June 13, 2020

3 things I discovered about myself (and others) playing Daily Poll

3 weird and strangely insightful things I learnt playing 64 questions on Daily Poll.

3 things I discovered about myself (and others) playing Daily Poll

To be honest, Me and Daily Poll have this on-again, off-again relationship. For the uninitiated, Daily Poll is this quiz like feature that's available for free on the Circles.Life app under the games tab. Basically the app shoots you a random question and you get to pick one of 4 answers. There's no wrong answers or anything but it's always nice to see if you're in sync with the some 1000 other people playing.

You have no excuse to be in the 8% now.

They do however do some very awesome giveaways including things like food vouchers and at one point a Nintendo Switch! Being the bargain-hunting Singaporean that am, I usually only play when there's things to be won - after all free things just take right 😂

They're actually doing a Father's Day Giveaway right now with $30 in vouchers to be won when you answer a few simple questions! (Click here for some free Father's Day gift ideas) I decided to try my luck again and boy the longer I played, the stranger things got...

Here's 3 weird and strangely insightful things I learnt playing 64 questions on Daily Poll.

How it feels when you pick the same option as the majority of users. Source

1. We're all kind of the same

One People, One Nation, One Singapore. That song always gets stuck in my head but I think it's the most appropriate to describe how I felt going through some of the questions.

The only financial planning I know is to not overspend till payday on the 30th

From philosophical ones like "What is Love?" ("Baby don't hurt me" is an acceptable answer) to "The Most Adulting Moment I had recently?" it felt good to know that people on the other side of the screen were going through the same thing.

I've personally been feeling quite disconnected since Circuit Breaker started but seeing those live poll results come in with similar answers was just super heartening. I think we all subconsciously know we're going through this together but this poll told me objectively that there's some 206 people out there learning to plan for their finances for what may be their first time - just like me.

Troy and Abed don't think you're weird so you shouldn't too. Source

2. Embrace your weird

Of course my choices didn't always fall in with the majority and there were times I felt legit called out for some of my decisions. Come on la, I refuse to believe that 76% of respondents actually power down their laptop at night! I wanna wake up and immediately dive back into whatever I'm watching/working on.

I am unashamed of my profound love for chickens. There I said it. 

You can rest assured that no matter how strange your choice, you're never really alone it. Take pride in being different and know that there's a community of people just like you out there. For instance, I'd love to start a kingdom with the 35% minority who voted they'd rather be kings and queens 500 years ago than a regular person in 2100. I'd pick sipping ale in a storied castle over fighting for my life in a dystopian future any day 🍻.

Also I'm pretty sure it's spelt weeb and not weab. Don't @ me. 

3. More than just fun & games

Perhaps the most curious thing about Daily Poll is its boundless potential. Yes, it's a pretty entertaining game on the surface but it also provides some great insights if you dig deep enough.

I secretly hope that everyone is choosing to be Billionaire's so they can donate that money towards world peace and ending famine.

The sociologist in me screamed when I saw that a startling a majority (64% of 471 people) would choose to be a billionaire over solving some of the worlds biggest problems like famine and world peace. It's a hypothetical scenario for sure but it does show the huge emphasis we put on money in our lives.

The team has also put together some amazing stats about online shopping and food deliveries during this pandemic.  Beyond just providing great marketing insights, these stats gave me a "faith in humanity restored" moment in contrast to my earlier paragraph. You see, the top reason people cited for ordering in more was to #Supportlocal businesses.

Legit all my moods as I tap through every question in Daily Poll. Source

I was a mixed bag of emotions by the end of the 64th question. The world is a weird and wonderful place and Daily Poll distills that diversity into 4 options and a question. With new polls everyday at 3pm, you could spend a lifetime getting to know yourself and the world better through these simple yet whacky questions.

So, what's your choice?

Join in on the fun and suggest questions you think we should feature by clicking here. Oh and remember you don't have to be a Circles.Life user to play Daily Poll! Simple download the Circles.Life app to start playing today!