October 14, 2020

iPhone 12 Announcement: Everything you missed

Everything you need to know about Apple's newly announced iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12 Announcement: Everything you missed

Last night at 1AM while most of Singapore was quietly sleeping, Apple made some BIG announcements over at Apple Park. That's right ladies and gentlemen, the rumours are true and we got an official in-depth look at the next generation of iPhones. Here's a quick 5 minute catch-up on everything you need to know about Apple's latest and greatest: the iPhone 12 📱

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So many colours this time wor. Source

4 Brand New iPhones with 5G

Apple has confirmed that this years line-up will include 4 iPhone variants ranging from the new smaller and more affordable iPhone 12 mini (S$1149) all the way to the gargantuan 6.7-inch ‌iPhone 12 Pro‌ Max (S$1799). They also sport a new look with the rectangular sides, a nice little throwback to the iPhone 4 look.

All devices will ship with 5G connectivity which has been engineered specifically for iPhone with custom antennas and "the most 5G bands in any smartphone" to ensure you get a strong connection in more places. Their partnership with Verizon in the US reported 5G download speeds of up to 4Gbps under ideal conditions so I'm excited to see what happens here in Singapore. There's also a built-in Smart Data Mode which basically helps conserve your battery life by switching off 5G until you need it.

A Ceramic Shield so strong with 4x drop resistance even Cap's shield couldn't put a dent in it. Source

There's also an improved ceramic hardened display: Ceramic Shield, which is 4 times more resistant to damage from drops so you can rest easy even if you have butter fingers like me. Imagine the high end protection if you add a screen protector on top of that 🛡

But perhaps the biggest thing to watch out for here is the inclusion of the A14 bionic chip. This is the same chip that's going into the new iPad Air series and doubles down on an improved Neural Engine that is said to perform 11 trillion operations per second. The chip maintains energy efficiency while boasting a 30% increase in graphic performance.

Side Features

Really digging this new minimalist packaging. Source

Aside from these main additions, Apple has also confirmed that it will ship the new iPhone without EarPods or Charger in its bid to reach carbon neutrality in the coming years. It will however come with a new lightning to USB-C cable that will allow you to charge your new iPhone on your Macbook Pro.

Apple has also announced that it's bringing back the beloved MagSafe feature that will be compatible with a new suite of cases as well as a handy magnetic snap on cardholder perfect for people like me who house their EZ-Link and credit card on their phones. These new accessories support wireless charging too with options from partners like Belkin coming in real soon.

Now let's take a quick look at some of the new features built-into the new standard and pro lines of the iPhone 12.  

The iPhone 12 & iPhone 12 Mini

Cause size matters. Source

Both of these "base" variants of the iPhone 12 are mostly identical packing in all the aforementioned features together with a Super Retina XDR display so you get that crisp visual experience.

They'll come in 5 colours: Black, Pearl, Red, Green and the return of Blue. There's also massive camera improvements with both Wide & Ultra wide cameras offering Night Mode that let in 27% more light so you don't lose out on any details or colour even if you're shooting in the dark of night.

Time to channel your inner Spielberg. Source

Users will also be able to record in 4K HDR with Dolby Vision. This is the first time this feature is available on phones and it brings the comprehensive setup of a creative suite into the palm of your hand. I'm not really much of a video guy but given the simplicity of the interface, I might be tinkering with it a lot more.

In essence, there isn't much difference apart from the size between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone 12 Mini (except the battery size that may differ by 1-2 hours) so it's reasonable to save opt for the Mini and save that extra S$150.

But of course if you wanna spend money like it don't mean nothing, boy does Apple have the thing for you.

The iPhone 12 Pro & iPhone 12 Pro Max

I've never seen Gold look so GOLD before. Source

The pinnacle of a premium phone experience and a iPhone built for photography enthusiasts, the iPhone 12 Pro and Pro Max push the limits of everything we know about smartphones to a whole other level.

The body itself is built using surgical grade stainless steel rather than aluminium and takes the lead in both water and dust resistance so your phone stays in pristine condition even without a case (but do get one though, there's plenty of great options like the MagSafe options mentioned above). In terms of colours, there's also the new pacific blue joining the original line-up of Gold, Silver and Graphite.

PSYCH! The 4 camera rumour was a lie after all, but it would've been cool I guess. Source

The best part of the Pro series however is the camera. In addition to the new 7 element Wide and Ultra-Wide Cameras with Night Mode support, Apple has added an Telephoto lens as well as LiDAR sensor which makes focusing even in low light settings a piece of cake on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. There's a whole suite of improvements from a larger sensor (47% bigger than the iPhone 11) and a TrueDepth front camera for all those selfie lovers.  If you're interested, you can read all about why the camera's are bigger and better from the experts here.

Ready to embrace the future?

People whenever I mention I still miss my home button. Source

So I'm kinda bummed that nothing on my iPhone 12 wish list actually got announced but hey it was still a killer announcement. Tim Cook also trolled us a bit by announcing the HomePod Mini with Siri first but it's a logical move to combat Google's very own Google Nest Audio.

What do you think of this year's line-up? Are you excited for the iPhone 12 or are you gonna wait another year or two for them to remove that ridiculous notch that is still there for some reason 😅

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