September 10, 2020

Building the 'ULTIMATE' iPhone 11

These accessories will really bring out the beauty behind an already amazing phone

Building the 'ULTIMATE' iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 series released to much fanfare last year in September. It's Pro variant has a strong 4.7 star review from over 7003 reviews on Google; with CNET saying that the base model was the best iPhone ever made at that price point.

Is bigger really always better? It looks like it is with Apple 😂 Source

With no official news about the iPhone 12 yet (accept that it's been delayed 🙄) our past review of the recent iPhone SE (2020) recommends you stick with the iPhone 11. For one it sports a more modern look and its basic model shares most of its components with the Pro bar the upgraded camera and OLED screen.

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On it's own the iPhone 11 already seems like a pretty amazing device but let's kick it to the next level with a couple accessories that will really make it the ultimate masterpiece 😍

Case Options

Talk about a crystal clear casing. Source

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

With a household name like Spigen, you know you're getting a quality product! These cases are not only durable, providing all round protection for your device but also offer you that crisp view of your phone's original cover.

You can of course also customize the back with a drawing or polaroid so you have case that truly is one of a kind.

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Now you won't have to lug that portable charger around. Source

Mophie Juice Pack Access Battery Case

In case you're like me who always forgets to pack along a portable to charge your phone halfway through the day, Mophie is here to save the day. It's not as clunky as you'd expect and packs up to 2,200mAh of extra power.

The best part is that you'll always have access to your lightning port to plug in your headphones or other devices. It also allows you to wirelessly charge both your phone AND the case so you always leave home with a full charge.

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Stand Options

I always love how sleek MOFT products look. Source

MOFT X Phone Stand with Cardholder

Circles.Life users might remember MOFT from the collaboration we did with their Invisible Compact Laptop Stand but I'm proud to say they support more than just laptops!

They also provide these gorgeous mobile stands that double as cardholders. It's got their trademark paper thin design and really lets you set up your phone anywhere.

Personally, I'm a big fan of the cardholder because I can tap my EZ-Link and pay wave all without fumbling with my wallet.

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At Circles.Life, we're here for the good vibes only. Source


I don't care what people say, PopSockets will forever be superior to the other ring stands that just make your phone look awkward. Besides, a PopSocket also has way more designs that help you express yourself.

I mean does this not look weird to you? Maybe it's just me who enjoys perfectly symmetrical things. Source

You can even find a case which supports the swapping of these PopSockets so you can change them out whenever you want. Customization is EVERYTHING.

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Earpiece Options

You can never go wrong with the classic Airpods Pro. Source

Airpods Pro

You could technically fill this list with nothing but Apple products and still brand it as the 'ultimate iPhone 11' but it'd also leave a gaping hole in your wallet.

However, I just had to include the Airpods Pro on this list cause it's really playing at the top of it's field here with some of the best noise-cancelling features out there on the market. The fact that it finally has an in-ear design with a snug fit as compared to its predecessor is also a godsend.

The seamless pairing without having to fidget with your bluetooth settings is the ultimate telltale sign that the Airpods Pro and iPhone 11 were made for each other

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Bet you'll be all smiles with this pair of wireless headphones from Bose too. Source

Bose SoundSport Free wireless headphones

Now not everyone has the cash to drop on a pair of Airpods Pro but thankfully Bose has a great alternative that caters to the more athletic reader.

The SoundSport free was designed to be the ultimate companion for exercise with a design that makes sure it stays comfortably in you ear even when you're on the most rigorous of workouts. It's also water resistant and provides up to 15 hours of play time.

To be honest, it's perfect even for the average user as it boasts great bass quality and provides varied volume control options via the Bose Connect app (which also allows you to find your buds if you ever lose them)

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Gaming Options

All you do is win win win, no matter what. Source

GameSir G6 Mobile Gaming Wireless Controller

As an avid gamer myself, how can we build the ultimate iPhone 11 without some gaming peripherals. GameSir actually has a wide array of controllers compatible with your mobile devices but the G6 is the one I find to be the most novel.

For one it's super reminiscent of gaming on a PSP or Switch with the joypad and buttons in the same position. The fact that it marries that precision you can get with a joy stick and your finger directly on the screen on another might seem weird at first but quickly becomes tactile and super intuitive after a game or two.

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For anyone who's used to the more standard controller layout, there's MOCUTE 050. Source


The MOCUTE-50 certainly is a cutie with the strip in the middle popping up to form a clip for you to attach your phone. It's the perfect transition piece for anyone jumping from playing a console FPS to firefights on a smaller screen as it comes with all the triggers you're familiar with.

It connects via bluetooth so you can actually use it for more than just your phone. The only gripe might be that it's a little smaller than the average controller but it's still hella good given it's price.  

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Portable Charger Options

I always like when portable chargers give you a free carry pouch. Source

Anker PowerCore II

We're packing in some notable power bank options in case you're not fond of the extra weight of the Mophie battery case we mentioned earlier. Anker really comes through here with the PowerCore II which stores up to 20,000mAh of charge. That's enough to charge your phone to 100% four time and still have some juice leftover.

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Xiaomi jumping on board with the wireless charging technology. Source

Xiaomi Mi Wireless Power Bank

Of all the portable chargers I've used in my lifetime, the Mi Wireless is probably my favourite. I no longer have to pack a long cable that gets entangled, I just stack my phone on top of this to initiate charging.

You can also charge two devices simultaneously; one via the wireless charge and another via the 2 ports (one of them fast charging) if you have a cable with you too.

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We could go on but...

Expect more quality iPhone gifs with our iPhone 12 review. Source

This list could probably go on forever and expand to include things like charging cables, screen protectors and traditional chargers themselves. But I know you probably have your favourites for those already (you might even use the charger that comes with the box) so I leave that to your discretion.

These peripherals I've chosen certainly go along way in extending or enhancing the experience and aesthetic of an already incredible device.

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