June 14, 2020

5 Tips to Nail Your Job Interview

Job Interviews can be scary sometimes but they don't have to be! We break down 5 tips that'll help you take the pressure off and land the job of your dreams.

5 Tips to Nail Your Job Interview

Now that you have successfully passed phone screening calls and email assignments, you are left with one last lap before landing that coveted job offer!

Once you have an interview scheduled, it’s time to work on nailing it. Our Talent Acquisition Lead (Tech), Irene Ling, shares some tips for you to ace your final round.

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1. Dress appropriately

When you dress, be sure it’s not just for the role you are interviewing for, but also the company! Make sure what you are wearing is true to the company and is appropriate to its environment.

If you are headed to a corporate interview, make sure you dress for the part and turn up in business wear. If your interview is at a start-up, leave your suit at home.

In most companies, especially tech start-ups, dressing down is a lot more common than you think. A simple t-shirt and jeans combination is the new corporate uniform (even for C-levels!) at these places. Of course, do not turn up looking sloppy. You are most welcome to turn up in casual clothing, but remember to look presentable and well-groomed.

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2. Put your best face forward

You only have 7 seconds to create your best first impression, and a surefire way for this to work well is for you to look well put together.

For ladies, if you wear makeup, a soft and natural look with well-brushed hair works just fine. You also have the option of tying up your hair if you prefer even more control over your hair (this keeps it out of your face).

For the gents, don’t hesitate to use makeup like foundation or concealer if an enhanced complexion will boost your confidence! Other things that will complete your look include a neat haircut or ponytail, clean-shaven look or well-maintained and trimmed beard, along with trimmed nails.

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3. Practice your interview etiquette

Being on time means being late, and is simply not enough. You should always aim to arrive for an interview 5 to 10 minutes before the stipulated time.

With this time, you can compose yourself, build rapport with the receptionist (every vote counts!) and use the restroom if necessary — just in case nature calls or you need one last quick grooming check. If you have certain habits like consuming a mint before interviews or major events, be sure you bring these necessities with you.

Similarly, if you know you have a bad habit of fidgeting with accessories on your hands or wrists, leave these distractions at home or keep them in your bag — you don’t want to disrupt the interviewer.

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4. Research — you can never do too much

It does feel great to have cleared some rounds and been shortlisted for an interview, but it’s not the end yet. There’s always more to learn and discover in life, and you should keep the same in mind when preparing for your interview! Get well acquainted with, maybe even be best friends, with the job description at hand. See how you can best match it with your skills and experience.

The key here would be to showcase how you truly are the best fit for the job, but doing it with substantiation. Keep abreast of the latest news, trends, products and happenings of not just the company but the industry too in order to demonstrate interest.

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5. Be yourself!

It is not in anyone’s interest to flunk any interview they’ve worked so hard to score a shot at. As much as you would love to ace the interview, it is equally important to find out if this is the place for you and if you have the right chemistry with the company, your future boss and colleagues.

If you go for an interview and leave the room feeling uncertain, analyze why you feel this way and if your values truly align with the company. Think back to what your goals are and take some time to consider how you would fit in the company.

If all is well and you are absolutely thrilled to be a new employee at the company, keep your fingers crossed and hope for the best!

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