June 8, 2020

Make Money Making Memes?

We sit down with our resident meme queen Al to find out how she turned making memes into a serious career here at Circles.Life

Make Money Making Memes?

You’ve probably realised by now but at Circles.Life, WE LOVE MEMES. Dank memes, silly memes, wholesome memes (uwu), we love them all. We caught up with resident social media princess and meme queen Al who helped grow our brand’s Instagram following from 19.9K to 22.7 in just 6 months 👏

Who's gonna pay me top dollar for these quality memes. Source

Why Circles.Life?

Well first of all, I just wanted a job like every millennial. I had just gotten out of a crappy job and armed with 3 months of copywriting experience I applied to Circles.Life not expecting to get hired. All I knew about them was that they were the hip new telco all my friends were on and they wanted someone young and creative, so I thought I’d be a good fit!

The most memorable part of the whole application process was the part I was told to write a manifesto as to why I would be a good fit for Circles.Life. If I recall correctly, the instructions were to be ‘as original and creative as possible’. Naturally, I panicked. I’ve never written a manifesto before and I even Googled manifesto examples. Halfway googling, I stopped and thought if they wanted something original and creative, all I had to do was be myself. That’s when I made my OG manifesto.

Actual excerpts from Al's Meme Manifesto

An hour later after my submission I got the call saying I got an interview and the rest as they say is history…

Why Memes?

Memes are the lifeblood of the Millennials and Gen Zs (along with the other generations too). Most of us thrive on them. If we can’t find a way to express ourselves or how we’re feeling, 99% of the time there is a meme to help us with that. And since memes are widely accepted and relatable, I figured why not get Circles.Life in the meme game too?

Memes make the world go round

I think majority of the time, it’s all about making content centred around the memes. Because I don’t want to look like a total boomer when it comes to making memes and people on the internet are ruthless if you mess up when it comes to memes. It’s gotta be #relatable or people are just gonna sh** on it.

As a non-Circles.Life user (although I recently converted heh), I first had to learn about the company more and what their plans were and let me say that it is very different from the telco I was on. Circles.Life prides on giving power back to the people and has a lot of features that make it stand out from the rest. For example, having no contracts and building the perfect plan for yourself.

By our powers combined - Circles.Life! Source

So after learning the many features of the SIM-only plan, I think it was time to make a meme about it which led to the birth of the one you see above.

I guess why I’m proud of this meme is because it simplified the features of what people can expect when they sign up for a Circles.Life plan. It’s also pretty relatable which is the entire reason why I came up with it!

Wholesome memes for data starved beings. Source

When data rollover was first introduced, there was a lot of hype about it because, to the best of my knowledge, people were asking for it and their wish was granted and also people like to show off how much data they were getting for the amount that they were paying for on a monthly basis.

Which led me to make the Kermit meme. Which I think was probably one of the highlights of my meme-making career here. Everything about it is perfect to me - from the image of Kermit hugging the phone to the copy above it.

Just like Kirby, Al celebrates with a victory dance every time a post gets lots of likes

Any words of advice to the aspiring meme queens and kings out there? I think the more you’re exposed to memes, the better you are at it. There’s no hard and fast rule when it comes to being ‘good’ at memes. It just comes to you naturally. If you’re on a lot of social media platforms, trust me when I say that you’re already on the road to becoming great at memes because you’re consuming it without even knowing!

Do you also share a deep love for memes? We're always looking for more great quality content. Tag us in your creations @circleslifesg on Instagram or mail them to us at letsbereal@circles.asia! We promise they'll be put to good use 💪