November 2, 2020

LumiHealth: Another BIG reason to get an Apple Watch

Apple's latest partnership with the Health Promotion Board eases users into an active lifestyle with unique rewards and gamification.

LumiHealth: Another BIG reason to get an Apple Watch

At September’s Apple event, it was announced that Apple has teamed up with the Health Promotion Board to come out with a program that encourages Singaporeans to be more active. It's no surprise given Singapore's push towards Active Health in the past decade.

In the past, we had the 365 app which was the main earner. Now, we have LumiHealth that is exclusively for Apple users only. If you’re wondering how this program came about, watch this video:

Maybe this was the East Coast Plan all along. Source

Ever since the announcement, I have been waiting for this app to launch officially. Thankfully, I didn't have to wait long. The app launched to the public on 27 October rolled around and I immediately downloaded it to see what the fuss was about.

LumiHealth in a Nutshell

With the download settled, all that was left was to get set up. The set up process took about 5 minutes, but there’s quite a lot of things to go through including 2 videos, and the standard process of logging into Singpass.

Already greeted with a pleasant looking interface 😌

We’re introduced to the intergalactic explorer, Lu, who is exploring earth. The adventure will bring him through different lands while helping us earn rewards as well. I have to admit, it's pretty cool that they have a storyline behind it!

After completing the tutorial part of the app, you’re presented with a map and your progress. To progress through the area and unlock rewards, you'll need to complete actions in order to earn points, such as the one below.

This action required me to complete the diabetic risk quiz by HPB, just answering a few quick questions to earn some coins in return. But the main part of it is actually closing your rings on your apple watch to earn 100 points for each ring. The weekly bonus gave a whopping 8000 points.

Over time, you’ll get tailored challenges and new ways to earn points according to your progress. The more points you earn the faster you'll reach checkpoints where you can collect those valuable coin rewards.

What are the coins are for you ask? Well coins can be used to exchange for HPB vouchers. The exchange rate is 300 coins = $1, and you can redeem your first voucher as soon as you hit 1500 coins.

The Big Question

So the big question really is should you buy an Apple Watch just for LumiHealth? Here’s what I think:

Yes, you should if:

1) You have an iPhone, or are changing to an iPhone.

Since this app is a collaboration with Apple, you’ll need an iPhone in order to access LumiHealth and its associated benefits.

Another plus point is that the Apple watch requires you to have an iPhone set up properly as well so you can sync the data to your Health app which is crucial for LumiHealth to work properly.

Circles.Life will also have the Pro, Pro Max and Mini in stock when they're available.

If you’re planning to change to the latest iPhone, why not get it online with Circles.Life for a small deposit fee to reserve your slot? I personally already ordered mine (iPhone Pro) and am waiting for the delivery to my house now!

2) You are already exercising, or planning to start.

Not sure if you can cheat it like Homer here 😂 Source

The main objective of the app is to get you moving to complete the rings in order to earn points. This requires you to move and workout as the green ring requires 30 minutes of exercise in order to close it.

If you have always wanted some additional motivation to start exercising, I highly recommend getting the Apple watch. Personally, it helped me a lot in starting to exercise and losing weight as a result.

The genius behind the Apple Watch lies with the fact that it helps you track your progress everyday. Before long, you'll become addicted to closing the rings everyday. That means that you gotta move more often, and get your butt off the chair!

Also if you are a runner, running with your watch makes a lot more sense than running with your phone. Plus, it helps you track your steps easily as well 🏃‍♂️

3) You are using other health apps like 365, GetGreat and AIA Vitality

Oh we gonna get that $$$. Source

I’m sure many of you have heard of these few apps that can help you make some money while keeping fit as well. Combine LumiHealth with all the other apps that you use, and you’ll make exercising both fun and rewarding at the same time!

Personally I use this app called Waybetter to make money, but it requires upfront payment first before you can collect your earnings.

No, you shouldn’t because:

1) You’re not planning to workout at all.

Yes, it is. Source

I wouldn’t say that you can’t earn, but you won’t be fully maximising the potential of the program since the main activity involves closing the rings.

On the flip side, there are wellness exercises like not using the phone before bed that gives you points as well. But this method won’t reward as many points too.

2) It only pays a maximum of $380 over 2 year, and in vouchers (not cash!)

The big part of this problem is that you don’t earn cash, but vouchers that you can use in places like NTUC and Cold Storage. It is hard to justify spending money just to get vouchers in my opinion.

Plus, the cost of Apple watch starts from $299 for series 3. Any other watch will cost more than what you earn already 😢

So the bottom line is that if you are planning to get an Apple watch for LumiHealth just for this reason, then maybe you might want to re-think your choices.

Watch me Go

Overall, I feel LumiHealth is a great collaboration between Apple and the Health Promotion Board because it really rewards users who exercise on the regular! The simple interface and personalised tasks also makes targets incredibly manageable.

Run like the legend. Source

I personally bought an Apple watch series 3 about a year back to get into the rhythm of exercising, and can say it has worked pretty well for me. The addition of LumiHealth makes it even sweeter as I can earn additional rewards while burning those calories and clocking those steps.

For those who rely on the Apple Ecosystem heavily like me, the Apple watch can do cool things like control the volume on your iPhone, turn on noise cancellation on AirPods Pro, and even unlock your MacBook Pro.

So what do you think about LumiHealth? Are you planning to start using this app?

Oh, and before I go, Lu has something to tell you:

Circles.Life is working hard to bring eSIM support to the Apple Watch come 2021. In the meantime, you can learn more about our eSIM services that work with the latest phones including the iPhone 12 series and the Samsung Galaxy Note20 (5G) here if you're new to Circles.Life.

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