February 19, 2021

The best Smartphones under $300

4 phones that prove a great phone doesn't have to come with a big price tag.

The best Smartphones under $300

We talk a lot about the iPhone 12's and Samsung Galaxy S21's out there but let's not forget that there's an entire universe of equally stunning phones on the market. The truth is you don't need to fork out thousands of dollars to get a good phone! In this article we'll be introducing 4 devices that are real gems in terms of features and usability.

And you can still get a great phone for under $500. Source

Best of all you can get them right now with Circles.Life when you click here. Every phone comes with a year long warrantee from the manufacturer and our Combo Plans are 100% no contract so you can switch lines and continue paying for your phone from as low as $28/mo! Let's dive in and checkout our first phone:

Samsung Galaxy A12

Ever seen a budget phone with 4 cameras 📸 Source

Part of the same Galaxy series that the S21 is part of is Samsung's A12. Retailing at just $238 on our store, this phone has an amazing amount of features for despite its modest price tag. For one, it includes my favorite side-mounted finger print scanner - a feature that Apple has failed to reintroduce since the launch of the iPhone X.

A closer look at the 4 cameras on the A12. Source

It's also got 4 cameras (2MP Macro Lens, 5MP Ultra-Wide Lens, 48MP Main Camera and 2MP Depth Camera) which aren't too shabby especially when you count that macro lens that'll help you create a natural bokeh effect on those close up shots of your latte ☕

You'll also be pleased to know that it comes with a 5000mAh battery which supports fast charging. By comparison the $1329 iPhone 12 only has a 2815 mAh battery so I'll let you decide what to make of that.

The Galaxy A12 also comes in 2 lovely colors: Cosmic Black and Cosmic Blue and you can take home yours right now by clicking here.

Oppo A12

Idk this looks suspiciously like the other A12 🤔 Source

Not to be outdone by Samsung, Oppo has it's very own variant of the A12 that also comes in black or blue with a nice matte finish on its back shell. It also drives the price down even further, retailing for just $179.

The Oppo A12 comes with a 13MP main camera and a 2MP secondary camera that do surprisingly well at night photography due to the fact that it can open its shutter for 30 seconds to let the maximum amount of light in before snapping your picture.

It's battery life is no slouch either coming in at 4,230 mAh which should be good enough to last moderate users who enjoy browsing the web and streaming Netflix a days worth of usage before needing a charge.  

With 64GB of internal storage and dual security authentication (facial recognition and finger print scanner) the Oppo A12 is definitely a steal so get yours right now here.

Xiaomi Redmi 9T

Is there anything Xiaomi can't do. Source

Next on our list we have a brand that is as much of a household name as Apple or Samsung. Xiaomi enters the fray with their own suite of mobile phones the Redmi 9T which retails for just $199 if you're looking at the 64GB variant ($229 for the 128GB model).

It packs some serious power under the hood with the best chipset of any phone on this list: the Snapdragon 662 processor which will allow you to open apps in a flash and capture higher definition photos. It also has the largest battery capacity of 6000mAh so you can keep watching/scrolling/gaming for hours on end.

Another phone with 4 cameras. Source

You'll see that most of its specs are competitive with the Samsung A12 and they also share the same fingerprint scanner system. The big difference here however is that the Redmi 9T comes in 4 striking colors; Twilight Blue, Sunrise Orange, Ocean Green and Carbon Gray - the most diverse offerings of all the phones mentioned on this list. Pick your favorite color here.  

Realme 6i

You don't see a green phone very often these days. Source

I'm personally excited for the Realme 6i because of its 2 colors: Green Tea and White Milk. Apart from the midnight green that debuted with the iPhone 11 Pro series, this is the only phone I trust to pull off green so elegantly. The 6i might be the most expensive phone on this list at $269 but there's good reason for that.

It trounces or matches our previous entries in nearly every category with 128GB internal storage, 5000mAh battery, a side-mounted fingerprint scanner and an impressive quad camera setup (48MP main camera, 8MP Ultra-Wide lens, 2MP Macro lens, B&W Portrait lens).

I can't think of another phone that has a dedicated B&W portrait lens. Source

It's also quite cool that they integrated a 3 card slot for you to fit 2 SIM cards and an SD card for expandable memory. Sounds good right 😏? Add one of these amazing phones to cart right now by clicking here.