January 20, 2021

Looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21? This guide is for you

The ultimate cheat sheet to selecting the model that's right for you.

Looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy S21? This guide is for you

So last week Samsung unveiled their newest phone in the S-Series: The Galaxy S21 to the world. The Circles.Life team actually wrote a recap here but I've added the link below in case you want to watch the announcement in all it's glory:

With three brand new models to pick from, it can get pretty confusing since each device has its on unique selling points. But don't worry, we've compiled a quick guide to help you make an informed decision as you venture into this bold new galaxy!

For those who want the best pictures

Here's a quick snapshot of the camera specs on each device so you can do quick comparison between all the models:

I think it's plain to see that you should definitely go for the S21 Ultra if you can afford it. Not shown in this chart is the fact that the S21 Ultra also has a 40 Megapixel front camera versus the other 2 models that only have 10 megapixel. Definitely great for the people who take a LOT of selfies because you want to look your best!

It’s funny because it’s true. Source

Plus with the features like 8K video snap to help you take the best photos out of your video, you’re definitely gonna need the best camera out there to capture every moment in the highest quality possible.

For those who power through the day without the need to recharge

One thing that’s good about S21 is that the battery capacity is still pretty much on par with the S20. It's also way better compared to the iPhone in terms of the battery capacity. Even the Galaxy 21 starts from a whopping 4000 mAh, with the S21+ at 4800 mAh and the S21 Ultra at 5000 mAh.

Even between models, I don’t think battery capacity would be an issue either way. But if you have to pick one, then the S21+ would definitely be the best bang for your buck in terms of battery.

After buying the S21, you’ll never face this problem again. Source

Of course the same adage in the previous section applies: If you can afford it, go for the S21 Ultra because it’s the best of the best!

For those looking to store more photos and videos

The downside with S21 is that there isn’t a microSD card slot anymore which is a real shame.

No idea why they had to remove it. Source

So for all of those of you who need extra storage, you may either choose to get the S21 Ultra at 512 GB, or you’ll probably need to start to looking at cloud storage for your needs

Thankfully, I wrote an article over here if you’re looking for cloud storage. I personally think either Google Drive or Onedrive would be the better option if you’re intending to sign up for a paid plan!

It’s not that expensive, considering you can use it for your computer and other devices as well too.‌‌

For those who want a certain phone color

The S21 features the Phantom Violet, Phantom Pink, Phantom Gray, and Phantom White. These colors are only available on the S21, except for the Phantom Violet which is also on S21+.‌‌

The more exclusive colors would be the Phantom Black and Phantom Silver, which are available for the S21+ and S21 Ultra only.‌‌ I would say the color for this year’s series would definitely be Phantom Black if you’re aiming for the ‘best’ color.‌‌

For those looking at a more wallet friendly option

The prices are as follows:

S21 - $1248 | S21+ - $1498 | S21 Ultra - S1798 (256 GB), $1998 (512 GB)

The cheapest option would definitely be the Galaxy S21 at just $1,248, while the most pick that gets you the most value is the S21+ which is just $250 more.‌‌

If you’re thinking that that’s expensive to fork out all at one shot, then consider taking up Circles.Life 24 month installment plan that starts from $0 or $200 upfront which is a lot more wallet friendly. Best part, it’s delivered straight to your home as well so no need to go queue for it!‌‌

Check it out over here if you’re looking to buy it. There’s also plans that bundle both the data plan and the phone if you aren’t signed up with Circles.Life yet.‌‌‌‌

So what’s your pick?

Everyone has different preferences and needs so it’s hard to pin-point what exactly is the best for you.‌‌ There is definitely no doubt that the S21 Ultra is the biggest winner since it’s the most expensive phone in the entire range too. If you’re looking for the best of the best, then you should be getting it.‌‌

Personally, I don’t prefer to carry such a big phone so a normal S21 for me already. Even the base features are more than adequate for most people.‌‌ Plus, buying through Circles.Life can allow me to use the 24 month installment free feature which means only $52 a month without any upfront!‌‌

Installments for frozen peas? Maybe… Source

There are so many features across all the phones. Continuing on from the S20, the S21 series was built with 5G in mind as well and ensuring that the phone can support it when 5G fully rolls out even more.‌‌ Another plus is that the screen is built with the strongest glass with the best ratings in the industry in terms of the glass and dust protection.‌‌

If you’re considering getting a S21, then get it through Circles.Life for added benefits over here.‌‌