November 25, 2020

Here's why the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is better than the iPhone 12

Apple better watch out cause Samsung just delivered a Fan Edition Phone that's sure to please both Android and iOS users alike.

Here's why the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is better than the iPhone 12

I talked A LOT about the iPhone 12. I covered everything from the announcement, to the features we wanted most and even a camera comparison between the iPhone 12 and the iPhone XS Max. There's no denying that I'm an Apple fanboy through and through but I've also gained a newfound appreciation for all the good work it's competitors are doing.  Man, are there some nice phones out there 🀩

Lemme explain why the S20 FE works as great as it looks. Source

I talked briefly about the Samsung Galaxy S20 Founders Editions (FE) in my last post about 5G compatible devices but I thought that this phone was so unique in everything from it's design to it's competitive pricing that it deserved a post all to itself.

As a whole, the first thing you're gonna consider about any phone is the price and if we're looking at the iPhone 12 (64GB) that's gonna cost you about S$1149 as compared to the Galaxy S20 FE 5G (128GB) at $1098. Sure that's only a $51 difference but let me give you 3 other reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is better than the iPhone 12.

A Stunning Exterior - Screen, Shell & Colour Options

If you ask me, I prefer this cloud navy to the oversaturated blue of the iPhone 12 πŸ˜‚ Source

Let's just take a moment and compare the exterior of both phones. In terms of dimensions (this matters cause you don't want a phone that's awkwardly jutting out of your pocket) the iPhone 12 just a bit smaller at 6.1 inches in length vs the 6.5 inches of the S20 FE. This means that it's also slightly heavier but the trade-off is worth it since you get an impressive 120Hz OLED that's 0.4 inches taller than the iPhone 12.

Without a notch cut out, the S20 FE makes full use of the screen real estate to deliver an visual display panel with a better brightness range, and very similar color representation. The 120Hz refresh rate, twice that of the iPhone 12, also means smoother scrolling and less screen tearing when swiping between pages.

I cannot with this blue, it just seems too intense for my tastes 😢 - Pacific Blue is another story Source

The FE also comes in six colors: Cloud White, Cloud Red, Cloud Navy, Cloud Lavender, Cloud Orange, and Cloud Mint whereas the iPhone 12 only offers 5 namely Black, White, Blue, Olive and (Product)RED. The matte finish on the FE feels noticeably different than the glass back of the iPhone 12 but I can say that in terms of grip the two are indistinguishable.

Hardware Powerhouse - Battery Life, Storage & Chipset

Both phones have their perks but there's a lot more to love about the S20FE on the inside. Source

If we're comparing the base versions of these phones, the FE already has a huge edge since its most basic option packs in 128GB of onboard memory as compared to the iPhone 12. Pay an extra $70 and bump that up to 256GB. Of course the iPhone 12 comes with the standard variants of 128GB and 256GB as well but it's missing out on the expandable memory slot that can bump your storage up to a whopping 1TB with a memory card.

You'll also be pleasantly surprised to know that the FE beats out the iPhone 12 in terms of sheer battery size. We're talking 2775mAh vs 4500mAh; almost double the capacity of the iPhone 12. Experts will tell you that the efficient app utility of the iPhone makes this difference negligible but I'd say you can get a good extra hour or two of browsing on the FE.

It does that cool thing like the iPhone 11 where the shades change in the presence of light. Source

Last but not least, if you're all about the powerhouse chips that fuel your Smartphone, Apple still reigns supreme with it's proprietary A14 Bionic chip but the Snapdragon 865 chipset in the FE is no slouch either. When compared to the Exynos 990 (another chipset that Samsung uses in their phones), the Snapdragon matches or outclasses it in every field from CPU to GPU performance as well as UX with that 120Hz display I gawked about earlier.

3 Cameras for the price of 2

No Pro Max, no problem - Get 3 cameras by default with the Galaxy S20 FE - Source

Thank you Samsung for trying to raise the industry standard to a 3 camera minimum for all flagship phones. While Apple has chosen to ditch the Telephoto camera and LiDAR scanner for its Pro variants, Samsung has graciously included it as a much needed addition to any photographers tool kit.

It even matches the megapixel quality 12MP to 12MP and this is made even better by the 3x optical zoom that the FE can perform cleanly thanks to it's 8MP telephoto camera as compared to the digital zoom only capabilities of the iPhone 12. Of course the Apple fanboy in me needs to chime in here to remind you that if there's one thing the iPhone 12 gets right that no one else has, it is its Night Mode which is now available on all cameras (even the selfie one).

Take a peek at some of the demo night shots we took with the iPhone 12 here.

Convinced yet?

Bet I got some of you seriously tempted, god knows I was 🀣 Source

Need more reasons why the FE is better? Here's a couple ad-hoc ones I'll throw in as an added service πŸ˜‰

  1. It comes with a charger head in the box
  2. It allows for both facial and fingerprint biometric recognition
  3. They featured BTS 'Dynamite' in their launch trailer 🧨

I mean seriously all things considered if my life wasn't on iCloud, I would 100% move over to the Samsung gang πŸ€™ No matter which phone you choose, you can take home your dream phone with our Circles.Life Combo Plans - now stocked with 40+ new phones including the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.