September 8, 2020

Love Overcooked? Try these 7 games with your friends

Games that'll let you sling spells and defuse bombs with your buddies

Love Overcooked? Try these 7 games with your friends

With the rise of Steam and recently the Nintendo Switch, there has been more avenues to play local couch games with your friends.

I've personally been playing games since young and have always found the best part of games are the social interactions. And it’s even better when everyone’s playing in the same room.

So here’s my personal favourites that I have personally played so far in the last 2 to 3 years playing with a group of friends regularly. We mainly play these game on steam but they can also be found across most other popular gaming platforms.

Once again, playing games is all about that competitive fun heh. Source

If you’re looking for a good ‘couch’ local co-op games to play, these games should be super easy to pick up. It was the main criteria I used when compiling every game on this list!

If you are playing on Steam, these games can be played with controllers as well once you plug them in! For some games that don’t detect PS4 controllers, you may need to use an adapter like DS4 Windows in order to detect your controllers as I faced this issue myself.

So here's a countdown of the top 7 best 'couch play' games from the bottom to the top of the list this time:

7. Nine Parchments (1 to 4 players)

In this game, you pick one of two characters at the beginning to progress with. As you progress through the game and finish the achievements, you'll unlock more characters.

The game is basically an action RPG, as you go on a quest to find the missing nine parchments that went missing. You’ll be blasting monsters with fire, ice, shadow spells and even more until you reach the mission of collecting all the nine parchments!

Look at those insects just taunting us, waiting to be blasted. Source

One thing about this game is the varying difficulties so that it is easy for any player to pick up and start blasting those monsters. The game also scales to the number of players, so having more players means more baddies to kill.

The game is made in a way that you can revive other players if someone dies during a particular stage at any time.

For the more experienced gamers, there’s even a hardcore mode where the game completely ends when everyone dies and you have to start again from the first stage.

Get 9 Parchments:

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6. Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes (2 to as ??? players)

So if you were wondering why it’s ??? players, it’s because as many people can participate as you want!

The aim of the game is simple - keep talking and defuse the bomb. One player is the bomb defuser, while the other players are given an instruction guide to help the diffuser to defuse the bomb. Both sides have to talk to each other in order to solve the puzzles that are presented in the game

The only thing that’s not so simple is that the complexity of the puzzles get harder and harder as you progress in stages.

The instruction guide is actually a PDF which you can actually print out, or view it on another computer or tablet.

Me looking at the mess of wires and cables not wanting to lose the game and 'die'. Source

Time is definitely of essence in this game and every second counts, so it’s not recommended to use a phone because you need to actually flip through the pages quickly to get to the answers quickly.

There’s even an actual video where a real bomb squad actually plays the game, which is pretty cool:

If you really love the game, there’s a lot of mods that players themselves have made and increases the difficulty of the game immensely but makes it a lot more fun as there’s new puzzles to play with too!

One bonus about this game is that if you have a VR headset (Oculus/Vive), the diffuser can play the game in VR which makes the experience a lot more scary but immersive!

Get Keep Talking And Nobody Explodes:

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5. No Reload Heroes (1 to 4 players)

This is a dungeon crawler game that has randomly generated maps, so no two runs are exactly the same at all except for the bosses.

One thing I loved about this game was how quick the tutorial was in order to learn the basics of the game. Trust me when I say that it takes less than 30 seconds to learn how to fully play the game.

Once you have started with the first level, you gotta shoot and blast your way exploring the rooms in order to find the next stage. With that in mind, you can choose your strategy like skipping certain rooms or exploring the entire map.

This game is very fast to get into, and can be completed quickly. That being said, you can’t ‘save’ your game as each round lasts about 1-2 hours max if you actually make it to the end and beat the game.

Editor's Note: You know what else has no reload? Browsing the internet on Circles.Life 4G data cause one load is all it takes 😉

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4. Unrailed (1 to 4 players)

One thing for sure about this game is that it is heavily inspired by Minecraft with its graphics. Another similarity is that the stages are randomly generated based on the seed. If you have no idea what I just said, it’s fine as it won't impact how much fun you'll have with the game.

This game is also relatively soothing considering all you need to do is to mine rocks and cut lumber to build train tracks, then lay those train tracks so your train makes it to the next station.

CHOO CHOO 🚂. Source

Once you make it to the next station, you can upgrade your train to help you. Then you repeat the same process until you reach the next station!

It may sound simple, but it’s really a puzzle game as you need to solve it given the time constraint while fulfilling certain objectives (with some optional ones) during each stage. As the game goes on and on, the terrain changes and you need to deal with each change of environment accordingly too.

