August 28, 2020

3 easy ways to improve your digital security

Secure your valuable online information in just 10 mins.

3 easy ways to improve your digital security

Security is a very BIG thing these days, with security breaches and password leaks making headlines every now and again. Circles.Life certainly takes it very seriously. That's why there's a facial identity check along with the usual payment verification.

While these breaches are often out of our control, there are definitely some things that can help protect you and your data better. This article will teach you how to improve your security hygiene in just 10 minutes.

Follow these steps and I guarantee you’ll be a lot safer while browsing the weird and wild internets 👍 Your online accounts will certainly thank you for it.

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1. Use A Password Manager - Lastpass

If you’re like me, chances are that you use the same password for more than one service 😅 Or maybe different variations of your password so you don’t forget.

If so, logging into a website might require a few extra tries because you forgot whether if you used your ‘main’ password, or variation 1, variation 2, variation 3….then you get locked out for trying to log in too much.

Or maybe you just used a password like..

Amazing definitely! Source

Ever since I started using a password manager, my productivity has improved significantly since I log in a lot faster. I don’t need to remember which password I used for which website. Now I just click and log in and get on with whatever I need to do.

One service I really recommend is Lastpass as it is free to use, but there’s some paid upgrades which aren't needed. The best part of Lastpass is you just need to remember ONE master password, and it can sync across devices including mobile as well.

One of the best features is the randomly generated passwords that can be something like 43t;2r’fu3kd. This way, you can use different passwords for different websites. If that website gets compromised and your personal info leaked, your other accounts are still safe.

Any Mr Robot fans out there? Source

In any case, I know what you’re thinking…

“Is Lastpass safe? What if it gets hacked? Won’t my accounts be in danger?”

Well then, let me ask you back: Is using the same password for different websites safe?

But of course, security is a BIG thing especially when we’re talking about it this article so let me address it in terms of Lastpass. They’re used by over 25 million users, with at least 70,000 businesses like The New York Times and CNN Money using it.

If you're still skeptical, they addressed it in their article here as well on how secure they are and what they do to protect users in case of any security issues. In any case, they only had 1 minor security breach happened in 2015 but was rectified quickly without any serious security implications.

To sum it up, these companies are in the business of security. If you use reputable companies like Lastpass, you can be assured your security is in good hands. Safer than you using the same password on multiple websites really.

You're gonna want a more secure system than just your average password - Enter 2FA. Source

2. Use 2 Factor Authenticator (2FA)

You have probably used 2FA before in your life such as iBanking, or logging into any government websites. However, most people don’t do it if they’re not ‘forced’ to because it is inconvenient.

If you’re wondering what 2FA is, watch this quick video:

Let me just say that 2FA will save you a whole lot of problems, and goes a long way in helping you prevent your social media or email from getting hacked.

Anything related to your privacy, data and money stuff, you definitely want to attach a 2FA to those accounts as getting hacked could cause you a lot of headache.

There’s typically two kinds of 2FA, SMS and through the authenticator app. You can get a good and trusted one which is the Google Authenticator (Click for iOS) (Click for Android)

Here’s some quick links on how to add 2FA for some of these network

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Instagram
  4. Google (Youtube, Gmail)
  5. Microsoft (Hotmail, Onedrive)
  6. Snapchat
  7. Whatsapp
  8. Telegram
  9. Tumblr
  10. Reddit
  11. Linkedin
  12. Pinterest

The list is non-exhaustive but I’ve listed the services that most Singaporeans will use. Also, I’ve come to realize that Tik Tok doesn’t offer 2FA which says quite a lot. Hopefully they will implement it in due time.

If only it was as simple as that. Source

3. Invest In A Good AntiVirus

I know I used to be someone who would just go to google and type in ‘Best Free Antivirus’. To be honest, it feels like this to me:

Might as well don’t have right? Source

Which is why the keyword for this part is INVEST.

That means spend money time. Yes, your privacy and security is worth the money, trust me. You’ll definitely want to pay when your entire computer gets locked up by ransomware or something similar, and it’s definitely going to be WAY MORE.

Think of it like having insurance. The antivirus should be there to protect you just in case things go really bad, but you really don’t want to use it.

I think Circles.Life would approve of the similar circle concept in the design lol. Source

One that I highly recommend would be Norton 360 as it’s one of the trusted brands out there and has been in this space for a long time.

Prices start from $69 for 1 year and $139 for 2 years. You can upgrade for multiple copies for just a slightly higher price. Bulk purchase and share to get an even better deal so start finding your family and friends!

But wait, you want a discount? Visit this page for an even better deal! Combine this with Shopback and get 70% cashback on your first purchase from Norton, so just buy 2 years straight lah.

Norton 360 is pretty comprehensive as it comes with Firewall, VPN, Ransomware protection and even a password manager I was talking about earlier!

Build yourself a digital vault for all your valuable online information. Source

What Else?

While there are many other things that could help you, these 3 are the few that many people neglect to do but can be implemented quickly

Other things include things like installing updates for your Operating System, having a VPN and periodically backing up important information.

It’s very easy to just be lazy and say, ‘let me do it another day’. But let me just end off this article with this GIF of advice (which some of you can probably hear haha)

You tell them Shia! Source