October 6, 2020

5 Essential iPhone Photo Hacks to make your pics 10x better

Make use of your amazing iPhone 12 camera and take your photography game to the next level with these tips

5 Essential iPhone Photo Hacks to make your pics 10x better

Why take mediocre pictures when you can be extra and experiment with your iPhone camera? We did an in-depth review of the iPhone 12 camera vs the iPhone XS Max here; and boy can you tell the difference especially with the new and improved wide angle lens. Now it's your turn to take advantage this revolutionary photo technology with these five simple tips that are bound to make your photos look #fabulous.

Tell me that doesn't look professional to you 📸 Source

Long exposure shots

Yes, you can take long exposure pictures using the live feature on your iPhone camera. Make sure to turn on the live camera feature before snapping your desired shot. Select the image from your gallery and swipe up. Now, choose “long exposure” under the effects row.

You should end up with a nice blurred effect for anything that's moving as seen from the gif below here:

There weren't many cars on the road in the earlier example but you can really see the cool effect here

Create a boomerang or GIF

Just like our previous tip, creating your very own gifs requires you to keep your camera’s live mode on. This time, go to your image and select “Bounce” under the effects row.  Follow these simple steps and you should get something similar to what'd you expect from an Instagram Boomerang 👍 (just like way more HD)


So after you have bounce applied just go in and take your snapshot


And we didn't even need to whip out Insta-Story for boomerang

Turn your live photos into one seamless video

Now that you're well acquainted with your iPhone camera's live mode, you can create whole videos just by using your live pictures. Go to your photo gallery and select multiple live photos, click on the share function on bottom left and select “Save As Video”.

Sorry no fancy video/gif for this one but trust us it works 😉

Create a hyperlapse

Channel your inner professional vlogger by mastering this simple yet effective hyperlapse function that immediately makes your videos 10x more cinematic.

Start by selecting “timelapse” mode. Make sure you have one focus object in mind and keep that object in the middle of the screen. Try to walk towards or away from the object steadily - The key here is to keep the focal object in the center!

You spin my head right round right round. Source

Just let the video run as you make your way around it and when you hit stop, your iPhone should miraculously assemble a video as wondrous as the gif above 😍

It wouldn't be a blog post without a pop culture gif somewhere. Source

Use your phone as a magnifying glass

Ok fine, this is not really a camera trick, but you will never know when you might need this magnifying glass — perhaps this will come in handy when you are stuck in a long queue while buying food and just want to take a peek at the menu.

First, go to settings, select “Accessibility”, and turn on “Magnifier”. Now, click the side button three times to bring up the magnifier.

It'll give you a crisper image than just zooming in straight away with your camera.

Unleash your inner photographer

There you go, 5 easy iPhone camera tricks to help you improve your Instagram game! Be experimental with your shots and make use of the iPhone's amazing camera to find cool new ways to take photos and videos (or magnify things 😂).

The Grand Prize for Apple's 2020 iPhone Photography awards (above) was shot on an iPhone 6. Source

Who knows you might even get featured in Apple's Shot on iPhone competition and have your pictures put up in their stalls all around the world.  

What are your favourite tips? Drop us an email at blog@circles.asia with your own hacky photography tricks or let us know what other features you'd like us to review next. Who knows we might even do one for the best photo apps to use so we show both the iPhone and Android users some love ❤️

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This article was contributed by Circles.Life user Tris Kong.