June 26, 2020

Where to find the best Singaporean Foods as voted by YOU

Daily Poll compiles the definitive list of Singaporean dishes beloved by all.

Where to find the best Singaporean Foods as voted by YOU

Everyone knows that eating is the number 1 Singaporean past time! (Apart form complaining of course 😬). Singapore is known for its vast array of food cultures, but have you ever wondered what Singapore’s favourite dishes are?

Food glorious food. Source

Well, Daily Poll asked thousands of Singaporeans to pick which dessert, side dish and main they would die die choose to have if they could only order that ONE. I'm sure you have some guesses in your mind already but I guarantee you'll be surprised by some of the answers on this list.

As an added service, we went around our office and homes and compiled a list of our favourite places to eat these foods. Saves you some time to go and hunt for them.

Without further ado, we'll go in the reverse order of a meal starting first with dessert.

Top Dessert: Ice Kachang

Tbh this winning really surprised me cause I only eat the shaved ice 😂

Who needs Bingsu when we have our very own shaved ice dessert, Ice Kachang. Finely shaved ice, colourful syrup and a variety of ingredients like atap chee and grass jelly, Ice Kachang is the perfect dessert to cool down in hot and sunny Singapore. They're also one of the most affordable desert options with prices starting from as low as $1.50 going to about $3.

Not gonna lie, disappointed Tau Huey didn't make the list. Really love my Lao Ban

Fun Fact: The creation of Ice Kachang was inspired by another ice-based dessert called “Ice Ball”.

The sweet-tooth in me is screaming. Source

Where to get it

Funny story, it turns out ice kachang isn't a big hit amongst the millennials but I asked my Grandpa and he swears by Lit Lit Xin Cold & Hot Dessert. With over 20 years of experience you know that you're getting a damn good bowl. It looks to me like they've got a lot of other options too 😋

Lit Lit Xin Cold & Hot Dessert (Yishun Central) . #01-157 . 928 Yishun Central 1 . S760928

Top Side Dish: Chilli Crab

It's hard to argue with that, I mean just look at it. Looks good, tastes good - Chilli Crab is the whole package la

Widely known as Singapore’s national dish, Chilli Crab perfectly encapsulates Singapore’s identity, an island-city with a rich cultural history. The fresh mud crab doused in silky, tangy chilli sauce, just thinking about Chilli Crab is already making me drool 🤤 Throw in some of the fried mantou and you get a dish that I could it again and again without getting sian of it.

Fun Fact: Singaporeans consume an estimate of 3 million kg of mud crabs every year 🦀

If I could hook myself up to an IV of Crab Bee-Hoon broth, I would. Source

Where to get it

This is a highly contentious topic cause chilli crab is so ubiquitous. Some will say Jumbo Seafood is the best, others will claim that it's Melben (my sister's pick) which has been around for slightly longer since 1985.

Being the millennial that I am, I'm gonna challenge tradition and say the best Chilli Crab isn't the one that has been around the longest. Momma Kong's opened in 2013 and was rated to have "the island's best chilli crab" by Lonely Planet.

I've tried the Crab Bee-Hoon depicted above and boy I gotta say it is something else. The milky broth, the succulent crab meat 😍 Got a little taste of heaven on earth. (If you disagree, feel free to @ me at blog@circles.asia)

MOMMA KONG'S . 34 Mosque Street . Singapore 059512 . T. 6225-2722

Top Main: Hainanese Chicken Rice

Y'all confirm knew this was coming. Chicken Rice is #iconic

Hainanese Chicken Rice, the go-to comfort food for many Singaporeans. The best thing about Chicken Rice? It’s cheap, yummy and convenient to find. Walk to any hawker centre and there’s bound to be a Chicken Rice stall. And for as low as $2.50, you’ll be served with a plate of fragrant ginger rice and a side of roasted/steamed chicken in soy sauce.

Fun Fact: In 2000, Singapore made a film adapting “Romeo and Juliet” about two opposing Chicken Rice families called “Chicken Rice War”.

If you're a chicken rice veteran, you already know which place I gonna recommend liao. Source

Where to get it

We polled a lot of people on this one ah but there really is a lot of Chicken Rice stores. The official Chicken Rice Instagram, kuey.png can tell you there are more than 900 over 鸡饭 on our tiny island. But out of all those stalls right, one name kept on popping up.

Ming Kee Chicken Rice.

Our office meme queen Al and Circles.Life user Joshua Khoo grew up eating Ming Kee's famous ice cold chicken rice which has often been hailed as Singapore's best. Everything from the flavour of the rice to the tenderness of the chicken and even the kick of the chilli is distinct and flavourful.

I dare you to find me another 鸡饭 store on Grab with a 4.5 star rating (legit you email me, I send you 1x $5 Grab Food voucher).

Ming Kee Chicken Rice . 511 Bishan Street 13 . #01-522 . Kim San Leng Coffee Shop. S570511

Confessions of a food lover and introvert. Source

My stomach is literally growling by the end of this blog. Were you surprised by any of the results or was it just as you predicted. Either way I hope you found some solid recommendations to bite into. Until the next post, it's chow time 🥞

This article was co-written by Vanessa Tan, a fellow foodie and Daily Poll intern

If you want us to properly review some more food places or have recommendations you think we should try do hit us up at blog@circles.asia. You can also order food with 0 service fees when you use Discover Food.