June 16, 2020

Top tips to win at the Referral Boards

Hear the tricks and tips that'll help you climb up the Referral leaderboards from a pro.

Top tips to win at the Referral Boards

Always wanted to know how the pros climbed the leaderboards?

I’ll cover in this article how you can start doing so and maybe win a pair of Airpods Pro this month being one of the top few referrers!

Personally, I have referred a lot of friends and colleagues to join Circles.Life because it simply is one of the better options out there.

You may be thinking at the number of my referrals and be either thinking, ‘Wow, that’s a lot of referrals!’

Or you may be thinking, ‘I can easily beat that number.’

Either way, this guide will either help you get your first referral to get your 12 months unlimited data or REALLY help you to hit that 1st place every month if you choose to do so!

1) Customize Your Code

The very first step is to customize your code!

It's better to set it to your name or to something unique (unless your name is unique enough)

Also, quite cool that your promo code is your name right?

It’s definitely better than some gibberish combination of letters and numbers that is hard to remember.

To do this, go under Games > click the pen icon next to your referral code. Alternatively, you can change your code in the leaderboard page as well.

2) Share Your Experiences

One way I convinced many friends and family to switch over is because of my positive experiences on Circles.Life.

In the past, it was much easier to get new friends onto Circles.Life as the SIM only plan was a relatively unknown thing back in 2016, and people were jumping onto Circles.Life because it was way cheaper.

However there’s way more choices now and many new MVNO's that have emerged in the market since then.

For me, I can only share my experiences and time from being in Circles.Life ever since I joined back in August 2016. All the things from the wonderful events I attended, to the surprise data/gifts that Circles.Life gave me and the wonderful customer support I received.

Personally speaking, Circles.Life has surprised and delighted me as a customer so many times now, I've lost count.

The unbelievable deals that are best for data, only at Circles.Life. Source 

The biggest thing I love is the fact that I don't have to pick up the phone to call support just to wait 30 minutes on the line anymore. This singular act is what convinced me that CL was the way to go.

But there’s always 2 sides to the coin, and I share certain negative things that I faced while being on Circles.Life. But at the end of the day, the positives outweigh the negative wayyyyy more. My personal review really helped my friends trust my recommendation a lot more to port over after anyway.

On that point if they do port over...

A rare look at a pleasant Gordon Ramsay. Source

3) Be Ready To Help Your Referrals

I know that this isn't a requirement because it really isn't your issue.

For me, I choose to help my friends in case they face any issues and to find me first if anything.

Be it any billing issues, app issues, network, etc.

You can always share your solutions based on your experiences. Some questions that are always repeated are like how does the first cycle billing works, how's the network connection, etc.

In short, let them know to find you if they face any issue with Circles.Life. If something seems out of your control, direct them to customer support in app.

Doing all this really helps you reinforce the trust with your friend.

Adventure bros for life. Source

I mean, you wouldn't like it if someone 'earned' a reward after referring you,  then not bother to help you with any issues at all afterwards right?

PLUS if there's any future things that you find something else that requires referrals, it'll be MUCH easier to refer friends if they have the prior trust with you already.

That's how I got my initial group of referrals easily!

It's a superpower we have at Circles.Life too. Source

4) Be Honest!

Continue on about sharing your experiences and how you will be there to help them. Let them know what you and your friend get if they sign up using your referral code. In case you didn't know, it's:

Your friend:

Free registration fee (instead of $38), 3 months unlimited data


3 months unlimited data (Your first referral awards 12 months unlimited data)

One small tip here, I like to highlight is that the default promo code (SUPER38) on the Circles.Life website gives the same exact thing.

So using your promo code instead of that actually helps you without any additional cost to your friend.

Another tip is that I share with my friends that they can get the 12 months unlimited data by referring another friend. This would definitely appeal to the data addicts that require a huge amount of data a month!

And that easily saves you over $200 on unlimited data! Imagine what else you can do with all that money saved!

Rolling in all that dough. Source

Last thing is that you should share about the leaderboards and the prizes as well, and they can help you to win prizes. I mean, if you actually do win, you can take them out for a nice meal as well.

Which actually leads me to the next point...

5) 'Bribe' Your Friends

One way is to treat this like a business. Sometimes, businesses throws freebies your way to get you to buy from them.

You can do the same to make friends join under you vs another person!

To cut a long story short, the best way to convince friends to join is to bribe them and giving them extra benefits such as:

  • Paying for 1 or 2 months of their telco bills for them.
  • Treating them to a meal.
  • Giving them something in value (Money, vouchers, etc).

I know this part is really crude but if it works for you, why not right!


All you need to do is the math behind it really. This will be especially applicable for those of you who are paying for unlimited data.

Assuming you get 3 months of unlimited data, that's $60.

For example, you can always offer to give away $30 to your friend if they sign up after you and treat it like you got 50% off 3 months of unlimited data.

If you do win the leaderboard prize like the airpods pro this month, you can give vouchers and other things. I mean, giving away $20 worth of vouchers to each of your friends that helped you to win isn't much right?

Back in the days, I used the same logic to acquire some referrals through paid advertisement because the data was worth it in terms of what I was paying.

To summarise this entire point, Circles.Life tempted you to join because of benefits like 3 months of unlimited data, $18/$28 per month bill, and even unlimited talk time in certain promotions.

What else can you offer your friends to sweeten this deal?

Climb Those Leaderboards!

With these tips, I hope you are more prepared to tackle the referral leaderboards.

If you’re capable of referring friends, then you can win sweet prizes every single month!

With that, I wish you the best of luck on your referral journey and hope that you get unlimited amounts of unlimited data!