September 18, 2020

5 Must-Know hacks if you love Grab or foodpanda

Save more on your next meal or ride with these handy tips

5 Must-Know hacks if you love Grab or foodpanda

One thing that I know that Singaporeans love is FREE stuff…


But when you can’t have free stuff, the next best thing is the cheap stuff. (Aiya, I’m also cheapo lah 😂)

Which is why today’s post is centred around how I optimise and make sure I squeeze every dollar I spend especially on the taxi and food delivery apps.

I’m mainly talking about Grab and Foodpanda here as these are the two common ones I use. But most of these are applicable to the other apps as well! Not to mention that Circles.Life has Discover Food on the Circles.Life app that allows you to order from your favourite stores and cafes without 3rd party fees.

So here’s a few quick tips on saving more on your taxi and food delivery!

The colour and name sometimes have me mistaking them for my other favourite cashback merchant Shopback. Source

1) Buy Vouchers on Shopee

One thing you can do is to buy vouchers and enter these codes before you checkout or book your car. This method will save you anywhere from 5 - 20% off your purchase.

There are voucher codes ranging anywhere from $5 all the way to as high as $100 for some case so buy the ones that fit how much you are going to spend. Once you buy the codes, you can view them under Me > My Digital Purchase then click the ‘To Receive’ tab.

They do regular coin giveaways like this too so it's worth looking out for. Source

Another thing is that you can use Shopee Coins to reduce your costs even further if you have been playing enough games on Shopee. (Quick Tip: You can ‘buy’ these coins under the $1 Big Prize game for a chance to win big prizes like iPhone, iPads, Laptops and more!)

In any case, here are some quick links for a few popular options that direct you straight to buying the vouchers. Take note that these are only accessible on mobile and not desktop.

If you ever need codes in a bigger denomination like $15 and above, just search in shopee for the term (i.e Grab, Foodpanda, Gojek, Tada)

Transport Vouchers

$5 Grabcar Code (Costs $4.25) | $10 Grabcar Code (Costs $8.50)

$5 Gojek Code (Costs $4.60) | $10 Gojek Code (Costs $9.15)

$5 Tada Code (Costs $4.50) | $10 Tada Code (Costs $9.00)

$5 ComfortDelgro Code (Costs $4.50) | $10 ComfortDelgro Code (Costs $9.00)

Food Delivery Vouchers

$5 Grabfood Code (Costs $4.25) | $10 Grabfood Code (Costs $8.50)

$5 Foodpanda code (Costs $4.40) | $10 Foodpanda Code (Costs $8.80)

It's not a Terence savings guide if I don't talk about Shopback lol. Source

2) Buy Vouchers on Shopback

For those of you who don’t use Shopee, another alternative is actually using Shopback to buy vouchers as you can use the cashback in your account to offset any purchases.

The rebate is about 10% for the vouchers if you buy through Shopback. Also, you earn instant cashback after purchase which is another bonus!

To access the vouchers, go to your Shopback app and find the vouchers tab under ‘Stack Your Savings’

After which, you can check out which vouchers you want. There’s vouchers for all the grab services including GrabExpress and GrabMart too. There’s also currently an offer for Citibank card members to get additional cashback on top of existing Cashback benefits.

For these purchases, you can use your cashback in your Shopback account to offset any purchase. You’ll also earn instant cashback once you make your purchase.

There are many other vouchers that you can buy as well which includes shopping and more too, but I’ll leave that to you to explore!

Looks like Circles.Life isn't the only company who likes to use gifs. Source

3) Optimising Your GrabReward Points

For those of you who spend a lot with grab, you would have noticed that you would have some points in your account. But you also don’t get points as fast as you used to after the recent Grabpoints nerf earlier this year.

It’s really hard to accumulate points even if you’re on Platinum status, but it’s very easy to use your points as Grab always likes to prompt you to use points to rebate off your purchase.

Quick tip: that’s not the best way to use your points.

For starters, here’s the quick conversion rate for points to $5 rebate. This means you should never spend more points than what is indicted here:

  1. $5 = 2500 points
  2. $10 = 5000 points

So far, I found the best way is to wait for ‘sales’ in order to use your points. I actually opened the app to see if there were any and found this time limited deal.

In essence, it’s 7500 points for $20 worth of vouchers or 4500 points for $12 worth of vouchers which makes it even more worth it.

While these are not Grab vouchers, I have seen sales going for Grabcar and Grabfood vouchers that go up to 50% off your points. With that in mind, save your points until such sales pop up because it does come up quite frequently from what I observed!

Ahh yes the good old days when we used to takeout food ourselves. Source

4) Food Delivery Hack: Self Pickup

In case you missed it, most delivery services allow you to pick up/self-collect your food delivery orders. This helps you to save delivery fees and get additional discounts on top of your purchases!

For Grabfood, you can use the promo code SELFPICK for 15% off while Foodpanda, it’s an inbuilt 18% off in you select the Self Pickup option.

Do note that not all stores support this option like McDonalds which is strictly delivery-only when you order from Grabfood. You can even stack the vouchers you bought from point 1 or 2 to give you even more discounts!

There's just so many cards to choose from these days. Source

5) Using The Right Payment Type

The last thing you can do is to ensure you're using the best payment method. I'm talking about any credit cards that get give you rebates off your purchases!

If you’re looking for the best card for food delivery, you may want to visit this article where they break down everything you need to know.

Personally, I use my DBS Altitude card for most of my purchases to clock those extra miles to use when travelling overseas become feasible again!

Those are some sleek looking cards if I don't say so myself. Source

However for a limited time as well, I have been using the MCO card which I have covered in the article here. The reason because any purchases made on Grab and Foodpanda entitles me to a 10% cashback. The promotion is limited up to the end of September only.

When in doubt, make sure to use a payment type that gives you some sort of rebate instead of Cash!

A penny saved is a penny earned. Source

Go Out and Save more!

In this current time, we tend to order food through deliveries now it can quickly add up to burn a huge hole in our wallet. However, I hope these ways will help lessen the burden as it did for me as well too!

Personally, I love to squeeze the best value out of every dollar I spend, which means always finding discounts and vouchers!

Sales doesn’t mean spending excessively too anyway. Save and shop smart 😂. Source

There’s also a fine balance, which mean not spending too much finding these deals as well. All these hacks compiled can be done in 5 minutes or less and save you a ton of money in the long run if you add them up!

Any other discounts or hacks you know? Do share them with me in the comments!

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