June 11, 2020

5 Best Referral Programs You Should Definitely Join

The best thing about referral programs is that everybody wins. Join Terence as he counts down 5 of the best ones out there.

5 Best Referral Programs You Should Definitely Join

I bet some of you out there who love referring friends to new things to get free perks for yourself.

I can understand because I’m one of such people.

But the thing is, what are the best programs out there that offer good referral bonuses while being solid programs to use themselves?

Some of these programs are also local brands, so definitely support them if you can! Here are some of my personal favourites:

NOTE: This article contains referral links! This does not cost you anything, and in fact gets you the bonuses I mention in this article. If you choose to sign up without the referral links, it is your choice but you may not enjoy the bonuses that I mentioned in this article!

1. Get up to $9 real cash with Shopback

Ok, let’s be realistic here. Who doesn’t want to get paid for shopping online? Or dining out? Or referring friends?

That’s right, cold hard cash.

Introducing Shopback: The website that allows you to earn cashback from online and offline shopping.

Not sure if you can see but I have personally gotten back over $2,000 worth of cashback from Shopback alone.

And the best part, you can get real cash from referring friends here!

Here’s what you get:

  • You get $5 after spending $25 after shopping online from Shopback in any of their listed stores.
  • You get $2 linking your first card to Shopback Go. This is basically so they can track your offline purchases when you use your card to pay at dine in stores
  • You get $2 after making your first purchase with any Shopback Go store.

That’s a grand total of $9 after your friend perform all those actions.

Shopback is one of the programs that has given me back so much money, and they run a lot of promotions that give you the best bang for your buck mostly!

If you’re new to Circles.Life and want to sign up an account, you definitely want to sign up for Shopback first. I’ll let you know why in a bit!

Click here to sign up for Shopback

2. Get $9 worth of points for Food Vouchers with Chope

Chope is one of my favourite programs to help reserve seats at restaurants.

While we’re still unable to dine out, this is definitely one of the programs I’ll go back to using the moment restaurants are able to dine in again.

At the moment, it’s an app that you can use to score food deals for takeaways. Once we’re able to dine in again, you can use it for dine in deals as well.

This referral program awards you 300 Chope dollars which is about $9 in value. You can accumulate 1000 Chope dollars to redeem a $30 discount code that can be used on their online store.

At the moment, the ability to redeem vouchers are disabled due to the Circuit Breaker but I'm sure it'll be brought back later in the year.  You should be able to accumulate points as usual once dining in has resumed.

In any case, this is a good program to refer friends because everyone dines out. Who doesn’t want to get rewarded for it?

Click here to sign up for Chope

3. Get $5 worth of coins with Shopee

Well at some point you probably saw this ad on Shopee, or maybe you have seen this video below…

I’m sorry if the tune got stuck in your head again.

But in any case, I feel that Shopee has one of the better programs out there for an online platform. For every friend you refer and makes a purchase, it gives you 500 shopee coins which is about $5 cashback that you can use to take off from your next purchase. Your friend also gets a $10 off voucher from using your link, so it’s a win-win!

Click here to sign up for Shopee (or key in the code under vouchers TEREN369)

4. Get up to $240 worth of Unlimited Data with Circles.Life

Of course, who can forget about Circles.Life! 😂

Compared to most of the telcos out there, their referral program has always been very generous. For those who have not referred a friend before, make sure to get someone on board as it gets you 12 months unlimited data!

That’s $240 worth of Unlimited Data, great for any data fanatics out there!

More friends? Then that’s an additional 3 months after your first referral that’s worth $60 subsequently. Best part? No cap, refer like crazy. In fact, refer so much that you win the monthly giveaways that gives you even more prizes!

Check out this month’s referral leaderboards where you get to win an Airpods pro!

Tip: New to Circles.Life? Use Shopback and earn real cashback by signing up with Circles.Life. Which telco pays you to join them, huh?

Click here to sign up for Circles.Life (Psst, you can use my promo code TERENCE if Circles.Life actually lets me sneak it in here 🙈)

Circles.Life Admin: Yes, Terence this time we give it to you 😂

5. Get US$50 worth of Crypto + Free Netflix/Spotify with MCO Card

Now this one isn’t for everyone, because it requires you to ‘invest’ a certain amount of money in order to secure your card for benefits.

The MCO card has been around for awhile and I have personally used it for close to a year already. It basically runs on the cryptocurrency called MCO. This card allows you access to a lot of benefits such as cashbacks on groceries, food deliveries, Spotify, Netflix and a lot more than the usual credit cards!

The cashback will be returned to your account in terms of MCO at the current price at that time. (You can check the price of 1 MCO to SGD by clicking here)

The most basic one you can start with is the Ruby Steel card, which requires you to invest 50 MCO to get it and leave it as a ‘stake’. This grants you 100% cashback on your spotify subscription too! The next tier is the Jade Green card but requires 500 MCO stake. This grants you 100% cashback on your Spotify AND Netflix subscriptions!

Staking means you can’t use the MCO, so think of it as a secured credit card that you put with the bank.

As of writing this article.. 50 MCO costs $365, so 500 MCO costs $3650. That’s why I said this isn’t for everyone as not everyone is comfortable in spending!

However, this referral program is quite generous. Every friend you refer and stake a ruby steel card gives you $50 USD worth of MCO at that point of time. Your friend also gets $50 USD as a sign up bonus!

I personally have a Ruby Steel card at the moment, so that’s free Spotify for me! 😁

All you need to do is charge your spotify subscription to the card and you’ll see this:

Click here to sign up for the MCO Card

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