September 28, 2020

Love the Simpsons? Try these 5 Adult Netflix Cartoons

Joining the likes of South Park and Family Guy, these shows aren't afraid to dish out the down-and-dirty.

Love the Simpsons? Try these 5 Adult Netflix Cartoons

I’ve always been a big fan of cartoons ever since I was a kid. I thought I would get tired of them when I get older, but apparently that’s not the case. Thanks to all the extra time during the CB period, I managed to catch up with some really great ones on Netflix - all without bursting my data too, thanks Circles.Life 😉

Sometimes TV really does make you smarter. Source

Oh, and if you missed out on my last article.. I covered 5 shows on Netflix that really helped me learn a lot and made me smarter in case cartoons aren’t your thing.

There’s a common misconception that cartoons are ONLY for kids but that's completely false. With popular cartoons like Simpsons and Family Guy that were made specifically for mature audiences, there are a growing number of cartoons out there that target an older demographic.

Still waiting on the many, many seasons of the Simpsons to hit Netflix. Source

So if you’re someone like me who loves the nostalgia of a good cartoon or is simply looking for a new show to watch, here’s 5 cartoons that you can consider.

Oh and fair warning, these cartoons aren’t exactly kid friendly. Let’s just say keep these away from kids because they contain profanity, partial/full nudity, drugs, alcohol, and stuff like that. Proceed at your own risk!

1. Rick and Morty

Technically, this is the only entry on this list not made by Netflix, but I caught it on Netflix so I included it anyway 😜.

To put it simply, Rick and Morty is follows the lives of a mad scientist (Rick) who loves to drag his grandson (Morty) to crazy interdimensional adventures. Meanwhile, Morty struggles with his domestic life and school at the same time as well being hauled on these weirdly magnificent travels.

While most of the adventure starts out with just these 2 characters, eventually Morty’s entire family is pulled into the whole misadventure.

#iconic. You've probably heard this even if you don't watch the show. Source

Each episode plays out almost independently so you don’t need to watch episodes in order. But, it’s highly recommended because there’s certain elements in the show that affect future episodes.

It starts out pretty tame in the first season of the show, and it actually gets more and more crazy as the season goes on.

There’s currently 4 seasons that’s airing on Netflix at the moment, with a 5th one on its way as soon as it airs on Adult Swim.

As the meme goes...

The question is are you 😏 Source

2. Bojack Horseman

Imagine a world where anthropomorphic animals roam around… good. But wait, there’s also humans in the show!

This show follows a horse named Bojack Horseman, a washed up 90s star living in Hollywoo along with the other 4 main characters. If you’re wondering if i Missed a D in Hollywood… No I did not.

Diane, Todd, Bojack Horseman, Princess Carolyn and Mr.Peanutbutter respectively. Source

The show starts out as this funny comedic theme as it introduces you to this world of Bojack Horseman who is a very rich celebrity because of his successful TV series back in the 90s called Horsin Around.

Interesting note: it’s actually on Netflix as a parody to get you to watch the main show

While it starts out as a comedy, the show progresses and gets more and more dark as it gets VERY real VERY fast. However, there’s still a balance between both to make it enjoyable to watch still.

If you’re wondering how dark can it get, here’s what wikipedia has to say about the show:

“The show has been lauded for its realistic take on dealing with depression, trauma, addiction, self-destructive behavior, racism, sexism, sexuality, and the human condition.

A quick word of warning though, every episode 11 (with the exception of season 6 at episode 15) of each season just gets really f**ked up. And it just gets worse every season too. The show has completed with a full 6 seasons, so you can binge-watch them all at one go (I wouldn't recommend it though...)

I really thoroughly enjoyed this series even with its dark undertone as it really deals with what people may be facing in life very realistically.

So let me leave you with a little bit of Todd...

I make it a point to end everything with a question mark these days. Source

3. Aggretsuko

In case you watched the trailer before reading this… yes, it’s the same company (Sanrio) that made Hello Kitty. What started off as a series of shorts in Japan ended up becoming an anime series that debuted on Netflix back in 2018.