There are 3 difficulties, with easy being relatively a walk in a park. Normal mode is the recommended difficulty if you want some challenge, and hard mode is those looking for the maximum challenge.

Why won't someone stop this train. Source 

In the endless mode, the game actually goes on until you lose so you can just keep playing. There’s also a quick play mode meant for a quick 10 minute session style of gameplay too.

Get Unrailed:

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3. Moving Out (1 to 4 players)

Your job in this game is to move all the furniture from a house to a loading truck. Sounds simple, right?

Not exactly, when you have to face obstacles like cars, rivers, ghosts and more.

However, the best part of the game is that you can do whatever it takes to reach your goal. That means smashing windows, knocking everything over, and destroying doors to get the job done.

Casually throws chair out of the window 💁‍♀️ Source

This game like most others are easy to pick up, but the tutorial require you to remember and do a lot of things. It’ll take awhile for you to get into the groove of things in order to start scoring better in each stage.

The star system in this game is based on your timing, with 3 stars being the fastest timing that you beat the stage. If you only manage one star most of the time, i don’t blame you because I finished the game with mostly 1 or 2 stars. Only after which, I went back to get 3 star on all stages.

You can dress up as a Chicken and that's all I want from a game Source

For the hardcore gamers, the 4 star stages unlock once you finish the game. These are the ones that will really haunt you if you’re a completionist.

Personally, I find the 4 star stages almost impossible to complete unless you strategise every move and make virtually no mistake in order to beat it.

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Get Moving Out:

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2. Trine Ultimate Collection (1 - 3 players)

This collection actually comprises an entire series of 4 separate games that comprises of Trine 1 to Trine 4. You play one of the 3 characters, which comprises a wizard, warrior and a ranger in order to defeat monsters and solve puzzles along the way.

This game is actually a 2D platformer game, with only Trine 3 being 3D.

It's literally a magical game lol. Source

The fun part of this game is that you have to work together as a team especially when you have 3 players. While you can swap characters with each other, it’s more fun if you stick with one character and try to solve the puzzles in those ways.

If you’ve heard or played The Lost Viking before, this game has a very similar theme and was probably inspired by it!

This game ranks quite highly because it is also easy to pick up to play, and also has varying difficulties for all players. Also, the storyline and gameplay for each game is very similar with minute changes in between which means playing the next game feels the same still.

Oh and if you were wondering, both Nine Parchments and Trine are set in the same game universe! (They're both from the same game developers too!)

But if anything, I can recommend you to skip Trine 3 if you want. That game is just a headache (and pretty negative in reviews too lol).

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1. Overcooked 2 (1 to 4 players)

You’ve probably heard of this one, because it’s definitely one of the best game in this entire list. And also, you can skip the first game and start with Overcooked 2 as it’s the one being updated now (also much better than the first in every way).

It’s basically a cooking game that involves preparing and serving dishes in order to complete levels. While it may start out simple, the game increases in complexity rather quickly, introducing new mechanics, new recipes and more obstacles in order to keep you on your toes.

This game is incredibly fun and very easy for anyone to get into the game. Personally, it’s even more fun watching the game and watching everyone panic and burning the entire kitchen then failing the level 🤣

Negative score aside, why would anyone wanna dine in a haunted mansion 😂 Source

But in any case, there’s the star rating system where you can score 1 to 3 stars according to how well you score on the stage.

The 4th star unlocks after finishing the base game, and requires you to master the mechanics of the game properly before you can achieve this 4th star.

While the base game has about 30+ levels, there’s 5 expansions you can purchase for more stages with new mechanics. There are also free updates being introduced for holiday seasons like Chinese New Year and Christmas too.

I'm always the designated fire man to put out any mishaps in the kitchen. Source

If anything, this is the one I highly recommend everyone to pick up as it’s fun for the entire family and friends!

And if you’re wondering too, Moving Out (#3) is by the same company as well. So you can play that after finishing Overcooked 2 if you want to play them in sequence.

Get Overcooked 2

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Conclusion - Time to Press Play

While there are so many games out there that I have played with my friends, I personally find these games I introduced in this list to be the better ones.

These games are also easy for anyone to get into gaming with friends, as it’ll take a very short learning curve in order to start playing. Don’t need to memorize 16 hotkeys in order to start playing well!

Also, me and my friends are slightly on the more ‘hardcore’ side so we tend to ramp up the difficulty from the get-go. So for those of you out there that are the same, you won’t be disappointed by the difficulty of these games too!

That being said, have you played any of the games on the list or do you have any others that you would recommend too? Let me know in the comments on Facebook!

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