June 14, 2020

5 handy apps you definitely want on your phone

I went through the 125 apps on my phone and picked out the top 5 I can't live without right now

5 handy apps you definitely want on your phone

Like every other millennial ever, I practically live on my phone. From social media to messaging apps and even games, my entire life can be distilled into my 64GB iPhone 8 Plus. I also have this ungodly obsession with apps and a recent deep dive into my settings reveals that I have 125 apps sitting on my home screen.

I have more cats in my phone wallpaper than apps on my phone.

So I decided to do a little spring cleaning, deleting a bunch of stuff to free up more space on the old cellphone and thought WHY NOT CREATE A LIST OF THE TOP 5 APPS ON MY PHONE.

For all intents and purposes of this list, I will exclude your mainstream social media apps and any mobile games (ok maybe I'll sneak in like one). I'm sure you would've heard of some of these before but I can assure you, every app that makes this list has been tremendously useful to me (and might help you too).

Oh and they're (mostly) FREE.

1. CamScanner

Would not have graduated without this app

CamScanner (as the name suggests) is literally a scanner in the palm of your hands. You can take a snapshot of anything from your handwritten notes, a printed receipt or even your IC and have it converted from an image to a pdf file or various other formats.

I personally don't own a scanner at home so when companies requested to see my transcript and identification, I'd traditionally have my mom zap a copy for me at work. Too troublesome. In fact, I got this job sending in all the required documents via CamScanner cause somehow I was always out when they called me 😂

Thank God for modern technology.

Download it here for iOS and here for Android.

2. Streaks Workout

There's like 18 different exercises to make you h̶u̶r̶t̶, I mean fit. 

Now I'm not a workout kind of guy but Streaks makes it pretty darn easy to get into it. Traditionally, my definition of working out is a brisk walk around the neighbourhood playing Pokemon GO (yes, I still play POGO, deal with it). But ever since COVID happened I needed a way to get my ass moving.

Enter Streaks Workout. What the app does is randomly pick 6 out of 18 exercises for you to do in either 6, 12, 18 or 30 minute intervals. You can also choose specific exercises too if you wanna say focus on your core but I know jack sh** about fitness so I let the app decide for me.

Fitness is my passion. Source

I've been doing the 12 min exercises for a couple weeks now and it's been great. Muscles aren't as sore as when I started and I'm close to nailing that 30 sit-ups in 30 seconds like I did back in NS.

Work up a sweat on iOS here or here if you're on Android

3. BlockBear

Ads beware, here comes the BlockBear 🐻

Laptops have AdBlock, phones have BlockBear. This app does the thankless job of removing all those pesky ads that appear everywhere on the internet these days. It blocks everything from pop-ups to tracking cookies while providing you the comforting protection of the digital bear you see above.

I'm going to take a moment here and fanboy over their copywriting cause it's pure genius: "Includes 100% more bears than competing ad blockers" - Come on that line is just brilliant.

Their App Store rating is also a solid 4.7/5 so you know that bear is doing a good job devouring those nonsense ads for you 💪

Unfortunately, BlockBear is currently only on iOS; get it here. But fret not my Android friends, you can get an AdBlock Browser that does pretty much the same thing for your phone here.

4. Selfie Games: A TV Party Game

Sparing y'all from my bad drawings by showing you screens from the app store page. Source

I'm sure we've all played our fair share of remote party games over circuit breaker but few are as inventive as Selfie Games. The best way I can describe it is probably a mix of Drawful or Psych with your friends faces.

Basically you need to draw some ridiculous scenario that includes the face of one of your friends in the mix while your other friends have to guess what it is. Points are given based on whether you guessed correctly or how many people you managed to trick just like in Drawful.

Oh and did we mention you can cast it to a TV so you can see your hilarious scribbles in HD/4K 😂  I had a lot of fun with this one so why not grab 3-10 friends and try it out for yourself!

You can grab Selfie Games for free off the App Store here or here if you're on Android.

5. Circles.Life App

I'm still waiting on my app dark mode, come on la guys

I'm sure you knew this was coming. How can I miss the chance to plug one of my most used apps EVER. If you haven't realised by now, the Circles.Life app does so much more than let you manage your phone plan.

You can take part in zany games like Daily Poll (which I wrote about here), order food online with 0 service fees on our end and even book virtual events including some pretty dope comedy shows coming this June.

There's also a new offers section under shop that provides some pretty sweet deals including up to 60% your purchases from Pomelo and 50% off Tinder Premium Subscriptions (remember ah must be 18 and above to start swiping).

Does your Telco App let you do all of the above? Nah - Didn't think so.

Download the Circles.Life app here.

There's an app for almost anything these days man. Source

According to Statista, there's currently 2.56 million apps on Google Play and 1.85 million on iOS so I apologize if your favorite app wasn't featured.

Do feel free to write to me at blog@circles.asia and let me know what's up so I can do a PART 2 of this article. Till then keep working those apps fam 😉