The show basically follows a red panda called Aggretsuko who is an office lady dealing with the every day office life, dealing with co-workers and pushy supervisors. At the end of the day, Aggretsuko unleashes all that pent up anger with hardcore Death Metal performances at a local Karoke joint.

Unleashing death metal even in the toilet. Source

Sounds like a crazy plot, but it is actually very relatable to people in an office job. I personally love how easy it is to watch this show with its cute graphics, and it becomes relatable as Aggretsuko is searching for happiness in life.

There’s currently 3 seasons with a season 4 being confirmed already. Each episode is only about 15 minutes long, and there’s 10 episodes per season so it’s pretty easy to watch finish an entire season in 1 sitting if you’re binging!

I make the exception here that Aggretsuko is something your kids can watch too, but they probably won’t relate to it as much 😅!

4. Big Mouth

Big Mouth is a coming of Age comedy show where it follows a bunch of 7th graders on their journey of hitting puberty, and how they personally deal with the set of problems that come with it.

The shows premise follows two main kids, Nick and Andrew, and the Hormone monsters, Maurice and Connie. Every episode features a new set of sexual problems that the tweens discover, face and conquer.

I actually found this show by accident really, and just decided to give it a chance. Somehow I found myself just watching the entire season finish after. It’s a good comedy show to watch to unwind really, and very relatable to the problems we faced going through puberty too.

Trust me, it’s one of the more family friendly GIFs out there... We checked. Source

There are currently 3 seasons at the moment with about 10 episodes per season, with a season 4 slated to come out really soon in October.

Let’s just say, this isn’t a family friendly film because it contains a lot of sexual elements. A LOT. That’s really the entire show really 😂.

5. The Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

The original Dark Crystal movie was created by Jim Henson (famously known for The Muppets) back in 1982 and became one of the most well known cult classics out there.

The entire Dark Crystal movie was made using puppets like the ones you see on Muppets, just with scarier looking creatures and more fantasy-based creatures.

So when Netflix announced they were doing a prequel to the film, people went absolutely crazy and rejoiced like crazy.

So the story goes like this: In the planet of Thra lived many tribes of people (also known as the Gelflings), and the crystal of truth gives life to everything on the planet. The bad guys known as the Skeksis who were supposed to be the guardians of the crystal ended up using the crystal for their own benefit, while destroying the citizens and the planet.

How epic is that. The production quality really is top notch. Source

While I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot, you get the idea of where and how the show will progress with the Gelflings and Skeksis. You’ll follow the adventures of 3 different gelflings, Rian, Brea and Deet from the different tribes who will eventually find each other during the course of the show to fulfill their destiny.

The amazing thing about this show is they keep it as true to the original film. That means everything you see is controlled by puppeteers with very minimal CGI involved.

I really enjoyed this series a lot and was hoping for more soon, but sadly Netflix has decided to cancel it just after 1 season and 10 episodes (Even after it won an Emmy mind you 😤).

I would say this show might be a little scary for children. Like I mean look at this:

Really does look like something straight out of a nightmare. Source

The plot and storyline really is superb, as the show explores the land a lot more in detail that was presented in the original film. Think about it as world building of a universe that fans of the movie already loved.

PS. If you really want to know what the original movie is about, here’s a funny experience from TheOdd1sOut:

So what’s next?

Netflix is really something that I have subscribed to and really love it. Plus, I actually get my subscription for free thanks to my MCO card providing 100% cashback!

Go on and complete the sentence, you know you want to... Source

For those parents with kids out there, fret not as I’ll be releasing another list of shows on Netflix that you can catch with your kids. The huge plus is that they aren’t brain dead like Dora the Explorer that would just entertain your kids but bore you to death.

Also, cartoons might be great but it’s not the only thing that I watch so I definitely look to cover more genres of shows or films in the future as well in case you’re looking for something fresh and new to watch. Do message us at for your recommendations on that.

Go forth and stream plenty my friends. Source

One last thing I would add is that if you were to watch just one series from this list, I would definitely start with Bojack Horse first.

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