

Studio classes to resume: 29 June


Studio classes to resume: 23 June


Studio classes to resume: 22 June

Keep a watchout for more information + updates here and on respective Instagram channels.

Yoga studios (most of them are already open!)

Core collective

Nithya Priyan School Of Yoga

Hale Yoga

... And the list goes on!

Can't wait? Me too.

Keep a lookout for more updates as we start to see more fitness activities reopen in Singapore, but do remember that safety is first! Everyone should keep that in mind even as we start to head out with our friends to get a good workout 💪


Yes, if you have not heard the news, gyms and pools are open as well and it's finally time to get that dip in the pool after 2 months!

Are you as excited? Source

Using ActiveSG's app, you can now book a slot and head over to the swimming complex or get a gym spot! Time to take a breather at the pool and sweat (hmm) some calories in the pool, or lift those weights that you've so dearly missed.

Here are the current timings that all ActiveSG swimming complexes will be observing:

Lap swim for seniors only: 6.30am to 8.45am

Lap swim for general public: 6.30pm to 9.30pm

Organised classes: 9am to 6pm

More information on their website here. Do make sure you read up before booking a slot and keep safe distancing measures in mind.

Stay safe outside people. Source

As Singapore starts to open up and resume our activities, please do not take things for granted and adhere to the usual social distancing rules, we definitely don't want another repeat of Circuit Breaker, do we? :')

If you're looking for alternative activities that will bring a smile to your face, why not check out Circles.Life's latest video with our newest Customer Happiness Officers?

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