June 16, 2020

Pick a song to describe your Circuit Breaker experience

We built a playlist of your suggestions, to mark a time in our lives where music was a special escape in a time of isolation.

Pick a song to describe your Circuit Breaker experience

Music is an integral part of life. Despite what a certain ST article might tell you, music and by extension artists, have and always will be essential. Think about all your major milestones in life and I guarantee you'll find a song that reminds you of that exact moment.

I remember the nights I spent awake feeling emo in my bed listening to the sounds of Secondhand Serenade, crushing on a girl I was to embarrassed to ask out. Sleepless nights in camp during National Service were made more bearable by the calm of lo-fi music.

Music is a means of expression, of escape, a summation of what it means to be truly human at any point in time. Why else would there be so many genres and so many bands with their own unique sound.

At Circles.Life, we wanted to use music to immortalize our experiences in Circuit Breaker. This pandemic has been dubbed "the crisis of a generation" and we want to remember the music that helped us through this tough time when regular words could not.

Thank you for the dozens of entries we received and we've compiled them into a Spotify Playlist you can listen to here:

In the rest of this blog post, we've divided up some of the songs you gave us into broader categories that showcase the diversity of listenership and the outlook of each individual.



A longing for yesterday - gone too quickly. A lingering glance at a life we took for granted.


We find our truest selves when we take the time and look inside.


Past is Prologue, we'll write this new chapter of our lives together.

At Circles.Life we're committed to supporting local talents and businesses, especially during the course of this pandemic. To do our part for the local music community, we organised a series of virtual busking sessions in April.

This month we've invited 2 new local artists, Ben and Adria to virtually jam with you all right in your living rooms on 21 June, Sunday, 8:30pm. We asked them for their song choices too:

Be sure to catch their live performance on Discover by Circles.Life by getting your tickets now on the Circles.Life app.

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