May 7, 2021

No Credit Card? Use These 3 payment methods for benefits instead!

As Singaporeans, we’re always looking for the best deals and best rebates that we can get on our purchases.


While credit cards itself provides a lot of rebates like miles and cashback, the problem is not everyone can qualify for it.

Especially if you’re below the annual income limit, a student, or just been outright rejected by the bank to own one.

That doesn’t mean you can’t get any benefits from your purchases as there have been more companies providing ways to earn more rebates, benefits and cashback without the need of even owning a credit card!

If you’re still using cards or debit cards, these will definitely be a big upgrade for you in terms of getting more out of your payments.

Grabpay & Grabpay Card

Grab has pretty much become a common brand for most people now when it comes to transport and food delivery now.

Grabpay itself has also evolved quite a lot from when it first launched, and you can do a lot of things with your balance including sending money back to your bank account so it’s really like real cash now.

One of the main perks for the Grabpay card is the ability to earn points on every purchase that you make through Grabpay which requires you to top up your balance through your bank or your debit/credit card.

The main thing is actually hitting platinum first which gives you 6 points per dollar spend ever since 22nd march

With the exchange rate about 500 points to a dollar, that works out to be about 1.2% cashback (assuming you hit platinum) for every purchase if you redeem it for things like Grab or Grabfood vouchers at the standard rate.

To make your points more valuable, my tip is to redeem them when it’s on discounts or promotions like the one listed below where Grab gives you 35% cashback on every redemption. (That means spending only 3250 points for $10 which is about 1.85% cashback)

With Grab introducing the Grabpay card, you can easily pay at any merchants accepting mastercard easily and still earn the reward points.

Even at most hawker centres or coffee shops that started accepting QR code payments already accept Grab as a standard payment platform, so you can clock more points with your chicken rice or Ba Chor Mmee purchase.


Quick tips:

Make sure to top up your balance with your card or cash first, then use your balance to pay through QR code or Grabpay card.

Use it to pay for your Circles.Life bills as well and earn points on top of monthly subscription too!

Complete the weekly/monthly challenges for more points. There’s challenges from time to time that include completing X amount of rides, ordering X amount of food, or even spending X amount of money/frequency. If you already do these things, then it’s more free stuff!

Get the Grabpay Card over here

Razer Card

Razer is known to the world as one of the world’s leading brands in terms of gaming peripherals.

But did you know that they also started moving into the fintech space too?

Presenting… The Razer Toaster which started as a Meme, and is going to be a very real thing. Source:

In case you didn’t know, it is called Razerpay and it initially started with launching in Malaysia. They only recently expanded to Singapore only last year but has grown and expanded quite quickly.

For one, Razerpay has both QR code scanning and card support. I find that while Razer isn’t that accepted as widely as Grab, it is starting to pick up quite fast in terms of the stores accepting Razerpay.

Of course if you own the Razerpay card, then you can use it at any merchants that accept cards.

The benefits are simple, 1% cashback unlimited that allows you to earn from a lot of categories that are excluded in credit cards like education and insurance payments.

Also if you’re a gamer then this is definitely the card for you as you can get up to 10% cashback on Razer Gold and Razer store.

There’s also periodic coupon from time to time to help you even save more like what you see below in the picture:

This is definitely one of the better cards for students and gamers as there’s quite a lot of benefits with the quests once you get the card. There’s a lot of freebies and bonuses you can clock as you spend as well.

Quick Tips:

Use this to pay for insurance, education, and any excluded categories for credit cards as you’ll still get 1% cashback. That also includes paying for Circles.Life bills!

Stack your discount coupons when you are using the QR code scanner

Refer friends for $1 free cash for both referrer and referee

Click here to start with Razer Pay (Use my referral ‘Ghg5jB’ for free $1)

Shopee Pay

Shopee has pretty much became one of the leading brands in the e-commerce space in Singapore, big thanks to all their viral campaigns 😂

In case you didn’t know, Shopee also has their own payment system called Shopee Pay which allows you to make payment through their e-wallet. This allows you to enjoy exclusive promotions and discounts on their platform that non-shopee pay users miss out on.

I’m sure you know that you can use your Shopee Pay wallet online to pay for your online purchases, but did you know you can use it for offline purchases as well?

In fact, I’ve actually noticed more and more merchants accepting Shopee Pay as of recent with the bright orange QR code pasted in front of the cashier.

Offline shopee purchases at shops actually entitles you to 2% cashback in shopee coins, and you can actually use the shopee coins you own to offset your purchases even more.

What’s even better is this promotion:

Seeing how aggressive Shopee is, I would say there will definitely be more promotions in the future as they are pushing out Shopee Pay offline more.

With $1 = 100 Shopee coins, 50% cashback (capped at 200 coins) means you can spend $4 to enjoy $2 cashback.

To really enjoy this promotion:

Top up your Shopee Pay balance with your debit/credit card.

Scan, pay, and earn shopee coins as cashback.

Use these coins to offset your next online/offline purchase (Capped at 1000 coins usage per day)

The best part about Shopee Pay is that topping up to the wallet entitles you to whatever rebates that most debit/credit card offers, so stack your miles and cash back!

If you don’t have any credit cards, then stack it with Grabpay Card or Razer Card above for added benefits!


There’s quite a lot of different payment methods that I didn’t cover as it’s more well known, or doesn’t have as many benefits or rebates as these 3 offer now.

If you’re spending, might as well get some money back eh? Source:

With these options, it’s pretty much open to everyone as long as you reach the legal age of 16 years old.

As such, these options make it a very good student card as you can get benefits and control your spending at the same time too.

In that sense, make sure to link your card to pay for your Circles.Life bill payments as well to get more points and cash back. Just make sure that your card has money when payment is processing for the month (typically first week of the month) or the payment may fail!

What other cards or benefits do you use, and would you pick up any of these payment methods for future purchases?