June 30, 2020

7 Telco Problems you've Forgotten thanks to Circles.Life

The Telco industry has changed a lot in the past few years and sometimes for the better. Here's 7 ways Circles.Life has improved your Telco experience

7 Telco Problems you've Forgotten thanks to Circles.Life

I remember back in 2014 to 2015 when I was just having 3 GB per month on my mobile plan. That meant no video streaming. No music streaming. No downloading apps. Basically, DON’T USE DATA!

I restricted myself to 100 mb per day and if I had extra towards the end of the month, I would splurge on probably ONE video at most.

Not to mention always remembering to turn on wifi whenever I can, whether it's at home or free wifi outside.

The struggle was real. Source

The only thing I used data on was to actually make money using apps on my phone. (Maybe I’ll write about that one day if anyone’s interested? Just let me know in the comments and I’ll bug Circles.Life to let me write one article on this topic 😝)

When Circles.Life came around with their initial plan of 6 GB per month, I was initially very skeptical like most people.

But eventually, I just decided to go for it and port onto Circles.Life.

Best decision EVER!

The party has been going on since then. Source

So if you’re like me and switched to Circles.Life, here’s something you PROBABLY forgot by now if you have been like me who have been on the network for years.

My face when I inevitably exceed my data again. Source

1. Paying $10.70 for exceeding your data

Overspent 1 MB of data? Prepare to fork out $10.70 just for that 1 MB. And also, might as well use that whole GB 🤔. (Crap, exceeded it by accident and it’s now $21.40 😭)

At least for Circles.Life, you get to choose to auto-boost your data, or pay the 1 or 2 GB boost. Or maybe unlimited data day boost until the end of the month.

Choices are there for sure, and they're WAY cheaper than $10.70.

Now I know the scammers when they're calling. Source

2. Paying for Caller ID

Remember when Caller ID wasn't free?

Yeah, I kind of forgot about it until I wrote this article.

It was also one of the biggest plus points as this was a ‘huge’ cost in a telco plan. Circles.Life providing free was another huge reason that convinced me to port over!

Coupled with the costs of exceeding my data, the financial burden was way too real. Source

3. Paying $40 - $60 per month

Welcome to phone contracts - where you fork out $40 to $60 for 2 to 3 GB data.

Gotta agree with Homer here. Source

Just a decade ago, this was probably the norm as well throughout all the telcos. Think about how cheap data has gotten now, and all the choices that are available on the market.

I gotta say, it’s thanks to Circles.Life for shaking up the market.

Even if you aren’t on Circles.Life, it’s probably because of them that you get to enjoy cheaper prices on the telco you’re in as well 😉

4. Forced To Upgrade Your Phone Every 2 Years

Back then, there wasn’t such a thing as SIM only plans. You always gotta get a new phone with your contract, so you have to pay extra for your plan.

For those who don’t change their phones as much, SIM only plans are really a blessing in disguise!

However, there’s those people who love to change phones every year. In that case, phone contracts could still be relevant. The key thing is that we have a lot more choices to customise how we want our telco plans, and also whether we want a phone with it or not.

Located conveniently under the shop tab, don't worry got iPhones also.

Did you also know that Circles.Life offers Phone plans as well?

The best thing is that if you port out in the middle of paying for a plan, you just continue paying for it until you are finished with it. No termination charges included!

Oh the horror. Source

5. Queuing Up Hours To Renew Your Contract

My last contract before I ported over to Circles.Life took me hours before I could actually renew my contract.

I remember taking a queue number, going to eat a meal, going to the arcade to kill some time, then going back to continue queuing because it hasn’t reached my turn yet.

Ahh take your time some more. Source

I waited a full 30 minutes before it was finally my turn. It then took another 10 to 15 minutes to get my SIM card and then get out of the store. Before I knew it, I wasted about 2 to 3 hours just ‘queuing for my phone’.

Compared to Circles.Life, all I had to do was to wait at home to get my SIM card.

Even for the phones, it is delivered straight to my doorstep so I don’t ever have to physically queue to ‘renew’ my contract. I’m currently using an iPhone X, and thanks to Circles.Life I got the phone without having to deal with this:

Queue for iPhone X at Apple store in Orchard Road

"You need breathing space!": Apple staff to throngs of jostling people outside the Apple store at Orchard Road, a day before the #iPhoneX launches in Singapore. (Video: Milton Sau)

Geplaatst door CNA op Donderdag 2 november 2017
And the crowd goes wild. Quite literally in this case. Source

Well, add not having ever to ‘renew’ my contract to the list too!

6. Bill Shock Issues

Now this is something that Circles.Life does very well because I haven't faced any issues, like having to suddenly pay $100 for something I didn’t do.

Walao don't shock me until like that leh. Source

Personally, I haven’t faced such issues being a customer for years now. Maybe a few minor hiccups here and there, but the customer support from the chat deals with most issues quickly!

I know some customers face such issues in Circles.Life, but it’s a lot rarer and the customer support deals with it pretty well.

Most of the time, they’ll waives the charges off if what you did was not intentional.

If you DO face an issue, thank goodness for being able to connect to live chat in minutes.

Customer service can be such a bitch sometimes - Not a Circles.Life though. Source

7. Good Luck Getting In Touch With Customer Service

Press 1 for english, 2 for Mandarin…

Press 1 for Internet services, press 2 for charges, press 3 for enquires, press 4 for mobile services

Press 1 for renewing your contract, press 2 for lost SIM, press 3 for billing enquiries..

Thank you for calling. Your call is important to us. All our operators are busy at the moment.

Cue elevator music:

1 hour might not even be enough lol. Source

Then it repeats a gazillion times before you either hear someone or get frustrated and put down the phone ??.

Thank goodness that Circles.Life has a live chat system because calling always frustrate me as it takes so long just to connect straight to customer support.

At least in today’s age with the evolution of technology, all telcos have ways to get to their customer support beside calling in.

It may be good or bad that Circles.Life only have chat as one of their main support channels. But one thing for sure, they are highly responsive even on social media and usually gets the job done (in my case at least)

PS. If you face an issue, make sure to raise a ticket in customer support. If it doesn't solve the issue, raise it another time at least. I usually find most of my problems being solved in 2 touch points at most with customer service. 😁

Once again, I'm really glad that a company like Circles.Life came into existence to disrupt the market, or all the above points would still be valid till today.

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