September 23, 2020

Building the Telco of the Future

Learn how we're building the telco of tomorrow right here today.

Building the Telco of the Future

Films like Back to the Future and Ready Player One paint the future that's fast approaching as one with hoverboards and widespread virtual reality. With 5G technology being rolled out across the globe, the digitization of a world just like the movies seems to be right around the corner.

When you realise that the future of 5G is now. Source

But the truth is businesses are struggling to make the leap. Reports suggest that less than 30% of companies actually succeed in moving their business online. COVID-19 has seriously disrupted the way traditional brick and mortar businesses function and has jumpstarted a new wave of digital transformation.

As Singapore's very first digital Telco, Circles.Life is constantly innovating to become a telco of the future. We believe in creating products and processes that not only revolutionize the industry but improve the lives of our customers as well.

As we move into the final quarter of 2020, here's a quick recap of the many ways we've been dealing with the craziness of this year including the launch of our new premium service Circles.Black; which features the worlds first digital concierge service.  

Remember that one time we got on SGAG when we sneakily launched our eSIM

Rethinking Traditional Practices - eSIM

Circuit Breaker and the current phased approach to reopening has really highlighted the importance of digital telecommunications. Strict movement restrictions hampered the traditional reliance of physical telco stores as they became hotbeds of transmission. This hindrance comes atop long queue times at more popular outlets which were crowded long before COVID started.

Scanning dozens of those SafeEntry QR codes has prepared you to scan and activate your eSIM. Source

To bolster our regular efforts of delivering physical SIM cards, the team doubled down on creating a digital sign-up and activation process that was practically instantaneous. It also helped that the main trigger for the activation process, the scanning of a QR code, had become so intimately familiar to Singaporeans living in this new normal.

Our eSIM launch stands as a testament to the endless optimisation that is essential when you're looking to create a product that is as efficient as it is effective. We condensed what used to take one entire day at best from sign-up to SIM activation, into mere minutes.

Find out more about our eSIMs and how this particular technology is changing everything from the way we travel to how phones are designed in our in-depth article here.

Recreating Offline Help on an Online Store - Circles.Black

For decades people have been going to Telco stores to get help, sign up for plans and get new phones. Customers really enjoy being able to speak to someone in real life to understand the various offers and products before making a decision.

We challenged ourselves to recreate the familiarity of speaking with a offline representative face to face in a digital space by creating the world's first digital concierge for telcos.

Talk to our agents anywhere! Even if you're in your pyjamas at home. Source

Part of our premium Circles.Black experience, customers will be able to video chat with our experienced Happiness Officers who will walk them through the entire sign up process and provide personalised recommendations on what phone to pick based on their phone habits or individual preferences.

This service is critical as industry experts predict that the future of telco revolves around the ability to transact anywhere.

Savings on the latest phones including the Samsung Galaxy Note20.

As part of our personal strategy to become a telco of the future, Circles.Black embodies the same ambition we've had since the founding of the company in 2016: To give power back to the people.

With that in mind, Circles.Black was designed with one goal: to introduce the benefits of a no contract plan to an audience who has been held captive by telco contracts for all their lives. Customers are often deceived by "subsidies" and might decide to recontract out of convenience, but the truth is they could be getting so much more from their telco. (They certainly deserve as much for some of the prices they're paying 😶)

Our Circles.Black Combo Plans boast superior value not only in terms of absolute savings for phones but also additional benefits such as complimentary phone insurance and annual phone upgrade vouchers. Experience this revolutionary experience for yourself by clicking here.

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Imagining the Future

No article talking about the future of telco would be complete without discussing the topic of 5G. We've written extensively about 5G before on our blog and are excited for the islandwide rollout slated for 2025.

To provide a quick summary of our past discussions, 5G is 500% faster than any existing 4G LTE infrastructure providing download speeds up to 20 Gbps. Being higher on the spectrum also increases network capacity which allows Telco's to service more users at blazing fast speeds.

Here's a fun ad explaining how a Multi-SIM works :)

At Circles.Life, we believe in planning ahead of the curve. Looking at the upward trend of tablet ownership in the world, we launched our Multi-SIM services so customers could use data on their phones on a secondary device without the need for WiFi or hotspot. Similarly, our approach to 5G will focus on allowing customers to seamless utilize this service with the growing number of smart devices.

To facilitate this transition, we've begun stocking the latest phones that are 5G compatible including the Samsung Galaxy Note20. Still on the fence about investing in a 5G enabled device? Check out this article where we weigh the pros and cons of being an early adopter.

Closing Thoughts

This is actually a picture of our network map that covers more than 99% of Singapore

With digital penetration at a stunning 88% in Singapore, innovation is the only way a telco or any other business can thrive amidst stiff competition. Our reliance on telecommunications (147% in terms of local mobile connections) is by no means an indication to rest on our laurels but continue pushing the boundaries to find creative solutions that redefine the industry.

Our work may have started with offering fairly priced data plans but you can count on us to create more revolutionary products for decades to come. Join us on this grand adventure by signing up here.