April 1, 2021

6 Portable Tools & Gadgets that are a MUST-HAVE in the new normal

Headed out? Pack these six items to say clean and safe in this post pandemic world.

6 Portable Tools & Gadgets that are a MUST-HAVE in the new normal

It's been about a year since COVID-19 struck and changed the world as we know it. Things like masks and hand sanitizers have become a common thing for us now.

When you are Kiasi and need extra protection. Source

With several vaccines already being distributed, I’ll say it’ll probably take another year or two before all signs of this epidemic clear up and we return to some form of the ‘old normal’.

Also recently the Government announced that work from home is no longer the default and that staff are allowed to return to office. On that note, here are a few portable tools and gadgets that you can bring on the go to keep yourself safe and sanitized as you head back to work!

1. LastMask

If you’re looking for something that stores both your mask and your hand sanitiser, then the LastMask is actually an environmentally friendly way to do so.

This comes in a Silicon carry case, with a reusable hand sanitiser bottle and reusable mask.  Also it’s a great way to store your mask when you’re not using it, so it doesn't get tangled with everything in your bag when you’re attempting to take it out.

I personally love the things by this company because they re-designed single use objects and make them reusable. Another of their products, the LastTissue, is something  I actually bought from their last Kickstarter which I covered in a previous article.

Right now the LastMask listed on Indiegogo where you can also make your purchase from. The price will vary depending on how many kits you purchase but of course, the more you buy the more discounts you get.

Check it out here!

2. Handphone Sanitiser Box

You can find the product in this video here

Did you know you can get a box that helps you to sanitize your handphone and other small objects? This is absolutely crucial since we leave them around everywhere from our office desks to Kopitiam tables picking up all sorts of germs.

The product above is essentially another UV sterilizer that you can bring on the go for some quick anti-bacterial cleaning. Do check out the video above for full details on how and if such technology even works 🤔

Here’s one I found from Samsung that is great for Samsung users

Cool thing is that most of these chargers also come with wireless charging as well so you can wireless charge other devices while you’re disinfecting as well.

Here’s another one that I found that is selling very well on Shopee

Depending on what brand you buy, it costs typically anywhere from $30 all the way to $150. Of course, I highly recommend investing slightly more for your safety!

3. Portable Air Purifier

Having cleaner air is definitely a must especially if you’re in a small space like in a car or small office.

While you may have an air purifier device at home, you may not have one that is portable and on the go. (If you don’t, I highly recommend the one by Xiaomi over here)

Having fresh air be like ☝ Source

There are quite a lot of brands that offer portable air purifiers, but most of them are actually meant for cars. I would think these would work great in small spaces as well too.


Above you'll find an air purifier by a korean brand Clair but here’s another one by a brand called Kagema.

4. Portable UVC Steriliser

In case you need sterilisation on the go, here’s something that can help you to do so. Best part, you don’t need to use hand sanitisers or antibacterial wipe and keep wiping down surfaces.

Sorry, fake news 😅 Source

This is great if you need to quickly disinfect surfaces or objects where it’s impossible to put in the handphone sanitizer box I wrote above. Most important thing you need to remember when using the sterilizer is not to use this on living things! That means avoid using it over your skin or on animals. This is strictly just for use on non-living objects!=

There’s actually quite a lot of brands that make such as device, and here are the few that I found that look pretty decent. Scan through these shopping platforms to find the sterilizer that suits you best:

Buy from Lazada | Buy from Shopee | Buy from Amazon

5. Anti-touch tool

When we’re out, we’re exposed to a lot of surfaces that may be covered with bacteria or viruses. Especially during situations where we need to touch like when we’re taking the lift, or pressing the button to stop the bus.

If that’s still a concern, then you definitely need to get a tool to help you to it.

Boop stuff with this device! Source

I was looking around as there are many different designs that does the same thing, but this is probably one of the more useful tools that I found and it’s pretty cheap on shopee.

What a tool 🤩 Source

That’s because it can help you open doors as well, while doubling as a bottle opener and stylus for touch devices as well.

I would say this will definitely come in handy since we’re touching a lot of surfaces on a daily basis, and this is one of the best tools to prevent you from doing so!

Safe fingers for the win!

Get the tool over here on Shopee

6. LARQ Self Cleaning Water Bottle

Most of us carry a water bottle around these days, but how often do you actually wash your bottles? Did you know bacteria can easily accumulate and multiply inside that bottle? Don’t want to consume all those bacteria do you?

Introducing the LARQ self cleaning water bottle and water purification system!

This bottle also doubles as a thermos flask as well keeping your hot drinks hot up to 12 hours, and cold drinks cold up to 24 hours. All this while disinfecting your bottle every 2 hours so your liquids stay fresh and clean.

This is one of the cooler things that I’ve found but it can be pretty costly, but well worth the price in my opinion!

Someone did a review on it as well if you’re wondering how it all works and whether it’s worth the cost:

If you’re interested in purchasing, you can get it over here at Revolve.

Staying Clean

Prevention is definitely the best cure when it comes to staying clean. With these devices, you’ll be a lot more efficient in keeping yourself clean and healthy. No longer will you need to do this:

Scrub, scrub, scrub, scrub… Source

These devices are meant to be portable, which helps you stay clean and safe even as we head out more often as measures ease. But of course, the best actions are still the same few pieces of advice: Wash your hands often, don’t touch your face, and stay home if you feel sick.

Hopefully this will help some of you stay safe especially when you need to return to the office!