July 20, 2020

15 Times Daily Poll had me ROFL

You won't believe what number 8 suggests as the substitute for toilet paper.

15 Times Daily Poll had me ROFL

If you have the Circles.Life app, you've probably toggled to the ‘Games’ tab at least once and seen this before.

Daily Poll has really come a long way since its launch. It used to be a one question a day type quiz that rewarded you with data for every ‘right’ answer. You basically had to guess what the majority answered to win the data.

Ever since then, Daily Poll has evolved to what it is today - Engaging, fun, informative polls related to trends with real life prizes and more!

In this quick article I share a few favourites since the start of this year, including some ‘hiccups’ made by the Circles.Life team.

(CL team dont ban me pls 🙈)

1. Woman Yelling At Cat Meme

So when this meme became trending towards the end of 2019 December, someone decided to create an Ang Bao with the design.

I have to admit, it was pretty funny. I only found out about this after seeing the daily poll question so I went to do a quick google search and found it easily.

You can actually see how the Ang Bao looks like, including the link to the shop selling this is in the article.

They apparently added more meme angbao's including the Pikachu one from a recent visit to the website!

2. The Grossest Veggie

For me, it’s gotta be Lady’s Finger.

Then again, this was one of the more evenly answered questions so I guess one man’s meat (or vegetable) is another man’s poison 😂

How about you?

3. Milk has been banned

Technically if milk was banned, wouldn’t Ice cream and Milo be affected?

Well, you could argue that Ice cream can be Dairy free but I really don’t want milk-free milo 😂

Either way, coffee for me this one.

4. Scream or Cry

One of those weirder questions from Daily Poll.

Now that I think about it, I'd rather be with the 70% and just avoid stepping on the grass forever. And also because you HAVE to drinking water.

5. Taking Shampoo And Soap From Hotels

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the camp that does it all the time.

There are definitely things you can take, and things you can’t take. Soap and Shampoo are definitely one of those.

What else? Let me refer to Ross and Chandler from Friends to guide you:

6. Hotpot on Glass Table

This question was unveiled during the Chinese New Year period when everyone was having hotpot.

In case you missed this tidbit of trending news at that point of time, a lady was having a hotpot with friends and the whole table shattered after 30 minutes spilling everything everywhere.

Let’s just say the aftermath was not pretty at all with an ambulance being called in.

I think it’s safe to say to avoid glass tables when you’re doing something like hotpots!

7. The $2 Dilemma

I know it’s rare but there’s still places that sell $2 chicken rice, and that’s definitely where I will spend my money at. Can never go wrong with something as filling and tasty as chicken rice 🍗.

Close second: McChicken burger from McDonalds 😝

8. Running out of Toilet Paper

There was a period of time when toilet paper was such a hot commodity that supermarkets are running out of them worldwide.

I mean, it’s serious business where armed robbers are stealing toilet paper in Hong Kong. Thank goodness there’s no such shenanigans like that in Singapore 😅

Logically speaking, socks are probably the best answer here. You’ll just probably throw them away and never use them again.

I have no idea how to use leaves or receipts really in any case. There’s also the option for just using water that cleans a lot better too!

9. Cough cough cough

This question was posed during the Circuit Breaker period in April-May.

To be honest, there was a lot of space especially in buses and MRT so you never really had to face this problem.

But hypothetically for me, I would just sit as masks are mandatory. If the person is a rebel and not wearing a mask then I’ll probably be far, far away 😂

10. Press ALL the buttons!

Does this really work? I have no idea.

But according to this reddit thread, it’s really elevator dependent.

If you want to try, make sure it’s during a time no one takes the elevator. 😂

11. Orh Bi…

Most people picked good, but first thing I actually picked was ‘sai’

In case for those of you who don’t know what that is...

Doing the nasty. Source

12. I love you…

Seriously, are there really people that countered it with ‘Can I borrow $100’?

I would think thanks would be the worse because it actually happened to me before 😱.

Also the ‘ok’ option just reminds me of someone answering like this:

Saitama is not amused. Source

13. What’s in a Piñata?

To answer the 18% of the people, here’s what a Piñata is according to Wikipedia.

I would think the worst thing is glitter because you can never get it off you easily, but then the upside you’ll sparkle fabulously like a unicorn.

Well, thinking of sparkle just reminds me of unicorns so here’s a random unicorn:

Wishing you a magical day wherever you are. Source

14. Would You Do This For $10M?

In case you thought this was a hypothetical question, it kind of is but it also kind of happened in real life.

A Chinese business man hired a hitman to take out a target. Simple right?

Except the hitman hired another hitman, who hired another hitman, who hired another hitman, who hired another hitman, who hired another hitman.

And they’re all in prison now 😂

15. What About National Service?

Thought of bringing up this one since the topic of NS was in the limelight recently during the Election season which just passed us.

Personally, NS was probably a great time as it changed me a lot. Learnt a lot, made a lot of new friends, got fitter, and more!

For those who are attending NS or going to attend NS, my one advice would be to take as much out of it as possible since you’re going to be stuck there for 2 years. So just make the best out of your situation!


Now here’s a few questions that glitched up and got me laughing.

I have no idea how to answer this question except to leave you with this video:

BONUS 2: One way ticket please

I would love a one way ticket to Roti Prata please. Make sure add curry.

BONUS 3: Circles.Life’s Favourite Dessert

Based on the image, the one in pink should be cakes.

But then again, now we know that whoever set these questions REALLY loved ice cream 🙊

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I hope you learnt some things and had a few laughs while looking through the questions for the past 7 months from Circles.Life.

You can access Daily Poll questions anytime too in your Circles.Life app with new questions ready at midnight everyday.

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