June 10, 2020

How Animal Crossing: New Horizons has made me closer to my friends

How AC:NH has shaped my social life while I was stuck at home.

How Animal Crossing: New Horizons has made me closer to my friends

On March 20th, I was one of the few people that queued up in front of GameMartz in Plaza Singapura to get my physical copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I honestly couldn’t wait to start playing it, not because I was a huge Animal Crossing fan but because I could play it with my friends. I was more excited at the thought of visiting my friends’ islands and just chillin’ with them than anything else!

Finally got it! Source: Al

So when Circuit Breaker kicked in, I wasn’t too worried about not meeting my friends IRL because I could do it virtually. I was about 2 weeks in ACNH when Circuit Breaker first started on April 7 and it was fun seeing some of my friends (who were previously not interested in getting ACNH at all) experiencing a lot of FOMO whenever they see me and a bunch of other people posting their ACNH screenshots on their story.

I mean seriously who WOULDN'T want this. Source

I saw a few of them entering many giveaways on Instagram, especially the one where the ultimate prize was the Nintendo Switch ACNH edition. I can’t blame them honestly, the pastel coloured Joy Cons and Dock are just *chef’s kiss* perfect.

I guess the appealing thing about ACNH is that you get to do a lot of things in a short span of time which would usually take a lot of time to do in the real world. In ACNH, you get to visit Blather’s museum, chill out at your friend’s house, wish upon some shooting stars and catch some fish and bugs. I’ve gotten a lot closer to a particular friend because we’ve been playing ACNH so much because we’ve been cataloging items and visiting other people’s island so much.

Visited my friend’s island because she had a meteor shower that night!

A typical Friday night for me would be to play ACNH with my American friends and usually stay up till about 4 in the morning. We’d open up our games and log in to Discord and just voice chat till it was time for me to sleep. Most of the time, we’d just visit each other’s island and show them what we were currently building, shopping at Nook’s Cranny and the Able Sisters and most of all, taking pictures at our Instagram spots on the islands. Trust me when I say that this could take a couple of hours to finish.

Big fangirls of KK Slider‌‌

I think it’s great that I’m able to hang out with them virtually. Because of COVID-19, I wasn’t able to fly to America to visit them so I guess visiting them on their islands is the next best thing I can do. In a way, ACNH has brought us closer together because during our calls we’d talk about our daily lives, give updates on it and share some of the fun stuff we’ve been up to while staying at home.

We don’t do this a lot because we’re all super busy with our lives (don’t forget there’s the annoying difference in time zone too!) and juggling between work life and social life is tiring. So it’s nice to catch up with each other while gaming. Thanks to them, I get to know what’s happening in America and hear from them on the situation that’s not reported in the news.

Here’s us starting a band. Watch out world, we’re coming for you!

The other great thing about ACNH is that there’s a whole world of trading that I think most people aren’t aware of. There are so many Discord channels that are buzzing with people trading DIYs, opening up their islands because Celeste is there and also asking others to give their villagers a good home (if you know, you know). So if you think ACNH gets boring after a while, you could just be missing out on a lot of the action! Who knows, you just might make more friends from this game!

AC:NH is a party and you're all invited. Source

If you’ve been meaning to get ACNH, I highly recommend that you do and it doesn’t matter if you’ve never played the previous Animal Crossing instalments, you’re sure to love the villagers and their quirky personalities.

This isn’t a review of Animal Crossing but if it was I’d rate it 5 stars (I’m sure Isabelle would too!).

Who knows we might even recreate the Circles.Life office as an island but till then continue to send us your fun stories to blog@circles.asia to be featured.