June 5, 2020

How I got stuck working for the “Worst. Telco. Ever.”

Is Circles.Life really SG's Most Recommended Telco or is it the worst telco ever? An intern spills the tea in this new customer blog.

How I got stuck working for the “Worst. Telco. Ever.”

Imagine yourself as an army recruit, fresh out of Tekong. You were supposed to go to Command School but you hurt yourself during field camp and the medic downgrades you to PES C (this one real one hor not chao keng). You’re then trucked off to a stay-in admin job in a Green Zone (thankfully) so you can use your handphone freely. The problem is you only got 8GB of data… 5 days in camp where got enough sia. Enter Circles.Life with it’s 20GB for $18 data plan.

Ahh the OG ML, part of every guy’s guide to surviving Army. Source

Believe me when I say that Circles.Life saved my sanity in the army because I was that recruit. My office only had one iNet computer for people to go online to do non-army stuff so I was on my phone a lot (the glory days of chionging ML in bunk). With 20GB my mom no longer scolded me for exceeding my data every month (it was $10 per GB exceeded with my old telco) and I was paying way less for my phone bills. It was also nice that they surprised me with extra data for downloading the app and special occasions like my birthday.

To me they were the ultimate telco. Apart from their value for money plans, I loved reading about their whacky campaigns like #3DollarBaller and thought it’d be a great idea to join their team. But to quote my favourite Marvel Villain, “Reality is often disappointing”

How could Thanos be so wrong, yet so right. Source

Fast forward to today and I’ve been with Circles.Life for close to 6 months now. I’ve lived, breathed, cried and maybe even died a little on the inside working for what some customers are calling “the worst Telco ever”. I’ve been seriously challenged during my time here, doing things I’ve never done in my life. Hosting Facebook Livestreams and making revisions to every piece of comms we send out was equal parts tiring and rewarding. I certainly don’t think that Circles.Life is the ultimate telco anymore but I can say that we’re trying damn hard to be.

It's been 2 years and this still hurts 😢

That’s why we started this blog. It’s why this very first post is me telling you my story because we wanna hear yours too. This is OUR blog! In the coming days, it’s going to be filled with content from users just like you and together we’ll build a Circles.Life that really is the Best. Telco. Ever.

If you have a story you wanna share with us, write to us at letsbereal@circles.asia and we promise we’ll get back to you. Submit tech reviews, recommendations of shows you think we’ll enjoy or reach out to us with questions you want answered. Become a regular contributor and we might even start paying you for your #QualityContent.