June 9, 2020

From 20GB to 100GB - How $20 for 20 GB Has Evolved

Learn the history behind how our 100GB add-on came to be from one of our all-star customers, Terence.

From 20GB to 100GB - How $20 for 20 GB Has Evolved

How It All Started

I remember back in 2017, paying $40 to $50 just for 3GB was normal. I know because I switched over to Circles.Life maybe about a year back because they just offered way more value with their plan.

So when Circles.Life announced a $20 for 20GB add on that brings you up to 26GB data just for $48, everyone went insane.

If you’re wondering, HardwareZone did a comparison on how much data was costing at that time. Basically, it was at least $100+ to match Circles.Life offer for the same amount of data.

Circles.Life suddenly became THE network to join. I remember raking up referrals left and right easily as people were eager to try out Circles.Life.

Yeah well, it basically went viral.

Check out this video when they announced this as well:

More Data? 20GB for $20 with Circles.Life

We heard you want more data! (Especially Youtiao666.) Grab the largest no-contract data plan ever and #NeverRunOutOfData! Only with Circles.Life can you add the 20GB for $20 Data Plus option on top of your Base Plan with no contract. adx.io/go/Circles20GB

Geplaatst door Circles.Life op Maandag 6 maart 2017

It was when this was announced when the price per data started going down tremendously, which is a big win for the consumers!

Anyone actually annoyed paying $10.70 for 1GB of data when you exceeded your data plan in the past? I know I am!

What happened after this announcement was a huge shift in the industry.New MNVOs showed up to compete, creating more value and choices in the marketplace.The incumbent telcos were forced to step up their offer and start giving more data back to the customers.

And Then It Was Removed

And then it happened, Circles.Life decided to remove the $20 for 20GB option on 13 Feb 2019.


This email was dropped to subscribers all of a sudden that announced that this popular add-on was removed.

Once again, everyone went insane.

Floods of customers began commenting on the announcement video on the Facebook post of Circles.Life Facebook page threatening to port out of the telco.

This really shows how important this add-on was to consumers and that it's removal would deal devastating blow to Circles.Life. I know that some of you reading this were outraged at that point as well.But did you really think that Circles.Life would leave you hanging?

I really don’t think so.

Turns out I was right!

Just a day later, it was announced that $20 for 20GB was upgraded to $20 for UNLIMITED data.

Another related news was that shortly before this was announced, Circles.Life also upgraded base plan users from 6 GB data to 20GB data at no additional cost!

That means that users have about 40GB of 4G data to get by every month before they’re pushed to managed speed once they have exhausted their data.

This add on was truly necessary considering that the mobile usage of users are slowly increasing with the use of streaming platforms such as Netflix and Spotify increasing.

It Only Gets Better From There

Only this year, we saw another improvement to the plan again with the unlimited data being upgraded from 20GB to 100GB so that you have way more 4G data to spend.

And another add-on that rolls over your data up to 300 GB!

The amazing thing is that it still costs $20 extra per month on top of your base plan even after all these upgrades!

I would think that if they never introduced this add-on, the price of data would still be very expensive. This add-on alone changed the entire telco industry completely.

I remember the days of counting my data and allotting only 100MB of data usage per day so that I don’t exceed my data. However, thanks to this add-on, I’ve become a happy subscriber because I no longer have to to worry about surprise charges for spending too much data.

Oh and in case you didn’t know, you get 3 months of free unlimited data for referring a friend. If you haven’t referred before, you’ll get 12 months for your first referral!

In any case, who knows what Circles.Life will do with this add-on? One thing for sure, I know they’ll always upgrade to keep adding more value to the customers.

As what they always advocate, “To give power back to the consumers.”