November 20, 2020

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To WiFi Mesh Today

Find out how using a WiFi Mesh can help you put an end to any pesky deadzones in at home

5 Reasons Why You Should Upgrade To WiFi Mesh Today

If you’re like me, you’re probably always connected to WiFi when you're at home. However, you might realise that there may be some spots or places in your house where your connection is just so bad that you need to rely on your mobile data instead 🙄 In these cases, Circles.Life helped out a lot especially when at places when my WiFi can’t reach since I have 300GB.

Guess I’ll just use my data connection instead. Source

Regardless, a strong data connection at crucial times during working, gaming, or streaming video as I'm sure everyone has encountered frustrating moments where there's persistent buffering or lag when your wifi signal just gets weak all of a sudden.

If you find these struggles are all #tooreal, I've got some good news for you my friends cause today I want to introduce you to WiFi Mesh - Probably one of the best inventions to date to solve all your WiFi issues.

Now, here’s why you should consider upgrading to a WiFi Mesh for your home or office:

1. Increased Reliability & No More Dead Zones

The truth is, the WiFi range on a regular router only goes so far. Most of us set our routers up in our living room due to our housing configurations unknown to the fact that this placement leads to some WiFi issues especially if we’re in our rooms.

Think about it, this is how it looks right now with just one router:

WiFi Without Mesh System

Assuming that we set up our routers in the living room, there’s only so far our router can reach with its strong signal. As you move further away from the living room, your signal just gets weaker and weaker. This is why many people face connection issues at home without WiFi Mesh.

A WiFi mesh solves that proble by taking the radio signal from your router, capturing it, then rebroadcasting it with an improved signal strength. Take note that it is still under the same network and not multiple networks.

Just imagine having multiple routers in your house broadcasting the same WiFi so it'll something like this:

Sial la looks like a Venn Diagram - except this one gives you unrivalled connectivity throughout your house

Wifi With Mesh System

With WiFi Mesh, you can cover a lot of dead spots that your connection can’t reach due to walls and interference with other signals. If you notice the picture above, covering multiple points means your WiFi can reliably reach you no matter where you are.


That also means no more suddenly getting disconnected and reconnecting. We all know how it feels to lose connection when we’re downloading a huge file and the internet cuts off 😑

A visual representation of your network with WiFi mesh. Source

2. Getting The Quickest Speed For Your Plan

You might be in a situation where you signed up for that 1/gbps plan for your internet, but are wondering why you are only getting 50/mbps max.

That’s because the further you are from your router, it also means your signal has to travel further. That translates having lower chances of you getting that top speed. This may not be an issue for those living in a smaller house, but definitely for those who live in big or multi-story houses.

Did someone say Microwave? Source

Things like walls, microwave, cordless phones, neighbour’s wifi can also cause interference, which leads to decreased speeds as well.

With a WiFi Mesh system, you’re able to put them in places that matter like in your bedroom, work area or gaming area where you need the speed the most too. One more advantage of this is that you’re able to connect to your WiFi Mesh through an Ethernet cable.

As a gamer myself, I know how important speed is. No matter what, wired connections will never beat wireless connections in terms of reliability and speed no matter how good your wireless card is.

This will guarantee you to never, ever experience lag 99.9% of the time again.

Truth that we can all agree to 😂 Source

3. Easy To Configure And Maintain

One good benefit about WiFi Mesh is that most popular models come with app integration. I personally use Google WiFi (got it before the ViewQwest offer was posted 😅) and that was very easy to set up as all I needed to do was to download the Google Wifi app and follow the step by step instructions on my phone.

There are so many things I can manage from my phone, such as setting up my password, checking and resetting the network, prioritising which device for the internet, and even set up a guest WiFi for visitors.

I don’t even need to be connected to my WiFi network in order to do these things, and can do them remotely if there’s a need too as well. No more logging into websites for your router and having a lousy user interface to manage your internet settings. Everything is intuitive and it is very easy to pick up.

If you can know how to use a smartphone and Google, then you can definitely learn to use the app easily. Of course there a plenty of other amazing Mesh routers out there and you can scroll down to learn more about one that Circles.Life offers in partnership with ViewQwest.

Keep your data and privacy on lock. Source

4. Improved Security

Security is definitely one of the biggest issue with WiFi. But it’s nothing to worry about as most WiFi mesh system are using industry standard levels of protection. (That’s WPA2 with AES security if you understand).

Another thing is that most intruders and hackers would know how to go about accessing people’s internet routers. As most people leave everything to default settings because they don’t know how to configure, it makes it very easy to get hacked.

These hackers can simply type in an IP address (typically something like and enter the default credentials (typically admin for username & password). Once inside, they’re able to do whatever they want.

It’s different with the WiFi Mesh system as you need the app in order to configure important settings. You’ll also be guided to set up a password to make sure that your internet is secure. In any case you get any unauthorised access, kicking these people out of your network is just one click away on your app.

Intruders are always sus. Source

5. One Time Cost, Flexible & Scalable

Most WiFi Mesh systems come in 2s or 3s, and you’re able to put them wherever you want as long as there is a power source. I would say the most ideal places would usually be in the bedroom, study room, or gaming room as you’ll spend most of the time in these places with the internet.

Best part is that there is no monthly recurring subscription you need to pay for these devices, as you’ll just need to fork out a one time fee to buy the WiFi Mesh.

At any time, you can reposition the nodes to move around if there is ever a need to. If your house is big enough that 2-3 nodes are not enough, you can always buy more and connect them to your current system.

If you’re living in a HDB, most likely having 3 nodes will cover all bases of your house. Only people living in landed property with multi storey houses would need more than that to cover the entire house.

Once you pay for this system, you have it for life. No extra subscription or extra fees to get the best internet connection and fastest speed. The big question now is actually: Which WiFi mesh system should you buy?

If you know, you know. Source

Thinking Of Upgrading To WiFi Mesh?

Personally, I upgraded to Google WiFi when I had the chance. I can say it is one of the best decisions ever, because I rarely experience lag during my gaming sessions anymore.

Like I mentioned before, having a WiFi Mesh allows you to connect it to a computer using an Ethernet cable for a more stable and reliable internet.

Anyway, if you’re still using the traditional router system and want to upgrade, Circles Life has partnered up with ViewQwest to provide you an amazing offer that is really good:

You get a bunch of benefits including a $120 rebate, Dual-band Mesh and free installation and admin fee.

The finer details are below:

Hopefully I’ve convinced you to pick the Mesh plan, so that’s $43.90 per month for the first 12 months, then $53.90 for the last 12 months.

To break down the costs:

  1. You get the WiFi Mesh system for free, you’re just paying for the 1 GBPS internet connection!
  2. You get $10 rebate per month for the first 12 months
  3. The other fees you need to be aware of is the one time NLT fee @ $56.71.This applies to new customers, and you can click here to find out what this fee is.

If you want to sign up, just check out the offer through your Circles.Life app. Click on Shops under Offers, then click the banner that says Home Wifi 6 Pack:

If I didn’t already have Google Wifi, I would have definitely jumped on board on this offer immediately because it’s really worth it considering you get the WiFi Mesh for free 👍

Also if you’re currently under any broadband contract, you can reserve this offer until your contract expires so that you lock in at this price just in case the price goes up 💰

So are you already using a WiFi mesh or considering upgrading to one? In any case, I'll say to definitely consider investing in one if you want a more reliable internet connection!