October 26, 2020

I Played As Bear Grylls On Netflix & Survived The Wild

Improvise. Adapt. Overcome. Step into the shoes of renowned survivalist Bear Grylls in Netflix's latest interactive series "You vs Wild".

I Played As Bear Grylls On Netflix & Survived The Wild

With so many shows on Netflix, we’re definitely spoilt for choice. There is however, a particular genre on Netflix that you may not have seen before - An interactive movie.

For the most part, you basically watch the show as per normal, but there will be critical moments where you'll need to make a choice in order to progress through the story. Sounds cool, right?

Choices choices choices! Source

You've probably heard of the Bandersnatch (An interactive movie set in the Black Mirror Universe) but in today’s blog, I’ll be recounting my experience of watching/playing the show called ‘You vs Wild’.

As you can see, I’ll need to make some important decisions along the way as the choices can sometimes be life or death ☠️ So join me as I play as Bear Grylls today and have to survive the wild.

1. Choosing Your Weapon

A doctor was on a mission to deliver a malaria vaccine to a remote village, but is now reported missing in the jungle.

This is where Bear Grylls comes into the picture and is tasked to locate the missing doctor. We’re quickly brought up to speed of the dangers that we potentially face including dangerous rivers, volcanos, and wildlife roaming in the jungle.

And after a quick introduction, I didn’t expect to be making a decision this quick!

The first decision: There’s only room for one more item in Bear’s backpack. I need to decide whether to take the grappling hook or the slingshot. Oh and did I mention that we’re on a timer here as well?

In the end, I decided to take the slingshot as a gut feeling!

2. Entering The Area

Next thing I know, we’re jumping into the river and going right into the thick of the jungle. After getting to the shore, we’re already making our next decision on where to go.

Using a Machete to cut through the jungle filled with Jaguar and snakes.. OR I could follow a river that could be teeming with crocodiles but also prove to be a faster route.

This was a seriously tough decision, but in the end I chose…

The next thing you know, I have Bear Grylls walking and wading through the river onwards to our objective (with hopefully no crocodiles along the way 🐊)

3. Facing An Obstacle

Remember what I said about the rivers and crocodiles? 😅

A mean looking crocodile stands in the way, and there’s no way other than to go through the Crocodile.

Instinctively, it felt like I needed to make a decision to either run for it or become crocodile food, but I suddenly remembered I chose the Slingshot earlier and it turns out to be a great choice here!

...was a smart decision!

With the Slingshot, I was able to easily scare the crocodile away. That means the path is now clear to carry on with our adventure!

It was mentioned that the river really saved us a lot of time and got a lot closer to our objective of locating the doctor. However, because the river is flowing in the wrong direction we're gonna have to backtrack a bit here.

4. Hunger Strikes

So we have been in the jungle for awhile now, and Bear Grylls is now hungry. I mean I would be too if I had just trekked through the river and face down a man-eating crocodile.

Here comes the fun part where we need to find food in the Jungle. Are we going for...

Thankfully this is simulated cause I would not like to eat termites irl 🐜

Or maybe… a nice juicy grub?

This is some Lion King, teaching Simba to eat insects shiz right here

I picked the more obvious choice, because I know what you would have picked as well! It's quality over quantity here guys - Plus the Grub is less likely to swarm all over you.

Let’s just skip the part where we see him eat it because I wouldn’t want to spoil it for you. Let’s just say it gets nasty 😂

5. Crossing The Canyon

Now it looks like we’re closing in on the objective, but we face a canyon that stretches on for miles and miles.

The choices given to us are to cross a rather sturdy log at the sides which actually might not support our weight or...

Is it really solid though? 🤔

Swing through using vines like Tarzan. As fun as that sounds, we have to similarly evaluate if the vine is sturdy enough to support a full grown man swinging across a dangerously steep ravine.

The clock is ticking and we need to make a choice, because either way we need to make it across to find our missing doctor!

I ended up picking the vine swing because I honestly wanted him to do that Tarzan swing! We're here for some entertainment people, no risk = no reward!

Need some of that original Tarzan soundtrack to play in the background rn.
The hero always makes it to the other side 😉

And it did work! Now I wonder what would have happened if I picked the log?

6. Completing The Objective

After that rather exciting swing, we continue to make our way through the jungle when we suddenly hear a voice shouting.

Hello from the other side!

Looks like we’re really close as we head towards the direction of all the shouting ! Fast forward one daring dash through the jungle later and we finally find the missing doctor!

I mean she got lost in one of the world's most dangerous forests Bear, how you think she's doing 😂
Achievement Unlocked 🏆

Looks like we made it safely and completed our objective here! However, it seems like the doctor never made it to the village to deliver the medicine.

The doctor is also severely dehydrated and has to be evacuated to safety, so it falls onto someone else to complete the mission to deliver the life saving medicine to the village. Ahh a heroes work is never done eh 💪



If you realised, I just walked you through the entire first episode of this series on Netflix. There’s still a part 2 to the story if you want to continue onto it on Netflix yourself.

If only we could redo our bad decisions irl too. Source

OR… you can go back and play the entire part 1 and try a different route to see if you can make it to the doctor faster than I did! Either way, this series is a load of fun to play through as there are many different combinations in every episode.

And yes, you can fail the episode and need to replay a certain segment or from the beginning again!

There’s 8 episodes in total, with finding the doctor and delivering the medicine being the first 2 parts.

So what do you think? Are you daring enough to survive the wild?

Yep. Source

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