June 15, 2020

How COVID-19 changed the digital landscape forever

Learn how this pandemic has dramatically reshaped the digital landscape we live.

How COVID-19 changed the digital landscape forever

As COVID-19 continues to have a significant impact on a global scale, its effect on the economy and industries are expected to last for the next few years. One of the most notable impacts of the pandemic is the way it has irrevocably changed the digital landscape.

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From a macro perspective, the digital landscape can refer to a collective categorization of websites, social networking platforms, websites, emails and online-based businesses. We’ve seen many articles on how COVID-19 will impact businesses, but more specifically, how does it affect the digital aspect and change the way we work?

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At an industry level, the impact on industries has been varied. For example, when looking at telecommunication businesses, they have been shielded from the pandemic as reliable connectivity has become essential for businesses to work from home.

On the other hand, you’ll see cybersecurity companies seeing more business as people become more aware of cybersecurity risks when operating out of intranet. IT vendors, and online services are a mix since businesses would either stop projects to protect their own interests or push forward with such engagements. T

he digital landscape has drastically changed, and will continue to be this way for the foreseeable future.

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Zooming in to a company level, being digitally ready has been talked about over the years. While many companies have taken steps to be digitally-savvy, it truly took a change in normality to accelerate the digital transformation.

Businesses who have been resistant to working from home, or have stood their ground in the belief that work will not be productive at home has had to drastically change their workflow. Working remotely, and communicating via video conferencing has become the norm for many across the country.

While some employees may have found value in working from home, some businesses are struggling as their lack of technology infrastructure has made it difficult to maintain “business as normal”, resulting in the difficult decision of letting employees go.

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While for most, the change has led to lost revenue and businesses, some have used this period to diversify and digitalize. We’ve seen brick and mortar businesses jumping on-board, and learning to connect with its customers at a greater level.

Conferences, often a global business, have gone virtual and even concerts have gone through a change that allows audiences to experience a new way of watching their favourite artists. Individuals can also use this period to make use of the many free programs major businesses are releasing during this time. SkillsFuture has a wide range of courses to choose from and schools are giving out discounted classes or making resources available for free.

Ivy league schools such as Harvard and Yale rolled out free courses for students, while locally, SkillsFuture allows citizens to upgrade their skill set or learn something new.

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Overall, the digital landscape has changed quite a bit, and while the pandemic is not yet over, the effects from the virus will leave an indelible mark on the way we work and live for years to come.

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